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Which is the best inflatable tub? Being a proud inflatable  owner myself, I understand the work involved in choosing the right one for you. Not just with hot tubs but with all products, when its £10 or £20 pound we are always inclined to say “go on then” and take a bit of a chance. When it comes to larger purchases we do right to do a little digging because what might be perfect for one, may not be for you. It always comes down to what’s the best I can afford. Hopefully best inflatable hot tub reviews can help make the choice a little easier.

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Update for 2015 – After analysing the trends from thousands of users of our hot tub guide, the overwhelming feeling is the Lay Z Spa Range of Inflatable Spa’s or the Intex 75 Pure Spa are the most popular. Disclaimer – We are in no way saying these brands or hot tubs are better than others as we haven’t tried every hot tub, but based on what our visitors are liking these are the results.


ImageProduct Namecomfortably FitsCost Rating
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas
4 people£4.1
Aqua Jet Spa
4 people£4.2
MSPA MSPA SPA4 people£££5.0
Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa Hot Tub4 people£££N/a
NEW 2015 Intex PureSpa Round Jet & Bubble Deluxe Spa6 people£££3.7
Lay-Z-Spa Monaco
Inflatable Jacuzzi Spa
8 Person
8 People£££4.6
Lay-Z-Spa Miami
Inflatable Hot Spa - Black,
180x65 cm
4 people£££4/3
High Quality Quick Up Octagonal Family Pool - 10ft - Blue.6 people££££5.0
Canadian Spa
New 2013
Model -
5-6 Person
6 people££££4.0
2 x MSpa Filter Cartridges for M Spa Bubble models4 people£££3.2

As you may have read in my other posts I am currently happy with my inflatable hot tub purchased out of the paper, But being some Chinese make I know that soon enough I will be referring back to my page on best inflatable hot tub reviews for some direction in my own quest!

Which got the best review?

Well its the wrong question really, the correct question is which one is the best for me? Only you can decide like I will be deciding for us when the purse strings allow.
I just hope this page with some of the Best Inflatable Tub Reviews can help you with the mountain of information available on the best ones out there!

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 Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews


  • Waterproof and weatherproof material
  • Faux leather design with an in-built pump
  • Comes with an inflatable lid and an insulated foil lid
  • Also comes with 2 free washable filters
  • Takes 5 minutes to set up
  • Easily fits 4 adults
  • Safety guide

The portable nature of this hot tub is its true quality. We’ve been told that owners take it camping with them and around to their friends. This is the hot tub that can fit your lifestyle so no matter how you like to relax; this is the hot tub for you. The relaxing qualities on offer will be of great benefit to you and your family. Check out the best inflatable hot reviews below

“Fast delivery, just in time for the summer holidays. The kids loved spending their days off school in this hot tub and it certainly made my life a lot easier. Great value for money and very durable despite being easily portable.”

“A fantastic hot tub at a very good price. We looked into buying a full hot tub but decided that the the cost was prohibitive. This hot tub offers all of the benefits but without the cost, so it’s a great buy. Thanks best inflatable hot tub reviews!

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  • Water heats to 40 degrees
  • Sufficient space for four adults
  • Takes 5 minutes to set up
  • Has a smart drain system to allow for easy and fast drainage
  • Free insulated lid / free inflatable lid / 2 free washable filters

This Aqua Jet Spa hot tub is the original Imperial Aqua Spa and a hot tub that many would still say was the best on the market. This hot tub is the perfect addition to your home but it is flexible enough to be taken with you wherever you go. If you are going camping, on holiday or just popping round to see some friends, this spa can come with you, making for a great trip. Whether you want to relax, distress or socialise, this spa remains the hot tub of choice for so many people.

“The site says 5 minutes set-up but I have to say, it took me at least 10 to 15 minutes. I was enjoying a beer at the time though, so I’m going to moan too much about it! The value for money that you get from this hot tub is fantastic. We’ve had some brilliant nights and yes, we took it camping with us one weekend. You won’t take it on every trip but every now and again, this is a great way to relax even away from home.”

“I’ve always liked the idea of a hot tub but never liked it enough to shell out the top price for the permanent spas. This product was at the right price and it suits my needs. You’ll get more benefits from a permanent hot tub but for value for money, this can’t be beaten.”

What we think is here

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

  • A portable spa that is fully inflatable
  • Water warms to a 40°C (104°F) temperature
  • No tools necessary, easy set-up
  • Clip lid attachment included

These best inflatable hot tub reviews reveal this hot tub has been declared as the best-selling portable inflatable hot tub in the UK read more. The easy to use Lay Z Spa Vegas hot tub provides comfort and convenience at an affordable price. This hot tub can be easily set up within 10 minutes and it comfortably fits 4 people.

“This hot tub was easily the purchase of the summer for me and my family. You will want to spend some time maintaining it and cleaning properly but the instructions provided are very easy to follow. The hot tub inflates within minutes so whenever the mood arises, you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of your very own hot tub.”

“Had this for a month and there’s barely been a day I’ve not been in it. I’ve been really impressed by the robust nature of the pool, especially the inner pool with is inflatable. The bottom has padding and the outer part of the pool is tough and durable. The lid is easy to attach and it seems secure. The manual says you should change water every 3 days but I’ve found once a week is enough if you top up the chlorine levels. Try and clean your feet before you get in!”

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Intex Pure Spa Deluxe Inflatable 4 Person Portable Spa Hot Tub Jacuzzi Complete Set Up

  • The perfect 4 person hot tub with everything you need
  • Digital controls and a digital read-out
  • A 12 month warranty from the manufacturer
  • 4 LED floating mood lights

Intex are regarded as the leading manufacturer of above ground pools so there is a lot of confidence to be gained from buying this portable hot. There is a lot of technology involved and the Fiber-Tech Construction will ensure you get the most comfortable portable spa experience you can hope to find. With the push of a button, you can be whisked away to a stress free world of comfort and relaxation.

