Lay Z Spa Monaco Review | (8 Person)


While there are many inflatable hot tubs to choose from, not every hot tub on the market is right for your needs. It is good to know that there is a hot tub for every buyer and every budget but there will be some people that are looking for a better quality of hot tub.

Some inflatable hot tubs reviews we looked at do not fill you with confidence that they will be able to withstand much pressure or a change in weather conditions but this is not the case with every hot tub. Anyone looking for a reliable and high quality hot tub should check out the Bestway Lay Z Spa Monaco hot tub that can fit up to 8 people.

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This is as likely as you will get to a genuine or traditional hot tub but with the flexibility of an inflatable hot tub. As you would probably expect from something that straddles the middle ground between products, the price of this hot tub is considerably higher than many inflatable hot tubs.

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However, the value for money and quality of this product is also considerably higher and customers will undoubtedly get what they pay for if they snap up this unit. The appearance of an electronic LCD control panel is the first indicator of the added touch of class that comes with this hot tub. In fact, the overall appearance of this hot tub sets it very much apart from virtually every other hot tub available on the market. If you are looking to find a hot tub that is stylish and will be a welcome addition to your home, there is no reason to look beyond the Lay Z Spa Monaco hot tub.

The Lay Z Spa Monaco is a stunning looking hot tub

When filled, the hot tub has a weight of 1,973kg and stands at a size of 69cm tall and 201cm wide. In addition to the look of the hot tub, it is easy to see that Bestway have taken on board feedback from previous models. While the company is regarded as being one of the hot tub manufacturers, there have been issues with some of their products. Thankfully, the Lay Z Spa Monaco hot tub looks to have rectified many of these problems and improved on aspects that people didn’t really have an issue with.

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The hot tub is now much quieter to use thanks to the reduction in air pump noise and the rubber carry handles makes it easier to move around and put into place. There has also been an addition to the comfort of the hot tub thanks to the inclusion of a new foam bottom. There is no doubt that comfort should be paramount when it comes to using a hot tub and comfort is very much a main feature of this tub. The hot tub also includes Lay Z Massage Activation so if you are keen to get as much comfort and relaxation as possible, this is the hot tub that is perfect for you.

It is possible to heat the hot tub to a temperature of 40C. While this will be more than enough for many users, it would be fair to say that some hot tubs can provide a warmer temperature by a few degrees. If your main aim is to soak all of your troubles away, you may be looking for a little more heat from your hot tub.

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Additional products that come with this Lay Z Spa Monaco hot tub include:

•             Digitally controlled pump and heater

•             2 filter cartridges

•             A chemical floater

•             Instruction DVD

Pros of the Lay-Z-Spa Monaco hot tub include:

•             Comfortably seats eight people

•             Comes with a great range of extra features and accessories

•             Reinforced wall provides comfort and confidence

•             It inflates and runs very quietly

•             It looks fantastic

Cons of the Monaco Lay Z Spa include:

•             More expensive than other hot tubs

•             Only heats to 40°C

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