Blow Up Model For Instant Affordable Luxury

 Many people would like to enjoy the luxury that comes with the use of a hot tub, but the cost of one can be prohibitive. Fortunately, things have changed since inflatable hot tubs hit the market. For a fraction of the price you get for a permanent hot tub, you can now own a portable blow up hot tub. It brings all the luxury you can desire for relaxation, plus great flexibility. You can not only use it indoors but also outdoors. It is very easy to set up anywhere you go while you can quickly deflate and take it away.

Update for 2015 – After analysing the trends from thousands of users of our hot tub guide, the overwhelming feeling is the Lay Z Spa Range of Inflatable Hot Tub’s or the Intex 75 Pure Bubble Spa are the most popular.

Disclaimer – We are in no way saying these brands or hot tubs are better than others as we haven’t tried every hot tub, but based on what our visitors are liking these are the results.

Blow Up Hot Tubs Offer More Variety

Perhaps you get more choice from a blow up hot tub than you would with the permanent ones. They come in different sizes, colours, stylish designs and most importantly at affordable prices. You will therefore satisfy your needs more conveniently, whether you need an inflatable hot tub for two or the entire family.

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Some are very large and suitable for use in garden areas as they can take in even 6 people look at this. These could be the ideal ones for social parties if you plan to host them in future. Read some of our reviews here

 Blow Up Hot Tubs Have No Installation Costs

Once you buy your inflatable hot tub, you will be glad not to incur any installation costs. That gives you an opportunity to start enjoying your luxury almost immediately. A DVD is often provided to guide you in setting up the portable hot tub in just minutes. Permanently fixing hot tubs on the other hand can be costly, even after spending more money when buying them. Whether you plan to use a blow up hot tub indoors or take it with you outdoors including on holidays, you incur not costs as it can be set up anywhere. Only a source of electricity will be required for its pump to work.

Less maintenance needs

Permanently fixed hot tubs require regularly scheduled maintenance, often by skilled personnel. That adds a lot of costs which are easily avoided with an inflatable hot tub investment. You can clean it yourself weekly, drain or top it up with more water, clean and change filters, test water pH level and so on.

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No special skills are required for all these little maintenance tasks while can save you a lot of money. Your inflatable hot tub also comes with an in built heating system, no other water heating process is required. All these will significantly contribute in making your luxury with an inflatable hot tub much affordable than you may think.

Hot Tub Health & Safety

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