Inflatable Repair Kits | Detecting A Leak In An Inflatable Spa

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Inflatable tubs may develop leaks after some time of use. Leaks can be easily managed at home by using patches sold by most dealers of the tubs. Using patches is much cheaper for your inflatable hot tub repair than buying a new tub. It is advisable to repair a leak in your hot tubs rather than going ahead and using it with the damage as you will only make it worse. Repair is easy and does not require very technical skills to carry out. Get the repair kit here..

Materials You Will Need for Inflatable Hot Tub Repair

To help you go on with the inflatable hot tub repair process, you need to have a variety of materials that you can buy from an onsite site. These materials include water, a vinyl inflatable pool patch, a spray bottle, dish soap and a paper towel.

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Locating The Leak

Before the process of repairing a leak in your portable hot tub begins, you have to locate it. For easy detection of the leak, fill up your spray bottle with water and add a spoonful of liquid dish soap. Shake the solution well so that it mixes up.

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Go on and keenly spray the surface of your tub well in small sections. If there is a leaking part, you will see air bubbles form on the area after spraying the soap solution. After detecting the leak, you should not lose track of it. Allow all of air to flow out of the tub. After that, use your paper towel to dry the leaky area completely so that the patch adhesive can hold on place. Click here for more cleaning tips.

Applying The Adhesive

Different adhesives for inflatable tub patches have different application modes. It is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the package well before use. One common way most manufacturers recommend is to apply the adhesive on the back of the vinyl patch and then stick it on the leaking area. Other adhesive products may have a differing procedure so it is wise to follow instructions as shown on the labels.

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It is wise to give the adhesive some minutes to stick before filling up your inflatable with water. Watch out not to exert any pressure on the tub before the vinyl patch is in place.  You can spray the borders of the area that you have repaired with the soap solution to see if any leaks are present. If no bubbles can be seen, then your leak problem has been solved and you can enjoy a prolonged relaxation in your tub before you get another one. Repairing patches is a handy solution for inflatable hot tub repairs that last a long time as it ages with the  hot tub.

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