Tips For Setting Up Inflatable Pools | What is The Best Blow Up Pool?

Inflatable pools are a good substitute to permanent pools because they are cheap, easy to set up and move anytime you wish to. You can use these pools anytime of the year. Installing these pools is very easy and can be done in a day or even hours compared to conventional pools that take weeks or months to construct.

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The first thing you will need to do when setting up outdoor inflatable pools is to find a location where the pool will be positioned. The perfect site should be free of any stones, rocks, twigs, tree branches or anything that might pierce or tear the inflatable material of the pool. Spots under a tree are not suitable either. Just to be sure that your pool location is free from any debris, consider using a rake or a broom to sweep away any hard and sharp obstacles.

Inflatable Pools

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After ensuring that your pool area is clean enough, spread out a tarp. Tarps form the base of the inflatable pools. The tarp should be large enough than the pool. A large tarp allows people space to step on, wipe off their feet or remove their swim shoes before getting into the pool. Carefully lay down the inflatable pool on top of the tarp. You should then go on and spread the inner liner of the pool until it is smooth and flat enough. You can walk about the pool just to ensure that there is equal distance from all sides of the pool.

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When your pool is stable and ready, you can fill it with water through a hose pipe. When the pool is filled to a small capacity with water, turn it off and walk around the pool to ensure that it stretches out enough. The bottom should be smooth and straight. Continue filling the pool with water and have four people stand on four corners of the pool and hold it as it continues filling. You and your team should pull the walls of the pool tight enough so that it doesn’t fold. Allow the water to fill up until it reaches the tube on top which is found on most inflatable pools. When the outdoor pool is filled with enough water, install a ladder in the pool. The legs of the ladder are connected to the double railings with screws. The pump is linked to two hoses. Put one hose in the open slot found at the top of the pool. This hose will drain water from the pool to the pump. Fix the second hose to an open slot midway down the pool. This hose brings water in the inflatable pool from the pump. At the top of the pump, you will see a valve which you should use to release air from the pump. All air in the pumps of inflatable pools should be removed before they start working. This should complete your procedure of setting up an inflatable pool which can be used by older kids and adults. Learn more on how to maintain above ground pool, click here.

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You will probably need an Inflatable Pool Chair

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