Tips On The Pro’s and Cons Of Inflatable And Alternative Hot Tubs

A look at Advantages and Costs For Various Hot Tubs

You can enjoy spa treatment from the comfort of your patio or deck through an outdoor hot tub. The outdoor tub not only offers romantic or relaxing moments with your dear ones but is a good therapeutic item with great health benefits that can help you unwind especially after a long day of work. Additionally, high-quality hot tubs can add value to your home which is a plus especially if you are looking forward to sell the property in future. Properties with luxurious items attract high profits than those that lack them. It might be quite a challenge to pick the best tub in market today because of the countless varieties. The average installation cost of the hot tubs will range from £400 to £700. The following guide well describes the installation cost for different types of hot tubs which you can install in your home.

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Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Wood fired hot tubs offer a rustic look for your home patio or yard and require very little maintenance. These tubs can be permanently installed and use conventional logs of wood to heat the water rather than using gas or electricity. Though these wooden tubs are heavy, they do not require any form of plumbing or electric wiring as they stand alone and can be placed anywhere you wish. Wood fired hot tubs are also much cheaper than traditional models. Their average prices may be under £3000 depending on their size.

Portable And Inflatable Hot Tubs

A small inflatable hot tub is ideal if you wish to set up a hot tub and stow it away in winter seasons. A small size will also enable you to pack and bring it along when travelling. With a flat surface, you can easily set the tub within an hour. Inflatable hot tubs are the cheapest and their cost starts from £300 for basic designs.

Traditional Hot Tub Materials

Wood fired and portable hot tubs are good options when it comes to hot tubs. Traditional hot tubs which are made from fiberglass, acrylic or vinyl are however comfortable and easy to clean because of their smooth and flat surfaces.

Fitting The Hot Tub

Installation costs for a hot tub will be low if you have limited space to locate it. In situations where you will be required to use concrete for the tub installation or even built a deck, the installation cost will be from around £500 and above.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Inflatable Hot Tub

There are many positive and negative considerations to observe when purchasing an inflatable pool. Factors such as your specific situation, particular tastes, how and when the hot tub will be utilized will help you make a perfect decision when making a good purchase. The following are advantages and disadvantages of an inflatable hot tub to weigh in the buying procedure.


·       Flexibility – inflatable hot tubs are much flexible than conventional hot tubs. These tubs are inflatable and can be deflated. Though there is an option of choosing an in-ground hot tub or a solid and portable above-ground tub, an inflatable hot tub is easy to relocate in different spots of your yard at any time.

·       Energy saver – compared to permanent hot tubs, an inflatable pool will use no more than 120 volt in a home electrical outlet. The running costs of the tub are as well lower than for conventional hot tubs.

·       Portability – the inflatable Spa is ideal to bring along when travelling for long vacations and suitable for people who don’t like permanent hot tubs.


·       Durability – An inflatable hot tub does not last compared to a solid or permanent hot tub because of its short-lived materials.

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·       Heat loss – inflatable hot tubs cool down faster than conventional hot tubs because of the 120 volt outlet and fans that circulate air around the tub instead of real water jets. The materials used in the making of the tub also lose heat much faster than those on a permanent hot tub. Heating the water will therefore takes quite longer than in a traditional hot tub.

·       Moving hassles – moving the inflatable hot tub may seem easy but normally comes with the task of draining the water, deflating, relocating and inflating it. Owning an air compressor will however ease the task of inflating and deflating your tub. Sometimes an air compressor may be included in the inflatable hot tub. You can buy your own if it is not included. Refilling the tub is also quite a hassle especially if you find the need to move the tub regularly. The refilling also uses large amounts of water.

An inflatable hot tub is therefore not a great idea for you if you are looking forward to relocate it often or take longer or frequent soaks in the water, a function that a permanent hot tub offers conveniently.

The Advantages Of Buying An Inflatable Hot Tub

There are several reasons why you should invest in inflatable hot tubs. Some of these reasons include:


As the name suggests, inflatable hot tubs are spas that can be inflated, deflated, moved, and then be inflated again unlike traditional spas. The tubs are ideal for the entire family and are a good way of relaxation after work or play. Most inflatable tubs come with their own pump which also serves as the bubble spa. Advanced inflatable spas have the pump sealed in them. The flexibility of the tubs makes them mobile and movable in minutes compared to traditional spas that would take hours or days to move. The inflatable hot tubs can easily be packed inside a small car as you go out with your family for holidays.


An inflatable pool is much affordable. The price of good hot tubs can be as little as a tenth of the price of a traditional hot tub.  Besides the affordable price, these tubs are just as relaxing as traditional spas. A soak doesn’t have to be expensive with these tubs.

Easy Installation

An inflatable hot tub can be set up in minutes compared to a conventional spa that takes days to install. Again, there is no need to call in the services of an electrician as you only need a standard 110-120V outlet for an inflatable hot tub.

Increased Durability And Space

Inflatable hot tubs in market today can’t be compared with a cheap kid’s pool. Most of these tubs are made out of thick vinyl rubber material that can last for long even with very playful kids. There are patch kits for the tubs that you can use to repair holes easily which is impossible with conventional fiberglass shell.

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Health Benefits

A spa has very good health benefits but is quite expensive. An inflatable hot tub is inexpensive, portable and serves the same spa service. Individuals with medical conditions like leg or joint pain may need to use the tub on a daily basis and can even take it on vacation for a healthy soak as long as there is accessibility. Whether in mountain cabins during summer or in the RV’s traveling south for the winter months, inflatable spas will create a relaxing environment within minutes. Learn more about health benefits of going to spa for fitness and weight loss.


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