“This spa does exactly what it was designed to do and what it claims to do. It was easy to set up and it is really comfortable. It’s been a big hit in our household.”

“I never knew I was this popular! Ever since we set the hot tub up, we’ve had friends popping round at all hours. Thankfully, it only takes minutes to set up and you can fit 5 in with no real hassle.

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Mspa Castello B-141 Inflatable Hot Tub 6 Person

  • A six seater hot tub that gives you more room
  • Comes with DVD, hoses, bladders, twin filters, heat retention mat, manometer and chemical kit
  • Self-drains easily
  • 6 month spa pool warranty and 12 month electrical warranty included as standard

This six seater hot tub provides a timeless style that ensures your hot tub will always be at the height of fashion. This tub comes with every feature and bonus you need, including a safety lock to ensure it remains in good condition when not in use.

“Quick delivery and no real problems with it. It’s not the hot tub I had my heart set on but for the price we paid for it, it more than does the job. Our kids get a lot of use out the tub at the weekends.”

“Such an easy hot tub to set up and use. If you’re worried about not setting your tub up properly, get this hot tub. The DVD and manuals give you everything you need to know and you’ll be relaxing in no time at all.”

Lay Z Spa Premium Vegas Series 2013

  • LCD Control panel
  • Easily fits 4 people
  • All new features including quieter air pump and foam bottom
  • Comes with DVD set up and maintenance guide, 2 filter cartridges and rapid heating system
  • Water heats to 40 degrees

The 2012 Lay-Z Spa Platinum portable hot tub builds on the success and popularity of previous models. However, there are many technological steps forward with this tub. This ensures that all users can be relaxing in great comfort within minutes. This new model introduces the massage system, allowing you to wash all of your cares and troubles away.

To see our 2015 Lay-Z-Spa full range review click the link.

“Lovely bubbly! This is a great hot tub and we found that we could get 5 people in the tub no problem. It was easy to set up, the water stayed warm for at least 3 hours and the bubbles, you won’t want to get out.”

“I’ve tried some portable hot tubs at friends’ houses before but this one seems a lot more reliable and sturdier. It is still easy to set up and it is very comfortable to sit and lean on but I just felt more confident when using this tub. It’s been a great addition to the household and our friend’s pop round to use our tub now.”

“It’s a really easy tub to set up and maintain. I bought a cheap net, for an aquarium I think, and that gives me all I need to skim the tub and keep it in good condition. It’s a simple tub but one that will give a lot of enjoyment.”

BONUS FACT I LIKE – What do you do with a fixed hot tub when the sun moves round? Dont know, but I know with my inflatable hot tub I just move it to where the sun is!

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Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Inflatable Hot Tub 2013 (8 Person)BW54113

  • This hot tub has the Lay-Z massage system
  • The rigid wall allows this spa to be placed on decking
  • An easy set-up system with no need for tools
  • Water heats to 40°C (104°F) temperature
  • A rigid walled spa that is fully inflatable

This inflatable Lay-Z-Spa Monaco  provides all the convenience you would expect from a hot tub, but with its rigid base and surround can be placed on decking. This provides a greater level of use and should ensure that you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of a hot tub all year round.

“Been using the tub for two weeks and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s easy to put up with the quiet pump and the quiet pump lives up to its name! I don’t always get on with the neighbours so anything which keeps the volume down is good for me. The tub is bigger than they say; we easily get all five of the family members in the tub, making it an ideal purchase for the whole family. I love the idea of coming from work and relaxing in my hot tub with a nice drink.”

“A hot tub that is close to perfect. It would be perfect if there was a drain tap to empty it but that aside, I love it. Great value.”

Mspa Oasis Twilight Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

  • There are over 100 air jet holes on the base of this spa
  • Comfortably seats 4 people
  • Has an easy to use foil back zip spa cover
  • Comes fitted with a 13 amp RCD plug

The Oasis Twilight is the ultimate in portable spas and it is very aptly named. You will feel as though you are being transported to another world such is the comfort and relaxation benefits on offer with this spa. With many modern features and great comfort, this is a hot tub you will spend all of your free time in.

“It’s all so quiet. I remember the first time I tried a portable hot tub. It felt lovely but the noise ruined the relaxing mood. This Oasis portable hot tub changes all that. You really can drift away when you have this tub set up.”

Mspa Castello B-121 Inflatable Hot Tub 4 Person

  • The new version of one of Mspa’s most popular spas
  • Comes with DVD, hoses, bladders, twin filters, heat retention mat, manometer and chemical kit
  • Contains additional seat pads for four and a simple drainage system
  • 12 month electrical warranty and 6 month spa pool warranty included

With a heating system that guarantees the water heats up to 42 degrees, this is the perfect portable hot tub for people who are looking forward to a long soak. With the new quiet pump system, you can rest assured that you are not disturbing the neighbours when you set up the hot tub. With 118 air jets situated at the foot of the spa, you can look forward to a continual massaging sensation.

“An excellent purchase. We place it in the garden in the summer and use it in the conservatory in the summer. Getting year round use out of this hot tub means it is one of the best value for money purchases we’ve ever bought. It’s simple to use and easy to put up and take down. Highly recommended.”

“Absolute bliss. We bought a hot tub due to the pain relieving benefits but we still use it to this day for relaxation. The whole family can use it and it ensures that we get some quality time together. That wasn’t happening too often so we’re delighted that this spa is one of the best family time additions we’ve had in years.


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