Hot Tub Parts | Top 10 Parts That Are Often Required

hot tub partsIf you are reading this, we can safely say, you do. If you recently have got a hot tub, first, let me start by congratulating you on getting your first hot tub.

The next step though, is the harder one. It is easier in many ways to get a hot tub, but hot tub requires constant maintenance and the hot tub parts are not always, the easiest to get. There is always this something with finding the right accessory or part, the more essential the part is, the harder it is to get it. If you are someone who has owned a hot tub for a long time, the information provided here will probably be something that you will mostly already know; we value your experience and will be glad to hear from you. There is always an opportunity to learn from someone’s experience.

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Getting the most suitable spare parts is always difficult, first let us start by listing some of the benefits of the parts to get you started by how important they can be for you.

How can different parts come in handy?

  • Parts are not just fixes that you need when there is some leakage or problem; they are experience enhancing accessories that can provide unique offerings. Ranging from different jets providing different water pressure to various types of filters, they are complete necessities which really augment the experience

  • Proper maintenance is really the key for long lasting equipment. This is an expensive hobby which requires you to stay on top of your game. If you falter, chances are you will end up paying a lot more money

  • Technology keeps churning out new gadgets aimed at providing more ease and relaxation. It is imperative that you get the latest gadgets to enjoy the best that technology has to offer

Where to get the spa parts from!!!

You can get the spare parts direct from the manufacturer, the local hardware store or you can easily get them online. The biggest benefit of purchasing something from your store is that you are able to see the product in real life and get the feel of it.

The same though cannot be said for internet but the variety available on internet is almost unmatched. The strict competition also makes it possible to get really good bargain deals. Some of the online stores do not have brick and mortar structures to back up, so there expenses are lesser as compared to their retail competitor in real world, and it gives them a lot more margin hence they manage to offer better deals.

As a buyer, it is great to have knowledge about all the options.This though takes a lot of time and effort and is a very difficult process to go through.

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Here we will try to list some really popular replacement parts among users and briefly review them listing down their advantages and disadvantages. A lot of user experience is about personal preference and experience may differ for each individual but we do recommend you to look at some of the following things in more detail. Don’t stress your portable hot tub can be fixed!

If your looking for extra’s like spa steps its here

10 parts we’ve picked out.

Waterway Jet Internal,Adj.Cluster Storm,Direct.,5 Scallop Face,Gray 212-1507


  • Adjustable Cluster Storm Jets
  • Adjustable on/off control,
  • Optional self-alignment ring for uneven surfaces
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean


  • Limited color range

This jet is a must have bargain gadget that you should have in your hot tub. It is a simple jet that is designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. Simple to fit however check the manual before putting it yourself.


2″ Split Nut, For Heaters , W/Screws, Waterway 400-5421


  • Cheap fix to help fix leaky plumbing
  • Easy to use
  • Well-made finishing


  • Not too much going against it except may be some cheaper versions are available

Loose pipes and leaking are a common phenomenon faced during plumbing. This gadget is very useful to avoid leaks and only requires basic level of knowledge about plumbing. Its effectiveness though is immense as it helps taking care of the pesky leaks and helps is saving water and avoiding seepages. As a general principle, keep a regular eye on pipes and plumbing.


Filbur FC-0195 Antimicrobial Replacement Filter Cartridge for Cal/Marquis Pool and Spa Filter


  • High performance pleated polyester media
  • Reinforced antimicrobial end caps
  • Break resistant bands
  • Molded in threads, no loose inserts.
  • Antimicrobial protection lasts as long as the cartridge itself


  • High price

Filters help to create the pool clean and provide you with safety from microbes. This product is designed specifically taking your needs in demand and is an excellent choice for filters. Filter need to be cleaned frequently for clean water. This helps in avoiding microbes and offers long lasting protection


Magic Plastics 2″ Pump Union Split Nut 0121109020


  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price


  • If you are shipping it online, sometimes delivery may take time. 99.9% it should not have any problem

This is an ingenious solution to a very complex problem. The split nut makes difficult places easy to reach and fix. A complicated process would be required otherwise to do the same task which it can do with a lot of ease. Offers immense flexibility to do your own fixing


Apollo 11 Digital Spa Controller /Spa Pack / Spa Control Syrtem 2 Pumps, Blower, Circ Pump, Ozone, Fiber Optic Light. 12V Light with Heater


  • Easy installation
  • Digital display with 03 modes
  • 01 Year warranty
  • Independently tested for high standards
  • Controls 2Sp Pump 1 / 1 Sp. Pump 2 / Blower or 1 Sp. Pump 3 /Circ. Pump / Fiber Optic or 12V light / Ozonater


  • Installation may require prior experience or expert help as it is not for beginners
  • Programming modes minimal advanced users may want more but fit for most people

This is an expensive accessory that can renew or upgrade the control system of many hot tubs. It can work on both 120V and 240V electricity. Different heat modes offer for more flexibility and the system can be plumbed to both sides of the hot tub. For best results, contact a spa technician to get it fitted to your hot tub.


Waterway Poly Storm Spa Jet Diffuser 5/16″ 218-4000


  • Sleek design
  • Good fit
  • Reliable strong and well made
  • Excellent customer service


  • Putting them on can be challenging for newbies

Whether you need a replacement or you want to go for an entirely new one, this is a great product to have. It is a great value bargain. While in the installation process, you may face with some problems as it is designed to be very tight. Presoaking in hot water to expand can do the trick but when you are putting you have to put extra force.


Hayward IDXL2ICB1931 Integrated Control Board Replacement for Hayward H-Series Low Nox and Hot Tub Heater


  • Can warn up the pool on a chilly night
  • Easy to access/service
  • Integrated control board replacement (better technology)
  • Fits hayward universal h-series low nox induced draft heater models h250idl2, h350idl2, h400idl2 also h-series low nox induced draft heater


  • A bit expensive solution
  • Resource intensive

This part is an update which can be easily and conveniently placed inside circuits, if you have prior experience otherwise consult a technician.


Magnadyne WR40B Waterproof Marine & Hot Tub Speakers


  • Provide extra relaxation
  • Sold as a pair
  • 01 year warranty comes with the product
  • Water resistant and work well in any marine situation


  • Not a lot of power
  • Can get damaged and lose reliability

For music lovers, this is a treat and a must have. Safe speakers providing good quality music while in the bath, relaxation at its best. Not much needs to be added on this


Waterway Jet, Mini Storm,Internal,Directional,5-Point Scallop,Gray 212-7927


  • Another jet that offers great pressure and quality
  • Very easy to use and install
  • Flexible and can work in different situation


  • A bit expensive

A good jet is very important as it creates the pressure and water stream that massages the body. This accessory is popular because it is strong and can work in multiple conditions.


Tecmark Spa 4000 Series Pressure Switch 25A SPNO 1/8″ Thd Plastic 4010P


  • A great universal tub switch replacement working for many different models
  • Made of plastic, hence rust free
  • Dual voltage


  • A bit flakey for some people

Another one of those highly useful gadgets that once you get used to, you find difficult to live without.


The hot tub parts mentioned above are all great products in one way or the other. They have been highest selling on amazon and users have had great and bad experience with them in various situations. If you are looking for perfect gadgets and parts this is a great starting point for you. Many of these small parts can have a large impact on how things work out on a bigger scale. They can help increase efficiency; provide you with entertainment, help you fix leaks and all in all make the hot tub last longer.

We really hope that you can find your hot tub parts that you really need. Personally we would really appreciate your feedback and will wait for it.

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