Top Inflatable Hot Tubs Reviewed for 2018

Inflatable hot tubs are the in thing right now.

Everyone is after one, but which one?

What’s the best blow up spa in 2017 that won’t actually let you down? It a fair question.

There’s some rubbish out there that won’t last two minutes and there some quality portable spa’s that are simply top notch and represent great value for money.

Let’d dive in….

Once you experience the heaven of an inflatable spa that’s it, you’ll be hooked.

We have collected as much data as possible and put together the best inflatable spa reviews to safe you time. We hope you enjoy them.

I always remember the feeling of my first time in a hot tub! It wasn’t a portable or inflatable spa, it was actually a very expensive hotel model and it had me hooked. The spa feeling will never leave you, whether it was first at a friends, hotel or spa day the relaxation experience is one of a kind.

Hugely popular for social and unwinding hot tubs certainly brought the luxury to our  garden!

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The Problem? High end hot tubs are not always affordable and in today’s world unless it fits comfortably with the purse strings its not going to happen.

Solution?Custom made Inflatable spas for sale from manufacturers like Lazy Spa or the Intex hot tubs tick every box from stylish appearance to low maintenance. Giving us the spa day feeling in our own garden spa is right up there with the best purchases we’ve made.

Further in this guide we are going to break down some of the very best inflatable portable hot tubs for sale in the UK that we came across when searching for our perfect choice. What we wanted in our portable hot tub was to keep it affordable but yet still feel we had something luxurious in our garden.

We went to view many of the them, and found that for outdoor inflatable spa’s Homebase and Argos were very reasonable. Homebase portable hot tubs were on show at our local store so that was better than an Argos catalogue.

We eventually bought ours from Amazon, mainly because they do everyone and we found on price, they had the best deals.

 A Cheap Inflatable Hot Tub Brings Affordable Relaxation!

When first setting out on researching getting a new blow up tub, I looked at quite a few inflatable jacuzzi spa’s, some were just not worth bothering with, they had lost their simplicity in the quest to try to be more like the top of the range hot tubs retailing in the thousands.

The table below is mainly UK, If you live outside the UK check these out >>>

ImageProduct Namecomfortably FitsCost Rating
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas
4 people£4.1
Aqua Jet Spa
4 people£4.2
MSPA MSPA SPA4 people£££5.0
Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa Hot Tub4 people£££N/a
NEW 2015 Intex PureSpa Round Jet & Bubble Deluxe Spa6 people£££3.7
Lay-Z-Spa Monaco
Inflatable Jacuzzi Spa
8 Person
8 People£££4.6
Lay-Z-Spa Miami
Inflatable Hot Spa - Black,
180x65 cm
4 people£££4/3
High Quality Quick Up Octagonal Family Pool - 10ft - Blue.6 people££££5.0
Canadian Spa
New 2013
Model -
5-6 Person
6 people££££4.0
2 x MSpa Filter Cartridges for M Spa Bubble models4 people£££3.2

You wont go wrong with these portable hot tubs

picture of lady in an inflatable spa

I did looked extensively into a portable and read what felt like hundreds of blow up hot tub reviews, and my conclusion is based on quality product and great value for money.

There are 3 stand out candidates for the best hot tub

When looking to make any decision you always want to weigh up the pro’s and cons of each choice, although the perfect inflatable jacuzzi would come packed with every super gadget and accessory and be free of charge we all know this isn’t going to happen.

What we have to do is define what we would like in our spa (besides water)  versus how affordable it is, this way you should end up with your perfect spa!

parents and children in a portable hot tubFor us it was a straight choice between an portable and a family holiday to Mexico, well after a house flood (our fault!)  we got neither!

Thank fully the in laws saved the day when the following Christmas our lovely shiny new hot tub appeared.

I have to say, I hadn’t seen an inflatable before and as I am quite negative anyway I had thoughts thoughts these tubs were more like a glorified paddling pool! How wrong was I The two hot tub guides below and in depth details that follow will help you decide what’s the best hot tub for you.

Obviously I am not going to bore you and me with endless technical spa info for all that and prices, sizes and further Information click here.

Below is selection of best hot tub reviews I’ve put together for you.

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium

Easily the stand out inflatable candidate in the lazyspa range when it comes to superb value for money, hovering under the average in price and comes complete with lots of hot tub accessories, this one is defiantly the one we will purchase. Already achieving “Best Selling Hot Tub in 2013”

The Lazy Spa Vegas provides everything you could wish for in an outdoor garden hot tub with out breaking the bank. This hot tub looks amazing under a gazebo When we constructed this site we did over 20 extensive hot tub reviews and these lay z spa tubs were always going make the top end. To see the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Review click the link. As the review explains in great detail, its a good price, excellent manufacture, and most importantly has solid feedback. See more…

For 2017 we constructed a full review of the Lay Z Spa hot tub range, read it here

