Inflatable Kayaks | Great Tips to Find The Best Kayak For You

When it comes to finding a kayak that is ideal for a beginner or someone that has never owned a kayak before, there is no debating the fact that inflatable kayaks serve a great purpose. No matter what type of kayaker you intend to be or where you intend to use your kayak, you will find that there is an inflatable kayak that is perfect for you. This is as true for easy paddling kayakers as it is for kayakers who are keen to test their skills on white water rapids. This flexibility and durability ensures that these kayaks are extremely popular.

The fact that these style of kayaks stand up very week in comparison to hard sided kayaks means that buyers can be confident about the value for money that they receive when buying this form of kayak. When you consider that inflatable kayaks are invariably cheaper than other forms of kayaks, there is an immense amount of savings to be made from opting for this form of kayak.

Best Inflatable Kayaks

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak 2 man inflatable canoe

  • Inflatable seats that be adjusted and come with backrest
  • TUV Approved
  • There is a grab line on both ends of this kayak
  • Comes equipped with 84” aluminium oars and with a high output hand pump
  • Can be used for solo or group use

This inflatable kayak provides a range of benefits as well as being extremely durable. This means it is safe for use even in rough terrain where it may have to face up to considerable pressure and tough conditions.
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“The fact that seats can be adjusted provides a huge deal of flexibility with this kayak. This means we get great use out of it and I’ll commonly head out myself on the morning at a weekend and then go back out with my kids in the afternoon. When it comes to value for money for all the family, this is a cracking inflatable kayak.”

Sevylor Riviera 2 Person Kayak

  • Comes equipped with oars and carrying handles on bow and stern
  • Durable floor constructed from durable PVC
  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Suitable for two people
  • Inflatable seats provide considerable support

An affordable kayak offering a fantastic starter experience for people looking to engage in two people kayak sessions. The lightweight construction means that it can be easily transported, making it a perfect addition for family trips and getaways.

“Great value for money and ideal for a starter kayak. This kayak has been very popular with our family, being very easy to inflate with the pump. The seats are very comfortable and will ensure that you enjoy your time in the water. The oars and paddles are not of the greatest quality but are more than suitable for beginners.

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Sevylor Tahiti 2 Person Kayak

  • Comes equipped with Sevytest to measure the pressure levels while inflating kayak
  • Comes with handles on bow and stern
  • Contains two supportive and inflatable seats
  • Heavy duty PVC floor
  • Backpack allows easy carrying when not in use

This lightweight kayak contains a tough and durable finish, providing it with a reliable edge that can be relied on in even rough waters. The two inflatable seats can be removed while east inflation and deflation is allowed through the Boston valve.

“A perfect kayak for use with the family. I’ve been looking to introduce my kids to the world of kayaking for some time and this style of kayak is affordable and reliable. The colour is appealing to kids and the ease of use makes it a natural choice for people of all ages.”

“I was worried that this kayak wouldn’t be able to stand up to tough conditions but this wasn’t a concern. This is a durable kayak that can be used in all manner of waters, even rough and choppy ones so if you are experienced and versatile, give this style of kayak some consideration.” More on kayaking visit this link..

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