What’s The Best Lay Z Spa?

If you like to use the hot tubs at your local spa, then the Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub range may be able to bring the spa to you!

Loads of people like to visit the Spa frequently to relax in the hot tub especially during the chilly climate.

But this is a luxury that is not a daily occurrence because not everyone can afford it as it is expensive.

In saying that, it doesn't mean you have to miss out.

Gone are the days that you have to leave the warmth of your own home during the cold months just to relax in a local hotel or spa hot tub because inflatable hot tubs are here!

You can relax in the comfort of your home or anywhere you like, any time you want.

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tubs

These portable spa’s are the most popular and the best selling hot tub brand in the UK.

  • Miami hot tub ( 4 persons)
  • Vegas hot tub (for 4 persons)
  • Monaco hot tub (for 8 persons)

These hot tubs are comfortable and easy to set up, you will love being able to bring them anywhere you want because you can deflate it when not in use.

You will never have to worry again about the temperature of your inflatable hot tub especially during the cold months which are all too common here in the UK because this company has hot tubs that can heat up to 40 degrees Celsius or a lower temperature if you prefer.

The Stars of the Show!

Bestway Lay-Z-SpaSeats Image
(Vegas) Premium
Portable Inflatable
Hot Tub
4 people
Hot Tub
4 people
(Palm Springs)
Hot Tub
(4-6 Person)
4-6 people
(Monaco) 8
Person Spa
Hot Tub
8 people

This is made possible through the installed blow up lid in the hot tubs which insulates the water and allows the pump of the tub to be more efficient in temperature control.

Aside from that, all the hot tubs that they offer have the distinguished Lay Z Massage which provides the bubbles we love that will surely soothe and relax those tensed muscles.

What We Think About Lazy Spa

The feeling of being relaxed is truly amazing and addicting, it’s like your body is recharged and can do almost anything.

Ever since the inflatable portable spa hot tub was created and made available in the market, it’s demand and reputation is slowly increasing.

green tick for the lay z spa range

Green tick for Intex inflatable hot tubs

The people at Lay Z know this so have created a range of blow up tubs that not only leave you feeling great, they wont kill you in the pocket either.
Not everybody can afford a new hot tub and have it professionally installed, as far as we are concerned at the Inflatablehottubguide.com this hot tub manufacturer is clearly one of the market leaders of offering a great affordable alternative.

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Which Spa From the Lay Z Range is Right For You

Before we reveal the best hot tub choice award, here are a few tips if you’re planning to buy one for yourself.

  • Weigh the pro’s and con’s of each model
  • Remember that function is as important as cost.
  • It should also be cost effective and practical.
  • What size do you really need? Don’t be squashed!

You may want an inflatable spa from a brand name you can trust and that will give you everything you need, this is obviously what we all want when considering this purchase.


Bestway Miami 4 Person Spa

But remember the money side of things, get one that fits with the purse strings as it is supposed to be a benefit not a burden that causes you stress


The way to find out the best option for you is to read reviews and articles like this.

Read on and find out more about the list of hot tubs they have.

VEGAS at a glance

The Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub is the most famous and was the best selling model in the UK for 2013. It is also the cheapest of the laz y spa range. The Vegas spa has a number of advantages that comes with it such as:

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub
  • A massage system for maximum relaxation, perfect to soothe and calm your stressed muscles.
  • Portable, take it anywhere with you; it can be used either indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy to set up, no need for special installation tools or equipment.
  • It has a 4 seat adult capacity for you to be able to enjoy the hot tub with you family and friends.


Aside from its functionality and efficiency, it is also affordable and the company offers a 2 year warranty on this tub.

The Vegas currently has 30% off! here >>>


MIAMI at a glance

The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami is also very popular and is the world’s first premium inflatable spa. Just like the Vegas, the Miami model also offers

  • Up to 4 seat adult capacity.
  • It has a black leatherette design.
  • Use it only when you want, easily deflates
  • It provides a rapid heating system.

Temperature control can be done without leaving the hot tub through the digital control panel. Though it has a number of advanced engineering innovations it is still cost effective.

Best prices and reviews on the Lazy Miami here >>>

MONACO at a glance

If you enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends, and liked the first two hot tub models that offer a 4 seating adult capacity.

