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  The Spa in a Box is probably just the right spa for your home. It is easy to install and takes less than 20 minutes. No need for any tools or experience to set it up. Just simply plug it in to regular household electrical outlet and start using. There is no need for any extra plumbing work too.

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When you get into your spa box you will enjoy an hour of relaxing turbo wave massage. It has solid-state thermostat that read the water temperature accurately. When the temperature of the water in the spa reaches 105 degree turn on the blower and you get a pretty awesome spa experience. The water is agitated using the powerful blower. With the water vigorously moving around all through the tub you get a thorough massage of your whole body after a hard day’s work. The temperature read-out screen is placed at top and is easy to view.

Lets have a look at this Spa in a Box inflatable hot tub.

Spa in a Box – The Company

Spa in a Box is an offering of the Comfort Line Products. The company has been making products that make life better and more enjoyable. They make innovative and high quality portable products that give you the spa experience. The have found fame both nationally and internationally for their unparalleled line of items. They were torch-bearers of the portable spa industry. Much of technology in use in the industry today has been influenced by their pioneering work. They are the most sought after brand in portable spas.

Product Size And Shipping Details

Comfort Line Products Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa | spa in a boxIt measures 74X74x27 inches when fully inflated. It weighs 71 pounds and is not too difficult to
lug around. The company has made it clear that it can not ship the product to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or APO/FPO in the US. All the other 48 states can order and receive the product with no problems. It ships separately from any products you might order on sites like Amazon. Most people have received the product within a few days of ordering it.


It can take in 280 gallons of water and when filled weighs around 2500 pounds. It comes equipped with a filtration system.

Spa-N-A-Box is Highly Portable

The Spa-N-A-Box is a portable spa that can be taken anywhere and fits into most locations. It has been made using innovative technology that makes it easy to move around. Place it in your patio or yard, if you want a relaxing spa time out doors. If you want a quiet time indoors plug it in your bedroom or living room. With this product you can enjoy your water-based therapeutic massage just anywhere and at any time.

Sturdy and Comfortable

Even though the construction of the tub looks like that of Kid’s pool, it is much more sturdy. 3-4 persons can sit in it easily and enjoy a relaxing warm massage. The bottom is very comfortable and there is no need to add any extra cushioning under it. This is great spa to own if you want to soak in for a quick 15-30 minutes.

Safety And Warranty

The Spa in a box is made up of insulated inflatable materials. It comes equipped with a 110 v ground fault circuit protector. Remember to plug it into main electrical socket. Do not use extension cords as they might not be rated for the systems needs.

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The micro air-jets offer a good massage to all those sore muscles.
The inflatable spa is roomy and has enough space for you to relax in it comfortably.
It is simple to set up just about anywhere.
Anyone can set it up in less than 20 minutes.
The heating pump is extremely quiet and you won’t even notice it is running.
The blower is a little loud but the sound of the bubbles nicely masks the sound.
This is an ideal alternative to use when you rent a home or don’t have too much space to put in a permanent hot tub.
For the price and ease of set-up this is one of the best products available.


There are no hot water jets like in a hot tub.
Due to blower agitating the water temperature drops a little if you use it for several hours at a stretch or if the temperature outside is particularly low.

Customer Reviews – Customer A

I bought the Span-N-A-Box a few days ago. I was worried that it might be very difficult to set up as neither my husband nor I are very handy at putting things together. But it wasn’t at all that difficult. When we ran into problems we called their customer service representative who was very helpful and guided us through the process.

I filled up the tub with water and thought that we have to wait a long time for all that water to heat up. The outside temperature was around 60 degree that day. I was surprised when the next morning the water was 90 degree and was 98 degree by afternoon. We could not wait any longer and got in. It just felt so good. We did not even wait till it got to full temperature of 104! When I got in it seemed hot but soon the temperature dropped as the blower started and the water agitation helped massage my sore muscles.

The product was sturdy and very comfortable even though we had placed it on a cement patio floor. I am looking for mineral salts for a nice therapeutic massage the next time. The best thing about this spa is there is no chlorine used.

It is great spa and value for money and does not take up too much space.

Customer Review – Customer B

It is larger than what I expected. It is simple to set up and comfortable too. It is portable as advertised. The spa experience when the temperature reaches 105 and the blower gets going is pretty good. The massage provided by the moving water is decent and uniform throughout the body. On the downside the water temperatures drop fast if more than one person gets in. Also, the water temperature drops if you are in longer than 15-30 minutes. It takes about 3 hours for the water to reach 105 again. The loud noise of the blower may be distracting for some. Other than I don’t find many problems with the product. Be careful where you lay the spa box as the cover is not very thick and mine sprung two holes which were easily patched. So I am careful where I place it now.

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