Lanaform Aquapleasure

Lanaform Aquapleasure This is a hot tub of real style and quality, reflected in the price, its somewhat a cut above the rest. More like a state of the art fixed hot tub but with all the portability and benefits of an inflatable. This hot tub had too much quality not to make the top 3, and its easy to see why. Read our extensive Lanaform Aquapleasure to see what all the fuss is about. Not every day do portable manufactures go the extra mile to deliver a blow up hot tub like this. See more

O’Spazia AS03 Blow-Up Spa

ospazia hot tub
The O’spazia tubs have taken a different approach and for that reason amongst a few others this inflatable makes our top 3, Uniquely oval shaped this hot tub can work many ways firstly being a family tub easily fitting 2 adults and 2 kids, or alternatively (when the kids go to bed!) can be turned into a romantic sanctuary as the picture shows. For prices its here Its our feeling the the oval hot tubs are going to go from strength to strength as it offers multi purpose and something a little different. Our O’spazia review shows that despite being a little different this hot tub come with all the extras you require and an easy to install method just add water!. See more..


Aqua Jet Spa This Aqua Jet Spa tub is a waterproof unique design with a built in pump, it takes minutes to set up, comes with a free foil lid, excellent for draining again only a couple of minutes, See our thoughts here Very stable and fits four adults! Just enough for a good old party! Or a good old knees up like what my Granddad use to say! I cant imagine what he would of said about A portable outdoor hot tub!!    

Lazy Spa Vegas 

lay-z-spa premium series
This one is the Lay Z Spa, its fully portable with a easy to use clip on lid, needs no tools at all to set up, and its a installed with the Lay Z massage system! Not that’s luxury! Our in depth look This pretty cool looking portable hot tub is one of, if not the No1 selling tub in the UK. It also has some fantastic reviews. Another one that looks great under a pro hot tub gazebo. Superb water retention also on this bubble pool. As the image shows its the ideal 2 person hot tub.

Intex Pure Spa Deluxe Inflatable 4 Person Portable Spa Hot Tub Jacuzzi Complete Set Up

Intex Pure Spa A big 4 person tub, and comes complete with lots of extras like cover, blower, filter and heater. Very robust with fibre tech. Digital controls. Reviews from us 12 month warranty and some LED lights thrown in as freebies. Eco Friendly


This Intex portable spa can heat the water rapidly and stays warm and bubbly. Perfect! Since adding Intex hot tubs to our guide the response from the readers has been huge. Our Intex purespa hot tub review has been one of the most popular by far. This 4 person hot tub has have rave reviews from not only our readers but on nearly every website it features on. It’s fair to say that the Intex purespa is a portable market leader.


Regal tubs looks like heaven! Waterproof faux leather with built in pump, five minutes assembly you’ve got to love these inflatables, hassle free. With free foil lib and free inflatable lid,two new filters it seems a good deal. It certainly looks it! See our thoughts

Tables and spa steps not included


Mspa Castello B-141 6 Person

Mspa Castello B-141 6 Seater tubs!  New for 2013/2014. Premium spa with heat retention matt and twin filters. Looks great, it has four seat pads and is self draining, Also included is all the hoses and the DVD. The inflatable spa is good value but i would like to see how much they would charge for that view in my garden! Reviews from us The Mspa includes a full chemical kit and is also comes as a four seater

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco (8 Person)

Bestway lay z spa Monaco 8 person

Looks a really good one this, has full built in massage system, which is always nice! The Lay Z Spa Monaco series is acts like a portable jacuzzi to provide that added luxury, and its ridge way walling (sturdy outer case) allows for it to be built into decking where some other inflatables wouldn’t have this option. If I was creating a garden and I knew the exact place I wanted the tub to be, then this one would defiantly be under consideration. It has excellent reviews also. A little different this one, with its reinforced outer wall its more sturdy. Its a hot tub that can be used in the garden or indoors and and has a full LCD control panel. Four person and another tool set up, its very much like a full high end hot tub. Full DVD set up guide should make it pretty simple install. In my top 2! Our in depth look

BONUS FACT I LIKE ABOUT THESE HOT TUBS AND SPAS – A blow up hot tub is a lot cheaper to maintain and run than a fixed permanent installation.

Whirlpool Oasis B-120 Twilight

Inflatable portable Spa

Certainly a spa of convenience this one, including a trendy easy to use zip cover there’s simply no where you cant have this tub! Play your music until your hearts content with its built in plug. A four seater at a very good price, for more click the picture. See our thoughts



Mspa Castello B-121 4 Person

Mspa Castello B-121 4 Person Hot Tub

Last for now but certainly not least is the Castello 121 – This Company likes its freebies (as do we!) and there’s a few with this including Dual warranty, 4 x based seat pads for that extra bit of comfort. Complete kit with all the chemicals you will need for cleaning. Self draining and with DVD and Heat retention matt,it certainly looks like a good deal, only two reviews thus far but both are 5*

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We really hope our guide helps in the quest for the best inflatable hot tubs, We try to keep this guide as up to date as possible and are adding more portable spa reviews all the time so be sure to check back soon.

Government Hot Tub Safety Guide

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