Inflatable Pool Chairs Buying Guide

Inflatable pool chairs are luxurious items you can buy at a reasonable price if you have a pool in your home or if you wish to enjoy some floating pool fun away from your home. These seats allow you to drift and float on top of the water for hours after swimming if you don’t wish to relax on stationary chairs by the deck. Though there are numerous pool chairs in market, you can be guided by basic features of the items that will enable you enjoy endless pool fun and give you the best value for your money. Read more on how to maintain your pool and choose the right pool accessories.

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Durability of these loungers is a key consideration to observe when buying inflatable pool chairs. Quality inflatable pools are made out of vinyl or robust PVC. To add longevity to the pool chairs, some manufacturers put nylon covers like those used in speed boats and rafts on the seats which make them strong and durable. Durable seats have covers of a high gauge like 18 and most have UV protection.

Yet another special feature of these that you should look out for in inflatable pool chairs is comfort. A pool seat should offer relaxation in the water without tiring you. Features integrated in the inflatable seat that add comfort include arm rests. You can also pick out pool seats with head rests and leg rests for a superior lounging experience. The backrest should also be supportive enough regardless of its inflated form. For extra comfort, you can opt for recliner pool seats that will offer necessary support for your legs. A good seat should not make you lose balance while in the water if all the comfort features are well integrated. Floating pool seats with drink holders will also add more fun moments in the water. Seats with contoured surface area also feel good on the body. Learn more about buying pool accessories visit this link below

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inflatable pool chairs

ImageProduct NameCost Rating
SILVER Deluxe Pool Lounger with Drinks Holder, Inflatable Pool Chair Lilo by Bestway£3.5
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CLEAR Deluxe Pool Lounger with Drinks Holder, Inflatable Pool Chair Lilo by Bestway£3.6
Intex Floating recliner lounge ref 58868££4.3
Poolmaster Adjustable Chaise Floating Lounge££5.0
Floating Lounge Chair Children, Kids, Game£££Be the first to review this item

Good inflatable pool chairs should offer easy packing when you wish to take your seat and lounge on your vacation or when you simply want to stow it away. You should therefore consider chairs that deflate easily. Size matters when looking for pool chairs that fold easily. A reasonable pool chair size is one that fits you in your most comfortable position without squeezing you. Choose adult size chairs for you and your guests and kid sizes if you have children. Chairs with light weights also inflate easily and are easy to pack. Weight may however be dictated by the kind of material used in the making of the chairs. Heavy duty seats should have handles to help you move around the pool when inflated.

Additional features to look out for in the inflatable pool chairs can include safety valves, repair kits and color. Chairs with repair kits may for instance help you in making patches than discarding torn chairs. The pool chair comes in an assortment of colors that will match your personal taste and theme of your pool. Clear chairs without color are also available. Observing these features in shopping for prices will help you get a pool chair that matches to your needs.

Pool Chairs when inflatable are made generally the same as products like blow up hot tubs or things like inflatable kayaks.

Like most things designed for the pool, these chair come with canny little accessories that are sometimes free with the lounger or at least at a discounted sale price.

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Supplies of these inflatables are easy to find in any swim related or spa related shop. Other toys like kids ships or floating drinks holders are commonly seem with them.

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