Hot Tub Accessories | Discover What You Need And What Works Great!

Inflatable Hot tubs are luxurious items that you should have at home to relax with your family or friends. You will find yourself in the need for hot tub accessories which might include cleaning supplies and tub covers. Other fancy accessories like sound systems may not be necessary but add more fun when relaxing in the tub. Some tub accessories include:


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Some must have hot tub accessories.

Hot tub filter cartridge – hot tub filters play an important role of keeping microorganisms and debris off the tub. Filters should be cleaned at least once in a month or frequently depending on the hot tub use. Filters can be replaced after a year. Microorganisms are prevented by completely drying the filters before putting them back in the hot tub. Always have another filter at hand when cleaning the dirty one. A new or clean filter makes use of less power as the hot tub pump doesn’t have to work extra hard with a clean filter.

Hot Tub Accessories

ImageProduct NameCost Rating
Life Floating Spa Bar Inflatable Hot Tub Side Tray for Drinks and Snacks££4.3
Underwater Light Show, A Floating Disco Ball for the Pool, Spa, Hot Tub or Bath.££4.0
Bestway 1/2 Size SPA Starter Kit Clearwater££4.6
Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Vacuum. Mulit Use Vac Cleaner££4.3
2 x MSpa Filter Cartridges for M Spa Bubble models B110 Blue Sea, B110 Golden Sand, B120, B130 Camaro And B140 Elegance££5.0
Clearwater 5kg Chlorine Granules££4.5

Hot tub cleaning supplies – these supplies include materials for cleaning filters, pipes, covers and shells. The supplies also include hot tub chemicals that kill microorganisms. Chemical test strips are also other cleaning supplies that will help you know if chemicals are in proper concentration.

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Hot tub cover – a cover is among vital hot tub accessories. A cover plays the role of protecting your water when the tub is not in use. The cover also preserves energy within the tub therefore saving on your energy costs. Considerations to observe when buying covers include the shape of your tub, R-value, material and weight. Also look out for features like UV protection, designer color and safety locks in covers.

Hot tub steps – most hot tubs are installed above the ground and the only way to get in them is through climbing. Steps are useful hot tub accessories that will give you easy access into the tub. Steps should be high enough and made out of non-slippery material. Some Spa steps are designed in the form of storage containers which you can use to store items like cleaning supplies for your tub.

Hot tub rails – these rails are important to give you extra support when you are coming out of your tub to avoid slips. Not all hot tubs come with these supportive rails. Rails are hot tub accessories that may be bought separately and screwed on the side of the tub. Other hot tub rails have a supportive base that is slipped underneath the tub. The height of the rails should match the tub. You can look for rails with adjustable heights to fit your tub.

Some luxurious hot tub accessories may include pillows for extra comfort, music systems and LED lights for safety at night when using the tub.

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