Then you will love this hot tub unit even more as its built for more people to enjoy.

If you want to have a hot tub party or want to let all the children have a splash then this tub:

  • Can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 adults.
  • It has reinforced walls for comfort and durability.
  • Great range of extra features and accessories.


Lay-Z-Spa miami

It is like having the traditional hot tub but with the flexibility of an inflatable blow up version .The only disadvantage that this model has is that it is more expensive than other hot tubs because its an 8 seater, but the benefits that could bring are obvious! (Parties!)


Here we will check out specifications of each spa, user reviews, videos as well as what we feel is the best value for money from the Bestway Lay Z Range

Bestway Vegas Lay-Z Spa

The Lay-Spa-Vegas hot tub spa is well known in the hot tub industry, not only do they manufacture inflatable tubs that have advanced technological settings, but they also make it affordable for all customers. The Lay Z Vegas Premium Series Portable Inflatable hot tub has been listed as the biggest selling UK hot tub in 2013.

The Vegas will be a hard deal to beat because its affordability is just unbelievable despite the fact that it has advanced settings and high quality manufacture.

It includes a digital control pump specifically designed for the massage jets included in its system.It also includes a water filtration system and rapid heating element which follows the standards. The product comes with a full comprehensive manufacture 2 year warranty It is equipped with 2 free filter cartridges and a single chemical floater.

The Good Stuff:

Specifications of the Vegas

  • Water capacity (80%): 848L, which equates up to 224 Gal. Also take note that as people enter you hot tubs, water will rise and might overspill, so better watch out for this in case you use your hot tub inside your home.

  • Size when inflated: 196 cm x 61 cm (77” x 24”)

  • Weight when filled: 1100 kg

  • Actual water flow: 1,325 L/ (350 Gal/hr)

  • Voltage: 220 to 240 V/ 50 Hz, 2050W at 20°C

  • Maximum heating capability: 40°C or 104°F

  • Affordable and is presently on sale at 30% off!

    The Bad Stuff:

    Heats up to 40 degrees Celsius only

    This is the maximum temperature that a Bestway Spa can reach and this temperature is enough for most people, this satisfies their need for relaxation and comfort. But some user demand higher temperature for their relaxation purposes.

    User Reviews

    Here are some of the customers’ feedback:

    At this price, it’s about the price of a 2 to 3 day hotel stay with a professional, but lasts a LOT longer than that.”

    The Lay Z Vegas got a perfect 5 star review on its price according to some customers such as this one. They think that the affordability is really an advantage for customers because it offers relaxation that a regular and luxury Spa can also offer. But the only difference is that, they already have the perfect means to unwind in their backyards and do not have to go elsewhere just to enjoy the benefits a hot tub could offer

    Real User Review 1

    I love it! It can be drained and moved to another location.”

    This particular customer gave a five star review on the Vegas with regards to its portability. Since it is inflatable, you can easily put it up anywhere you like. You can set it up on your front garden or back yard or even inside your house. You can bring it anywhere especially when you are going on an outdoor trip. When not in use, you can simply drain it and deflate the hot tub and simply put it away for safe keeping.

    Real User Review 2

    “…excellent and easy setup, three people have seen mine, all three purchased their own.”

    The Bestway Vegas Lay-Z Spa also got a perfect 5 star rating on its installation and set up. As mentioned earlier, no special tool or professional help is needed when installing and setting your hot tub up for use. When confused, you can easily watch the instructional DVD that comes with every purchase. This DVD contains the instructions on how to set up everything and importantly how to maintain the spa in the future. You don’t have to spend extra money in hiring a professional for this because it is a DIY project.

    Real User Review 3

    Lay Z Spa Miami

    When it comes to hot tubs, people often have the thinking that they have to spend an awful lot of money. But this is not the case at present because Lazy Spa offers wide range of choices for portable hot tubs that are without doubt very affordable and are very efficient. The Lay Z Spa Miami is no exception.

    The Good Stuff:


    The Miami will definitely give you a run for your money because of its affordability. With this technology infused inflatable hot tub, one does not expect it to have a price as such.

    Comfortably seats 4 people

    Just like the Bestway Vegas, the Lay Z-Spa Miami offers a comfortable place up to four persons, a relax in the hot tub can easily turn into a hot tub party which makes things more exciting.

