O’Spazia AS03 Blow-Up Spa Oval 4 People | Review

**This Hot Tub Finished Top 3 In Our Reviews**

  • Heats to 40°C (104°F)
  • Capable of sitting two to four people
  • Has 3 130mm jets
  • Has a spa capacity of 800 L

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If you are looking for an affordable and effective spa that can be used indoors and outside, the O’Spazia AS03 Blow-Up Spa may be exactly what you are looking for.Although the O’Spazia range of hot tubs is not the biggest name in the industry, it is a name that is well known and respected. There is a growing awareness of what this company has to offer and this is down to the high quality hot tubs that are on offer.

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Before you rush into making any buying decision when it comes to hot tubs and spas, there are a number of questions you should be looking to ask. This is as true for the O’Spazia range as it is for any other spa or hot tub? see the difference between spa and hot tub click here

  • Is the O’Spazia a highly regarded manufacturer?
  • Why are these spas highly regarded?
  • Do their spas provide value for money?

These are very important questions to ask and we will attempt to answer these questions and outline to you why the O’Spazia AS03 Blow-Up Spa is a winner for us.

The price provides great value for money but it is the overall experience provided by this spa that makes it such a great choice for families. With space for up to 4 people to relax and a great capacity and heating temperature, this is a spa that can provide comfort, relaxation or a social outlet for you and your friends. This is a well-built and durable spa so you can rest assured that it can form part of your entertainment for many years to come.

The chance to relax with O’Spazia

With the water in the spa being heated to a temperature of 40°C, you should find that you are able to enjoy a good long soak for up to 4 hours. This level of heat retention is ideal when socializing with friends and the fact that this spa can seat four people comfortably makes it the perfect choice for people who like to relax after a hard day at work or with their friends at the weekend.

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Anyone that is keen to find an affordable and reliable spa will find that the O’Spazia AS03 Blow-Up Spa is an excellent choice.

Why It Made Our Top 3

  • It comfortably seats up to 4 people

  • The dimensions are large enough to fit people uncomfortable but compact enough to be located in a variety of places.

  • It comes from a company with a reputation you can trust.

  • The jets are terrific with respect to relaxing

  • The shape is cool

  • The colour and tone of the spa is relaxing

  • A reliable manufacturer’s warranty

  • Additional equipment that gives you everything you need to maintain and install the spa


The Tech Stuff

  • Seats: 4 adults
  • Dimensions: Exterior 185 x 65 cm et interior 140 x 65 cm
  • Spa capacity: 800 L
  • Number of jets : 130 x 3 mm
  • Suitable for interior and exterior usage
  • Maximum Heat Capability: 40°C (104°F).

The fact that there are spas more expensive and cheaper than this sees the O’Spazia AS03 Blow-Up Spa coming in as a good mid-level spa. The thing is though; the comfort and reliability from this spa will leave you feeling as though you are relaxing in a top quality spa that you paid a much higher price for. This means that there is a great level of value for money to be found when using this spa, which is surely one of the most important things. more guide for spa buyers visit this website.

This spa can be set up easily and even if you have no experience, it won’t take too long to have it set up and ready for use. O’Spazia are not the biggest name in the industry but they have a growing reputation that can be relied upon.

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