What's the Best Inflatable Hot Tub UK? (2023 Spa Reviews)

If you are short on time and want to know which is the best inflatable hot tub in the UK, we went for the Lay Z Spa Helsinki as our top pick for 2023.

Imagine trawling through over 1000 best inflatable hot tub reviews! Looking for patterns of faults and common complaints.

Our goal here at the Inflatable Hot Tub Guide is to review the UK range and find out which is the best inflatable hot tub for you to buy in 2023.

To help save you the nightmare of purchasing an inflatable spa that isn’t worth half the money. Not everybody has the space, time, or budget to install a permanent hot tub. 

This is where the UK’s best inflatable hot tubs come in.

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Lots of people ask this question. Is an inflatable hot tub worth it?

The answer in 2023 is 100% yes, some inflatable hot tub models are truly awesome for outdoor relaxation and fun.

We reviewed over 50 top inflatable hot tub units and our inflatable portable spa research showed one thing for sure. Whatever your circumstances, and whatever space you have there should be a great option for you.

On the feedback received so far, I think we found it; In fact, we found a wide choice from ones for couples to inflatable spa options for up to six people to enjoy in their garden or backyard oasis.

In the article, we will review the following 8 top inflatable hot tubs.

Whether you’re having a kids’ birthday, embarking on a fitness regime, want to reap the benefits of hot tub use or just want to chill on the patio under the stars, a blow-up hot tub is an answer. And then, after it’s all over, you can either pop the cover on or deflate it and put it away!

How to Choose a Good Inflatable Hot Tub

Several companies sell a huge selection, so it can be difficult to choose the best inflatable hot tubs on the market. Do all inflatable hot tubs heat the water to a temperature of 40 degrees, which hot tub has the best filtration system, what price can you expect to pay? 

Table of Contents

If you want the best inflatable hot tub, here’s a few things to consider:

Movable / Simple To Shift

Even some of the best inflatable hot tubs for sale today can be awkward and hard to move; you want one with handles that are easy to manoeuvre into a new space.

Easy to Set Up

You’d be amazed how many people overlook the process of setting up an inflatable hot tub, some are ridiculously hard work and some are a 15-minute breeze. Trust us; this should be one of your considerations when choosing an inflatable hot tub!

Jets Galore

Most inflatable hot tubs come with far fewer jets than the best hot tubs, and the difference between 80-odd jets and 120 in a hot tub is quite something.

You’ll want as many hot tub water jets as you can afford in your new inflatable hot tub for complete luxury.

How Many People

Try to work out how many people will regularly use the tub, then add 1 for a little extra space and comfort. So if it will be up to four adults, aim for a hot tub with 6 person capacity 

Has A Comfortable Seat Affect

As well as having rounded or square corners to rest in, make sure the hot tub base is nice and soft.

You’ll want a cushioned feel to the interior of your hot tub, which some of the best inflatable hot tubs seem to lack. A cushioned floor will add that extra level of luxury to your hot tub.

A Great Price.

Price is a big one, we know! Everyone wants a great deal and frankly, some portable hot tub reviews show that value for money is not always guaranteed. Everyone knows that the best inflatable hot tubs cost less than high end hard shell spas and add a bit of luxury for a fraction of the price. 

Don’t overpay, but don’t choose a cheap inflatable hot tub either, as it’s unlikely to last. 

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Product Reviews & Comparison

(Winner) Best Inflatable Hot Tub – Helsinki Hot Tub

The Helsinki by Lay Z Spa is a stylish inflatable hot tub model with a whopping 180 jets included as standard; this premium hot tub blows most other models out of the water (pun intended), with this mega massage system is amplified by it’s mammoth capacity of 1123L.

It’s a deep spa and the largest inflatable hot tub on our list. This means you’ll be able to comfortably fit up to seven people in here, where they can relax in the blissful 40 degrees heat. 

