Inflatable Plug & Play Grand Rapids Hot Tub Review

Have you ever felt sick and tired of the regular hot tubs that only submerges you up to your chest and you are left wanting more? Do you want to feel relaxed and be submerged up to your neck? Then the Grand Rapids Plug and Play Inflatable Hot Tub is for you. The Grand Rapids Hot Tub is the deepest hot tub in the market today and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults. If your looking for an inflatable spa hot tub Grand Rapids is a good choice in 2015.

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Gone were the days when hot tubs were just for the rich and famous. Now anyone can afford to experience the luxury and relaxation a hot tub brings. Inflatable hot tubs like the Grand Rapids can be placed and set-up anywhere in your home and would perfectly blend and fit well outdoors.

This inflatable hot tub is a favourite and gained positive reviews from owners all around the world. The customers and users express their satisfaction and amazement at how this hot tub can actually have features identical to installed hot tubs, especially when they found out that you can actually submerge your whole body, from the tip of your toes up to your neck. They say it’s totally worth their money and a good investment indeed.

Here are the things included if you decide to buy the Plug & Play Grand Rapids Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Warranty is ensured for 12 months in the battery pack
  • A 15cm (6″) thick inflatable cover, it is also insulated
  • An RCD protective plug
  • 45 metre cable length
  • There is a built in pump which is waterproof and weatherproof material
  • Comes with 2 free washable filters
  • Easy to set up, can be built in 5 minutes
  • Contains a smart drain for easy, quick and complete drainage when dismantling
  • It can heat up to 40-degrees Celsius

The construction of this Grand Rapid inflatable hot tub is done while thinking of the maximum and out most comfort people will experience when they are submerged in the hot tub. There are 88 air jets that will massage your whole body that will surely make you feel relaxed and at ease. You can put the hot tub anywhere and will especially look perfect in your lawn or backyard.

Picture of the grand rapids inflatable hot tub Compared to the other hot tubs available in the market, the Plug & Play Grand Rapids can comfortably accommodate 4 adults and still have space for wide leg room. The hot tub is designed not to make you feel cramped and in a small space because that would defy the purpose of the hot tub to provide relaxation.

When you buy the Grand Rapids Hot Tub, you will not have that frustrated feeling that you bought a waddling pool with a heater because other hot tubs are just 28 inches deep and can only contain 18 inches of water or less. This hot tub is totally the worth purchase as you see yourself fully submerged inside the tub up to your neck, feeling the air jets massage you while you are outside your house, listening to the birds chirp or staring at the starry sky.

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Aside from the things mentioned above, the hot tub Grand Rapids was constructed to have all equipment located in one place. The filter is already incorporated with the spa which means you do not have to deal with clumsy filters located inside the spa. The entire mechanic is easily detachable for easier service and repair.

Here is the full product specifications:

  • Number of seats is 4
  • Size is 180 cm x 74 cm or 70″ x 29″
  • Water capacity is 800 litres or 211 gallons
  • Air insulation
  • 88 total jets
  • 88 air jets
  • 60 watts circulation pump:
  • Blower is 0.5 HP
  • Heater is 1.91 KW
  • Cover has 6″ with locking straps
  • 13 AMPS
  • Optional steps
  • Optional chemical kit
  • 1 year warranty for power pack


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