    Can be inflated and deflated quickly 

    It is easy to install and can be drained, deflated and stored away neatly when not in use. The product also comes with a standard DVD which contains the instructions and guide for set up, dismantling and how to take care of your Lay-Z Spa Miami inflatable hot tub.

    Can be stored away with minimum of space

    It can easily be deflated when no longer in use and placed back into its box once properly dried, you can hide it in place where moisture is minimal to avoid damages on your hot tub. You just have to remember to clean it and dry it well before keeping it as a part of its maintenance.

    Foam filled bottom

    It makes this hot tub more comfortable once you and your friends step into it. This feature adds to the relaxation you can obtain while using your inflatable hot tub spa.

    Digitally controlled pump for massage system, water filtration and rapid heating

    This one is also a standard for all products they have, this are advanced features exclusive to the Lay Z brand company which makes them the company to go-to for blow up hot tubs

    The Bad Stuff:

    The overall look is not very appealing if you don’t like black

    The Bestway Miami inflatable spa only has one colour which is black. Black makes the tub look sophisticated and conceals dirt but not all customers like this colour and would prefer a brighter colour.

    Specifications of the Miami

    • Seats: it can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults

    • Water capacity (80%): 800L, which equates up to 192 Gal. Also take note that as people enter you hot tubs, water will rise and might overspill, so better watch out for this in case you use your hot tub inside your home.

    • Size when inflated: 180 cm x 66 cm (71” x 26”)

    • Weight when filled: 1,026 kg

    • Actual water flow: 1,325 L/ (350 Gal/hr)

    • Voltage: 220 to 240 V/ 50 Hz, 2050W at 20°C

    • Maximum heating capability: 40°C or 104°F

    • Extended 1 year warranty
    • Fuss free easy to fit top reinforced cover that promotes faster heating of the water inside the tub
    • Comes with a great range of extra features and accessories
    • Includes as standard: Free instructional DVD for installation, dismantle and maintenance, 4x Filter cartridges and chemical floater.
    • It includes a digital control pump specifically designed for the massage jets included in its system. It also includes a water filtration system and rapid heating element which follows the standards.
    • Certification: CE/GS/ EMC Approved

    User Reviews of Lay Z Spa Miami 

    “We are not the type who can afford £5000 to £10,000 for our dream tub, so this had to do. But we get a LOT use out of it…”

    A couple gave a star review with regards to the inflatable hot tubs’ affordability. Not everyone can afford the traditional Jacuzzi's or to go and visit the Spa everyone once in a while just for the hot tub. So the purchase they made was really worth it with all the benefits the Miami inflatable lazy hot tub offer.

    Real User Review 1

    “The construction is solid, I am not afraid to really lean on the side or grab on in getting in and out...”

    The quality of the Miami tub obtained a 5 star review. The materials used for the construction of the product are all high grade and of good quality to ensure that buyers spent their money well with the purchase.

    Real User Review 2

    “I bought this as a gift and haven’t personally tried it yet, but the recipient absolutely loves it!”

    Some people do not even use the Miami hot tub for themselves, they present it as a gift to their loved ones and the product still gets the same high reviews. It achieved a high rating review on its overall functionality and affordability.

    Real User Review 3

    Lay Z Spa Monaco

    The Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Review. There are wide ranges of choice of inflatable hot tubs in the market but not every hot tub will satisfy your needs and your requirements. Different people have different preferences and specifications when choosing and buying the right inflatable hot tub for their selves.

    The company manufactured the Monaco inflatable hot tub xl for those people who prefer to have their hot tubs bigger to accommodate a bigger crowd. This product gives you the satisfaction like the traditional one but with the flexibility of an inflatable.

    The Good Stuff:

    Comfortably seats 6 to 8 persons

    For those who prefer a bigger party in the hot tub as compared to the Vegas and Miami models which can only accommodate up to 4 people. This is a bigger model for customers who have a bigger family, it comfortably fits up to 8 persons with space still left to spare.

    Great looking portable and inflatable hot tub

    Inflatable hot tubs can only be used when demanded, and you can drain, deflate and keep it in your basement when not in use. Bigger inflatable hot tubs require bigger space for the set up and installation and this is not a problem with the Monaco because you can put it anywhere you like to match the scene of the environment while you are relaxing.