Easily one of the best inflatable hot tubs on any list. It’s our stand-out winner for 2023


  • Tool-Free Setup – Like most inflatable hot tubs, this hot tub can be inflated and ready to fill in under 10 minutes. No tools needed, no faff. 
  • Spacious Interior – The best inflatable hot tubs in the UK are enjoyed with friends and family, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more spacious and luxury inflatable hot tub model than this.
  • Drop Stitch Construction – Thanks to its construction using an ultra-rigid drop stitch material, this inflatable hot tub won’t be phased by any bumps or scrapes.
  • Air Jet System – Not only does it have 180 bubble jets, but their part of the Lay Z Spa improved Air Jet massage system. This can be easily adjusted between two power levels via the control panel on the pump to switch between an intensive massage and a gentle bubble bath.
  • It Looks The Part – It’s different but easily one of the most attractive inflatable hot tubs we’ve reviewed; with its nordic style and wood print.
  • Rapid Heat Year Round – This hot tub can heat the water to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius within a few hours, and using the insulated cover we’ve found that this larger capacity hot tub stays warm and toasty, even when the temperature plummets


  • A premium hot tub with a premium price tag
  • The design makes fitting accessories like cup holders difficult

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Best Value Inflatable hot tub - Cancun Airjet

When we’re talking about our best budget hot tub, we don’t simply mean the cheapest on the market. We’ve compared all the best inflatable hot tubs in the lower price range and are confident that the Cancun from Lay Z Spa is an affordable inflatable four person hot tub that will provide the most bang for your buck.

Most of the best inflatable hot tubs have at least 100 bubble jets, but this model packs in 120 with a water capacity that provides room to seat up to 4 people, a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees and insulating properties of the Duraplus lining and insulated top cover.


  • 120 Jets for lots of bubbles – Surprisingly large amount of jets for a budget hot tub, it allows for two levels of easy adjustment.
  • Safety Locks – A hot tub with as many winter features as this will likely be a permanent fixture in your garden, so including a secure insulated lid and double-lock safety clips comes in handy.
  • Timer Controlled Temperature – Your heating system quickly results in some measurable savings. You can set the temperature of the tub as you put the kids to bed and jump in after!
  • It’s Warm and Sturdy –  With a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and freeze shield, both of which make this hot tub perfect for year-round use, and with a sturdy I-beam construction, you shouldn’t need to worry about punctures and scrapes.
  • It’s Compact and Portable – Even with a decent capacity and an inflated size of 1.80m x 66cm, this is undoubtedly one of the more compact and affordable inflatable hot tub options  from Lay Z Spa
  • It’s Stylish and Functional – Many owners are quick to praise its rattan patterned exterior, though this hot tub is as functional as it is stylish


  • Light printed design on theis hot tub will show marks and dirt easily.

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Best 2 Person Portable Spa (Couples) - Mspa Tekapo

If you’re simply looking for small inflatable hot tubs ideal for two people, the Tekapo in our opinion is the best portable spa and should tick all of your boxes.

With a square design that helps to promote a more social hot tub environment, 40 degree maximum temperature and a decent water capacity of 650L, it features more than enough space for a couple to unwind and enjoy a relaxing soak. 

It also comes with a garden hose adaptor to fill it up, filter cartridges, tub safety cover, thermal ground cloth, set up tool & instruction DVD/owners manual.


  • 108 Dynamic Bubble Jets – A decent number of air jets powered by a powerful pump for a tub that measures 1.18m x 1.18m.
  • 6-Layer PVC Lining – Its robust construction allows it to withstand regular use and helps it to retain its shape when inflated and deflated. 
  • Hygiene Factors – With a built-in hard water treatment system and a UVC sanitiser, you can ensure that the water in this smaller inflatable hot tub is clean and hygienic.
  • Remote Controls – This allows for incredible functionality in adjusting the power of the air jets, and water temperature. You can pre-set the heater to the desired temperature and have the tub ready for an after-work dip.


  • Not one of the best inflatable hot tubs visually in our opinion.

