An In-Depth Look at Intex Spa Manufacturers


intex manufacturersWith studies left and right pointing to the therapeutic benefits of hot tub bathing, it should no longer be surprising for anyone why hot tubs continue to be increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. In fact, it has become one of the top favorite relaxation activities for countless individuals and families.

Today, hot tubs can be found in hotels, lodges, and cabins across the country. These establishments have found it necessary to install tubs and include it among their amenities to accommodate the public’s growing demand. In addition to that, there are a lot of manufacturers and retailers, both online and offline, which cater to the needs of those who want to capture the experience right in the comfort of their own homes. Some homeowners decide to install tubs in their gardens while others opt for the less expensive but equally attractive alternative offered by inflatable hot tubs.

All About Intex

Currently, one of the top hot tub companies not only in UK but across the world is the Intex Recreation Corp.

Intex is a leading distributor that focuses in airbeds, above ground pools, boats, toys, furniture, swim gear, wet sets, and spas. Their wide array of products range from kids’ pools and pool mats, to baby floats and swim trainers, to outdoor lounging chair and dura-beam camping airbeds, to boating and kayaking accessories, and more. Simply put, this is a company that aims to provide fun, safe and useful products for families.

Intex Spas

Of course, Intex also has a line of amazing spa products for hot tub enthusiasts. These two are among their best selling products:

Intex PureSpa Bubble Therapy Spa

For example, they have the Intex PureSpa 75” Bubble Therapy Spa. This is a spa that comes with easy to navigate controls that allow users to have a superb experience. The Bubble Jets technology found in the spa delivers a soothing massage. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable heating system that makes it possible to tweak the temperature (ranging from 68 to 104 degrees) depending to the preference of the user. The spa has enough room for up to 4 individuals. With this product, individuals and families may enjoy a warm bath at any given time. Whether they decide to start the day with a hot tub or to soak in it right before sleeping, this tub comes equipped with 120 high-powered bubble jets that guarantees ultimate relaxation.

The Bubble Jet Therapy spa even has an insulated cover that decreases heat loss to ensure that users definitely have a satisfying hot bath.

It is also very reliable and durable because of its 3-ply laminated puncture-resistant construction. Best of all, it has a carry bag that makes it convenient to transport and store.

Intex Jet Massage Spa

As with its Bubble Massage counterpart, the Intex PureSpa 77” Jet Massage Spa is designed and created to grant users with a rejuvenating bath on the hot tub.

The control is pretty easy to use and a short reading on the manual will help a user learn it quickly. The 4 high-powered jets work together with the adjustable water pressure which results in quality relaxation. More than that, the spa’s hard water treatment system ensures that the tub’s water is perfectly safe for the skin. Maintenance of the tub is not even a problem and for the most part, replacing the two filter cartridges usually does the trick.

The spa also comfortably seats a maximum of 4 persons. Those wanting to have a hot tub bath no longer have to rent a lodge or cabin just to do that. With this product, relaxing can be done without ever having to leave home at all.

A Trusted Brand in Hot Tubs for Homes

intex spasMany consumers definitely trust the Intex brand when it comes to home spa technology. Their products are not only of high quality but the company even aims at making each one as affordable as possible for the buyers.

Aside from the portable tubs, Intex also sells essential replacement parts such as hoses, hose adaptors, pins, pool hooks, plunger valves and many more.

Intex Recreation Corp. has a US Sales Office located in Long Beach, California while international offices can also be found in WanChai, Hongkong, in Czech Republic, in Netherlands, and in Beaufort, France.

Yes, Intex is absolutely a global leader in the portable hot tub industry.

Those who want to learn more about this fantastic company can visit their official website at