Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium Series Review


In the portable hot tub industry, the Lay-Z Spa name is one of the most revered. The company has a wide range of inflatable hot tubs, with some of the biggest selling tubs in the country. In fact, this tub, the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub has been listed as the biggest selling UK hot tub in 2013. This means that it is appealing to the general public and it is easy to see why. For 2015 we have added an epic post comparing the Lazy Spa hot tubs, click the link to see which one we think is the best.

• Heats to 40°C (104°F)
• Comes with the Lay-Z massage system
• Extremely easy to set up and no need for tools
• Comes with a no-fuss clip lid

When looking to finalize your decision about buying an inflatable hot tub and in particular buying the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub there are a couple of questions I would be asking:

  • Is the Vegas really the best on the market?
  • Why is it the most popular?
  • Is the Vegas Spa Value for money?

This page will try to break down what goes into these blow up spas and in particular what makes (in our opinion) the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium the overall runaway winner

The Lay Z Spa Vegas ticks all the boxes!

The value for money from Lay Z Spa portable hot tubs will always be high but the top of the line features and benefits on offer from this hot tub will ensure that there is something for everyone. Whether you are focused on luxury, relaxing, high comfort or even the portable nature of the hot tub, this will be able to meet your needs and a whole lot more.

The Lazy Vegas is a garden party’s dream!

The water in the hot tub can be heated to 40°C, which means it can provide you with 3-4 hours of warm water. If you are keen to socialize with friends or you want to soak for as long as possible, this is exactly the level of heat retention that you should be looking for. Your comfort will be further enhanced by the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas massage jets. These will help you to forget about any difficult day in no time at all.

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Specifications for the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas

For more on the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas’s record breaking sales visit here.

It takes around 10 minutes to set up the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas

Of course, when it comes to no time at all, this is the perfect description for how long it takes to set up this hot tub. The standard time for people to set up this tub is around 10 minutes and there is no need for any specialist tools or equipment. All of the instructions and guidance you need to make sure that the hot tub is safe and secure are included.

If you are in a rush to relax, you will find that this hot tub puts you where you want and need to be.

The tub comfortably fits 4 people but if you are more popular than you first thought, don’t worry. There is space to add more people in but remember the more people you have in your tub, the higher the water will rise. This may not be much of an issue when you have the hot tub set up outdoors but if you are indoors, watch your levels!

There are cheaper hot tubs around than this option but when it comes to value for money, it is hard to argue with what is on offer from the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas. This is a company with a sterling reputation in the portable hot tub industry and it is one that is very much deserved. If you are looking to upgrade or dip your toe into the inflatable portable hot tub market, this is an ideal choice.


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