Mspa Oasis Twilight Portable Hot Tub Spa Review

Mspa Oasis Twilight Inflatable Hot Tub

mspa oasis twilight




  • A truly portable inflatable spa
  • Can seat 4 people
  • Has 118 air jet holes on base of spa
  • Comes with a 13 amp RCD fitted plug

Sometimes finding the hot tub that is right for you means compromising on some elements. Depending on what sort of budget you have at your disposal, you may find that certain features are not available. If you are looking to find a portable inflatable hot tub that offers a high level of relaxation, you may need to search through a lot of hot tubs and you may consider Mspa Oasis Twilight.

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However, if you are keen to find a hot tub that is portable and offers the highest quality of relaxation elements, the Mspa Oasis Twilight hot tub is the one for you.

While many portable hot tubs focus on the practicalities and functionality of their service, the Mspa Oasis Twilight hot tub focuses on so much more. This can be seen in the stylish look and feel of the hot tub. The hot tub comes in a very unique tropical color and the interior of the hot tub is kitted out in stylish pearl white. If you are looking to have a hot tub that looks great and will draw admiring glances and comments from your friends and neighbors, this is the hot tub that people will fall in love with.

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One of the most important features of this hot tub comes with the 118 powerful air jets located at the base of the hot tub. This helps people to relax and enjoy a massage sensation no matter where they are sitting in the hot tub. This hot tub can comfortably fit 4 people although it is possible to fit more people in if you are happy to squeeze in.

The Mspa Oasis Twilight”s quiet design provides great benefits

One element that pleases a lot of people with this hot tub comes with the Whisper Quiet Design. A few portable hot tubs are able to provide a relaxing sensation but limit the enjoyment that users receive from their hot tub because of the noise that the hot tub generates.

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With the Mspa Oasis, you can relax by yourself in perfect silence or you can have a conversation with your friends without having to talk loudly or strain your vocal chords. With this silent style of hot tub, you get the best of both worlds with respect to relaxation and social activity.

The style of the hot tub is created by the I-Beam spa body structure. This style of structure ensures that people can be confident in the integrity of their hot tub while also having a hot tub that is comfortable to sit in. There are also a number of friendly features available with this hot tub that ensures you get even better value from your hot tub. Read more advice from this link 

Specifications for the Mspa Oasis Twilight hot tub are:

Seats: 4 adults

Number of air jets: 118

Water Capacity: 700 litres, 184 gallons

Size when inflated: 180cm x 70cm (71″ x 28″)

Weight when filled: 1100Kg

Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz

Maximum Heat Capability: 42°C (104°F).

The DVD provides everything you need to learn how to set up your hot tub in an easy fashion. You also receive a spa bladder, a heat preservation mat, a manometer and upgraded filter cartridges. You also receive a top cover which comes with a foil layer which will ensure that you can prevent the loss of heat even further.

The hot tub also comes with a simple drainage set-up and design which will help you to remove water completely and effectively in no time at all. While this Mspa Oasis hot tub is a very affordable inflatable portable hot tub, it offers a considerable amount of value for money. The level of relaxation benefits on offer from this hot tub ensures that it is one of the best ranking hot tubs of 2013. No matter what sort of hot tub you are looking for, this is one of the most effective inflatable portable hot tubs on the market.

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