Hot Tub Maintenance | How to Keep on Top Of Your Spa

Inflatable Hot Tub Maintenance

An inflatable tub will generally require less maintenance overall compared to the traditional hot tubs with rigid bodies. However, a certain level of inflatable hot tub maintenance is still needed to make sure it last long enough and doesn’t fail prematurely. Proper maintenance will also ensure you enjoy the use of your inflatable hot tub to get the most in luxury and relaxation.

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Change water weekly

The water you use in your inflatable hot tub should not stay there for a very long period of time that can attract bacteria and algae. The best frequency at which you will need to change it is at least weekly. The inflatable hot tub is only for a few people unlike a public one and therefore you avoid use of chemicals as long as you drain the water at least weekly and observe other important maintenance procedures. To drain the water, screw in the drain hose in place and take the other end to the location where you want to drain the water before opening the valve to start water flow.

Clean with warm soapy water

Cleaning of an inflatable hot tub should be done whenever water is drained out. Use warm water and soap to clean it and make sure you don’t scrub it with an abrasive. Visit this link for more cleaning tips The surface of an inflatable hot tub is soft unlike that of a traditional hot tub. You will need a soft table cloth or sponge for the cleaning. After cleaning, make sure you rinse it to get rid of all soap residues. You should allow the inflatable hot tub to dry completely before storing it to avoid mildew and mold developing. Do not leave it under direct sunlight as high temperatures can hasten degradation of its plastic material. Also try and stick to these guidelines

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Change filters weekly

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Another important aspect of inflatable hot tub maintenance is cleaning and changing its filters regularly. The filter attracts dirt and other particles that can get it clogged depending on how often the  hot tub is used. You should remove it and clean it under running water. It is advisable to have more than one filter so that one can stay in use when cleaning the other. Cleaning of the filter should at least be done weekly. The inflatable hot tub maintenance filters should be replaced or discarded within a period of not more than 6 months.

Other maintenance tips

If you want to avoid use of sanitizers and make the filters last longer, make sure anyone using the inflatable hot tub takes a shower or bathes first. That reduces skin flakes and body oils or other residues in the water to keep it clean a little longer without any chemicals. Leave the inflatable hot tub covered when not in use to avoid unwanted things getting inside. Always place the inflatable hot tub on a flat ground without any sharp objects to avoid punctures.

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