Inflatable Portable Hot Tub | Best Tips On Buying and Maintenance

An inflatable portable hot tub is a worthwhile item you can own if you wish to relax in water in your natural surroundings in your yard alone or with the company of family or friends. For the hot tub to serve you better, you have to give it basic attention to prolong its lifespan. CLick here to view how to design a hot tub in your room

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Cleaning your inflatable should take place regularly to prevent attack of scum which harbors disease causing germs. Inflatable portable tubs don’t require tough cleaning like ordinary bathtubs. Use soap and a soft cloth to clean the tub. Avoid abrasives as they may damage the tub. Rinse the tub thoroughly with clean water or else you will have unwanted bubbles in the water when you later decide to use the tub.

Draining The Tub

The water in an inflatable tub should at least be changed weekly. This is to reduce the attack of bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Use the draining outlet of the tub when emptying its used water by simply screwing horse pipe to the outlet that will lead the water to the draining spot.

Chemical Tests

Your inflatable portable hot tub makes use of certain chemicals like chlorine. If you are using chemicals in your tub water, consider buying pH water test kit from a local home improvement shop. To test the pH, put water into the tube and ensure it reaches the fill line. Go ahead and put the Ph solution that comes with the kit. Take time until you see some color form. Compare the developing color with that on the chart that comes with the kit to know the pH level of your tub water. You can do this test once per week. The normal water pH level should range from 7.4 to 7.6.

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inflatable portable hot tub

Replace Filters

Filters for blow up hot tubs sieve out hair, lint and debris from the water therefore making it look clearer. You should clean filters once per week especially if your tub is used more often. Have a spare filter so that you can fix it while the other one is getting cleaned. Filters can be discarded after 6 months of use.

Cover Your Tub

Remember to cover your inflatable portable hot tub when not in use. This will reduce the entry of leaves, flies and other contaminants. By covering your tub, you will not need to invest in a net to scoop out the dirt. Covering the water tub also prolongs the warmth in the water and reduces time to get warm. Covering the tub also condenses water vapor to flow back in the tub. Solids such as calcium will therefore not precipitate out of the water. The damp environment caused by a hot tub will be minimized by a simple task of covering the tub.

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