Is the Intex PureSpa Reliable?


Intex PureSpaHot tubs are undoubtedly the latest craze in the UK and the US. Hotels, lodges, cabins and many other destinations around the country are making an effort to ensure that they have hot tubs added in their available amenities.

Many tourists consider hot tubs as one of their foremost priorities as they book accommodations during their vacation breaks. Besides, a warm bath on the tub allows them to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after an entire day of checking out attractions and engaging in outdoor activities. The same can be said about those travelling for business purposes since attending meetings and conferences can be quite tiring, too.

Fortunately, manufacturers such as Intex are making hot tubs more widely accessible (and way more affordable!) for more people.

With their awesome products, hot tub aficionados no longer have to reserve a lodge accommodation just to have a hot tub experience. It is already possible to recreate the relaxing moment right at the comfort of one’s home with the use of inflatable hot tubs.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Are the Way to Go

Currently, Intex is being considered by many as one of the leading brands in the inflatable hot tub industry. Their products not only have attractive designs but they are likewise known for their durability and effectiveness. Anyone wanting to have an exclusive hot tub pampering at home can look forward to that because of the wonderful tubs available in the Intex selection.

The Intex Inflatable PureSpa Hot Tub 

One of the best-sellers among the company’s collection is the Intex Inflatable PureSpa.

This spacious hot tub is big enough to contain up to 4 individuals at the same time. More importantly, the wall is constructed using Fibre-Tech technology. It likewise utilizes triple-layered PVC in order to assure users with maximum durability.

The PureSpa tub is also very easy to operate as it runs using a 13 amp domestic plug. The digital control panel allows users to tweak the settings based on their convenience and preference. Increasing the temperature can be done just by pressing a few buttons. Compared with other similar products, the PureSpa works a lot better and consumes lesser energy during operation. It even comes equipped with automatic filtration features.

The bubble jets are powered by an air blower which likes comes handy as an inflator for the portable hot tub. Speaking of which, inflating the whole thing merely takes about 5 minutes which makes it very convenient for people. Those hesitant to purchase such a product will be glad to know that these tubs are really quick and simple to install any time of the day.

The Thermal lid has snap clip buckles which effectively secures the cover. The heat preserving mat, on the other hand, functions as its name implies. The entire hot tub experience will definitely deliver the right level of water temperature for the user.

The PureSpa has a maximum capacity of 795 liters of water and has an exterior dimension of 191 x 71 cm which is comparatively bigger than other competing tubs in the market. When water-filled, the tub weighs about 1000 kilograms.

Intex even goes as far as providing customers with a 12-month warranty for the PureSpa and its parts.

filters for the pure spaAlso included with the purchase are the floating dispenser, 3-way test strips, liner repair kit, filter cartridge, inflation hose, along with an owner’s manual and an instruction DVD which will help owners have better understanding of proper installation and usage. For an unspecified period, a PureSpa purchase comes with free multifunctional chlorine tablets and Spazzaz aromatherapy crystals. It’s definitely a good deal for anyone hoping to capture and recreate the spa experience at home.

How PureSpa Stands Against Other Products

Perhaps the MSpa Camaro B130 and the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa are the most popular direct competitors of the PureSpa because they are also 4-seater tubs. Size-wise though, Intex takes the cake because its interior diameter measures 147cm as compared to Camaro’s 134.3cm and Lay-Z-Spa’s 133.3cm.

Bestway’s tub, however, wins over Intex in terms of water capacity because it can contain up to 848 liters as opposed to PureSpa’s 795 (Camaro only has 735 liters).

Reviews found online about the Intex PureSpa simply confirms that it is indeed well-received among its target market. There are many positive feedback about the product frequently emphasizing the convenience and comfort they experience while using it.

A Reliable Inflatable

In many ways, the PureSpa is indeed a dependable hot tub not only for its excellent features but also for its durability. This may simply be a portable tub but it does the job and those who take advantage of it are in for a fantastic experience.

Check out retailers of inflatable hot tubs on the web if you want to learn more about this amazing Intex offering. There are many sellers online and they differ in their prices so look for a reliable store that can give you the best deals.