    Unique and durable inflatable rigid wall design

    The Monaco represents an exciting and innovative market thanks to exceptionally strong and durable yet compact walls. It has a compact, rigid design and narrower walls to allow a higher water capacity.

    Lay Z massage jet system

    This is standard just like the previously mentioned models for maximum and ultimate relaxation.

    Easy to set up

    It’s a DIY project than anyone can do. No need for professional help or special tools, the products comes with an instructional DVD to guide you.

    Inflates and runs quietly

    Unlike the traditional hot tubs which have loud and noisy engines, the Monaco inflatable jacuzzi runs quietly so you can use it any time during the day without fear of disturbing your household or neighbours.

    Design looks amazing anywhere

    Its versatile design looks amazing and will blend anywhere you decide to install it.

    Digitally controlled pump for massage system, water filtration and rapid heating

    The Bad Stuff:

    More expensive than other hot tubs

    The  Monaco inflatable spa is more expensive than the others because of its innovative features and its size but, you will not be disappointed if you decide to install in this product.

    Specifications of the Monaco

    • Seats: it can comfortably accommodate 6 up to 8 adults

    • Water capacity (80%): 1,540L (407 Gal), which equates up to 192 Gal. Also take note that as people enter you hot tubs, water will rise and might overspill, so better watch out for this in case you use your hot tub inside your home.

    • Size when inflated: 201 cm x 69 cm (79” x 27”)

    • Weight when filled: 1,937 kg (4,394 lb)

    • Actual water flow: 1,325 L/hr (350 Gal/hr)

    • Voltage: 220 to 240 V/ 50 Hz, 2050W at 20°C, Class II

    • Cable length: approx 10m

    • Maximum heating capability: 40°C or 104°F

    Other Product Specifications

    • Extended 1 year warranty
    • Fuss free easy to fit top cover with inflatable disc lid
    • Comes with a great range of extra features and accessories
    • Includes as standard: Free instructional DVD, 4x Filter cartridges and chemical floater
    • Certification: CE/GS Approved

    User Reviews of the Lay Z Spa Monaco

    “We set this up in the living room in minutes and spent the next hour running 5 gallon buckets of hot water from the bath tub and BOOM, we were soaking in luxury while drinking, watching TV and playing fetch with our kitties…”

    This feedback truly defines relaxation and multifunction. You can still do a lot of things while you are in the hot tub; you can still catch your favourite TV show and play with your pets. You do not have to compromise one thing in order to do the other.

    Real User Review 1

    “I purchased this as a gift for my daughter and son in law. They are both enjoying their hot spa and commented how easy it was to set up...”

    You can purchase the hot tub not only for yourself but also for your loved ones to show them how much you care. You want to send them the message to work hard but still have time for relaxation in a very convenient and affordable way.

    Real User Review 2

    “Set up was simple, I filled it with a hose from my utility room...”

    The satisfied customers have spoken, they are living proofs that the Laz y spa inflatable hot tubs are the leading manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs and they live up to their promise of providing quality yet affordable hot tubs.

    Real User Review 3

    And The Winner Is..?

    It is awfully difficult to choose as we are not reviewing any poor products here. The entire Lazy Spa brand is built on quality and supplying quality hot tubs. 

    I think if the budget allows and you need the extra space the you should go for the larger ones and the Miami hot tub would make a great choice. But because we really believe that there all great for their own reasons as outlined above, we are going to make it about value for money. Looking at what how much bang you get for you buck as they say, then the winner has to be the Lay-Spa-Vegas, the biggest selling inflatable hot tub for 2013 and 2014! All the quality of the Lazy Spa brand but they have have made really affordable. 

    Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Premium Series Portable Inflatable Hot Tub


    The Lay Z Spa Vegas - Fantastic Quality, Even Better Price!

    Why wait? Get the Product Now!

    You would be crazy not to seriously consider the Lay Z Spa range when buying an inflatable hot tub. They are well established as a market leader for portable hot tubs and quality ones at that. Reasonably priced and quality product, they seem like a great choice to us.

    There you have it! The Lazy Spa range broken down, piece by piece! So what are you waiting for! The sooner you make up your mind the sooner you can dive in!

    If this epic guide helped you in you quest for an inflatable hot tub, then please give us a share above. It may well come in handy to someone else too. Thanks