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How to Clean an Inflatable Hot Tub

Although requires very little maintenance in comparison to a traditional luxury hot tub, a reasonable level of care is necessary to make it last long enough. Cleaning is one way of providing the necessary care so that you can enjoy your luxury over a longer period of time. You would also certainly want to use a clean inflatable hot tub for your own hygiene.How to clean an inflatable hot tub is straight forward enough, when regularly cleaned properly, the hot tub will not attract algae, bacteria and other possible contaminants.

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Depending on how often it is used, you can expect residue from people’s body oils and skin flakes to accumulate over a reasonable period of time and cleaning will be required.

Before you can start cleaning an inflatable luxury hot tub, you would first need to drain its water. There is an outlet where you screw in a hose supposed to drain the water to an identified location of your choice. Once the hose is connected and you are ready to start draining the water, there is a valve to open for the water flow to start. Only when you have drained all the water out of the inflatable hot tub should you start cleaning it. You will need a bucket filled with warm water up to ¾ of its volume. Add enough liquid soap into the water and get a smooth table cloth or sponge to start cleaning your inflatable hot tub.

The surfaces of the inflatable are smooth unlike those of traditional hot tubs. You should therefore not use any abrasive cleaning materials that can cause damage. Once you are done with the cleaning process using warm water and soap, you should use water from a hose to rinse all the soap completely. This is important to avoid leaving behind soap residues that can cause damage to the materials your inflatable hot tub is made of. The cleaning process supposed to be done at least weekly also includes changing of the filters. They attract debris and other particles which should be cleaned off under running water.

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Cleaning Luxury hot tub

After cleaning an inflatable hot tub, it should be left to dry completely. This is especially important if you want to store it for a while as it would help avoid formation of any mildew and mold. Drying should be done under a shade and not in direct sun as high temperatures can ruin the material making the inflatable hot tub. Regular cleaning is great way of caring for your investment to make it last long enough for you to enjoy the luxury hot tub.

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