How to Set Up the Intex Pure Spa


Home spa treatments have become very accessible for more people because of inflatable hot tub products. These tubs provide a valuable an affordable alternative for individuals and families who love soaking and relaxing in a hot tub.

If you are looking for a good one, you might want to check out the Pure Spa. This best-selling inflatable tub has received countless feedback from raving consumers. They love the product for its durability, excellent design and impressive performance. Reviews found online clearly indicate that this comes strongly recommended by users when compared with other competing products.

To make the most of your Pure Spa, you have to learn the basics regarding user safety and how to set it up properly.

Set Up the Intex Pure Spa

Here are some important reminders you should keep in mind to enjoy your tub to the fullest:

Setup Tips

The first thing that you have to remember with your Pure Spa hot tub is that it is only for household use. You can either install it indoor or outdoor as long as you meet basic requirements.

For starters, you should setup the spa in a smooth, flat surface. You have to ensure that there are no rough areas or sharp objects in the ground to avoid possibilities of damages. Additionally, you should only use the spa when it is placed near a drainage system so that splashes and water overflow will never be a concern for you.

Another important aspect to consider is that the floor should be strong enough to support not only the weight of the water-filled tub but even the accumulated weight of the users.

Never install the hot tub on a second floor because that can lead to possible water damage on the floor. Also, do not leave the spa to lengthy sun exposure.

Ideally, set up should be handled by two individuals.

Check the spa on a regular basis just to see if it is still firm. Add air when necessary to achieve desired firmness.

For additional pointers, you may refer to the video below:


You may also check out the user manual for more in-depth details regarding hot tub installation and more. Familiarizing yourself with the parts and accessories of the inflatable hot tub is likewise important. You will be able to understand the instructions and warnings better if you understand them.


Avoiding Risks and Injuries

Pure Spa set up guideWhile an inflatable hot tub can be a source of hours of fun and relaxation, it doesn’t completely mean that it is free from risks. You have to be cautious as you install and use it to prevent any incidents that may lead to injuries or even death.

Since the tub will be filled with water, one of the obvious risks here is drowning. Parents with little children, in particular, should be vigilant at all times. They should not leave their kids unattended when using or filling the spa because that can be dangerous. The spa cover should be utilized to ensure that small children’s access to the spa will be limited. Accordingly, the cover should be free from any damages.

In the same way, owners are also encouraged to check the spa regularly for any signs of wear and tear, leaks and other similar problems.

When replacing suction fittings, be sure that they match or exceed the flow rate required on the original fittings. A loose suction fitting can be risky.

Of course, electrocution can happen and so you have to be extremely cautious. You should never use the tub whenever it’s raining. Make sure that you likewise observe proper distance. Tubs should never be placed anywhere near electrical appliances (such as phones, lights, television, etc) or metal surfaces.

Exercising common sense is definitely recommended. For instance, it is better to stop bathing in the tub if you or a family member is dizzy or sleepy since hot water can induce unconsciousness. Using alcohol, drugs or medication is strongly discouraged, too because they can increase risks of hyperthermia.

Never bury the electrical cord or use an extension because they can potentially cause electric shocks.

A Safety Sign card is included with the manual. Be sure to put that in an area where every inflatable hot tub user can see it and read it. This card outlines basic rules and warnings that deal with safety. In case you need additional cards for your home, you may log on to the official Intex website and obtain printable copies. Ideally, this card should be laminated.


The Intex Pure Spa absolutely delivers a superb hot tub experience. What’s most important is that you follow usage and maintenance rules to avoid possible accidents which may occur. You and your loved ones will be able to enjoy all the benefits of having a home spa as you keep safety measures and precautions in check.