How To Choose The Best Outdoor Hot Tub For Your Family

A hot tub is always a valid and luxurious item when it comes to relaxation with your friends, family or life partner. The demand for these tubs has increased their supply for both domestic and commercial use. The tubs are as well affordable for your budget. The different types of water tubs popular in market today include:

  • Conventional Hot Tubs – these are hardened spas that are permanently installed and come in a variety of sizes. These tubs have sophisticated features such as waterfall themes, LED underwater lighting, massage jets, hydrotherapy massage heads, and built-in sound systems among other elements that give you the best of spa experience. The models come in different prices.
  • Wooden Hot Tubs – these are handcrafted wooden tubs that can suit a variety of garden environments. These tubs are heated via electric or gas system and can be modeled to suit your needs.
  • Swim spas – these are larger units combined with the conventional hot tub. Swim spas have a bigger area compared to a hot tub and feature an allowance to swim against a regulated current. These spas go well in a tiny space to offer you a pool experience. The spas are ideal to get a nice dip after training.
  • Commercial Hot Tubs – these tubs are quite large than domestic ones and can therefore accommodate a good number of users at once. These spas are found in health spas and in hotels.
  • Inflatable Hot Tubs – these tubs are installed by inflating and can easily be deflated when packing away for winter season. These inflatable tubs are a cheaper option compared to traditional hot tubs or wooden hot tubs that are mounted on a fixed position.
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Hiring Or Buying Options For Hot Tubs

If you are in no means of buying a hot tub, you have the option of hiring for day, weekend or weekly rates. Most companies offer delivery and installation services therefore easing the task for you.

Before you decide on buying a hot tub for your home or business, you might want to try out one first. Hot tubs can be hired at a very reasonable cost that may go down to as little as £100 for a weekend. The experience you get from the tub will help you decide well on buying.

You can also hire a hot tub for a birthday party or Stag and Hen party entertainment at your house. Arrangements or its installation can be made and your guests will enjoy the spa experience of the tub.

If you are thinking of installing a permanent hot tub in your home, you might first want to consider hiring one and test your experience with it.  Although an inflatable hot tub may not come with all the advanced features and benefits of a fixed one, you will enjoy its short lived experience before investing in an ideal one.

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Pricing Guide For Hot Tubs

ImageProduct Namecomfortably FitsCost Rating
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas
4 people£4.1
Aqua Jet Spa
4 people£4.2
MSPA MSPA SPA4 people£££5.0
Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa Hot Tub4 people£££N/a
NEW 2015 Intex PureSpa Round Jet & Bubble Deluxe Spa6 people£££3.7
Lay-Z-Spa Monaco
Inflatable Jacuzzi Spa
8 Person
8 People£££4.6
Lay-Z-Spa Miami
Inflatable Hot Spa - Black,
180x65 cm
4 people£££4/3
High Quality Quick Up Octagonal Family Pool - 10ft - Blue.6 people££££5.0
Canadian Spa
New 2013
Model -
5-6 Person
6 people££££4.0
2 x MSpa Filter Cartridges for M Spa Bubble models4 people£££3.2

Hot tubs usually don’t have a uniform pricing because of the varieties from different companies in market. Inflatable hot tubs are the cheapest option and budgets of about £500 will get you a cheap model.

Traditional hot tubs cost around £3000 without advanced features. The more the extra features, the higher the retail price. More seating area also increases the price.

A budget starting from  about £4000 is ideal to purchase Bespoke Wooden Hot Tubs. The price may however be dictated by the size or type of wood used in making the tub. Swim spas are much expensive and retail from about £15,000.

You can also buy used hot tubs which have been refurbished, most companies sell used tubs at a reduced price compared to brand new ones.

Housing Hot Tubs

Proper housing of a hot tub requires a large space, a strong base and an accessible drainage system.

Indoor location of the tub requires strong floor support and proper ventilation.

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Hot tubs not only offer the fancy experience in parties and get togethers. High quality hot tubs have the ability of providing you with quality hydrotherapy treatment which is important for your health. For more info about hydrotherapy treatment visit this link

Hot tubs are luxury items which everybody can now own considering the variety of models and varying prices to suit your budget.

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