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Best 4 Person Hot Tub (Small Family) - Intex Greywood

Finding the best inflatable hot tubs for 4 people is probably the most challenging task in this guide. However, the Greywood tub just about tops its competitors, thanks to a whole load of premium features that some larger hot tub options lack

With a built-in water softener, maximum temperature of 40 degrees and 140 air jets, this hot tub produces a spa-quality bubble massage interior before you’ve even had the chance to take a dip.

Helping to reduce any build-up of scum and bacteria and ensuring that you’ll feel the benefits as soon as you enter the water.


  • 140 Bubble Jets – It packs 140 high-power air jets into its 795L interior.
  • Fiber Tech Construction – Intex’s patented construction material uses 3-ply lamination to prevent any punctures or scrapes.
  • Excellent Comfort Considerations – With premium foam headrests, you’ll notice just how cosy and cushioned the floor lining is, with the supportive walls placed at a comfortable 28”, perfect for lounging.
  • Bright Lights and Wireless Controls – You’ll love the multi-coloured LED lights, which can be fully controlled by a wireless control panel on the pump. In fact, all of the hot tub’s key features, including the massage jets, temperature and LED lighting, can be adjusted from this unit, making for a genuinely intuitive hot tub experience.


  • Can take up to 15 hours to heat.

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Best 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub - Milan Airjet Plus

More technology doesn’t always mean a better portable jacuzzi. Still, the Milan round spa from Lay Z Spa not only does the basics of inflatable hot tub design incredibly well, but it also adds in some of the most user-friendly tub features that we’ve ever seen.

This inflatable hot tub for up to six people will offer more than enough space for the average-sized family to all recline at once; some inflatable hot tub brands claim this but disappoint, but with a maximum water capacity of 916L it can really back this claim up.


  • 140 Air Jet+ System – Air jets around both the base and sidewalls, this inflatable hot tub offers a truly full body massage that tackles both the legs and back.
  • Winter Usage – With rapid heating up to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius maximum temperature and a built-in freeze protection unit, this is one of the best hot tu options for year round use 
  • I-Beam Construction – This construction provides you with a protective layer against punctures; it also helps to provide more support to your back whilst reclining.
  • Wi-Fi Functionality – Full functionality through its digital control panel and pump. The water temperature, air jets, and energy-saving timer are all fully adjustable using the Lay Z Spa official smartphone app.


  • The price may not be affordable for some

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Top Inflatable Hot Tub for Parties - St Moritz Airjet

Fancy inviting your friends and family over for the best inflatable spa party of the year!
If you’re looking for a large inflatable hot tub, we’d pick the St Moritz from Bestway Lay Z Spa

With plenty of space and capacity to fit up to seven people, this mammoth of a round hot tub with 180 bubble jets is ideal for large families and those that love to entertain.


  • Chemical Floater – To keep your tub water nice and clean for guests. Its floating chemical dispenser takes the effort out of this task and will help to reduce bacteria and scum from infiltrating your pool party.
  • Cup Holders – No party tub is complete without somewhere to place your drinks; the only hot tub on the list with built-in drinks holders on top of the pump, you’ll never be far from your next sip.
  • Tool-Free Setup – If you’re often changing the layout of your garden, this hot tub is ideal. With a quick drain feature and simple inflation hose, you can pack down and re-install this inflatable spa in around an hour,
  • Get Party Ready – As far as we’re concerned, this is one of the best inflatable hot tubs the UK has. It looks just as good as it functions with an outstanding 180 air jet massage system and a beautiful rattan printed exterior.
  • The Duraplus lining will easily withstand the most raucous of hot tub party theme ideas, and it’s fully adjustable bubble jets are sure to keep all of your guests happy.
  • Cost-Effective Heating – By combining the rapid heating system with the insulated cover and freeze protection unit, you’ll find that keeping the water at a warm temperature is surprisingly easy and the cover helps retain heat too! 
  • This is super useful for a larger inflatable hot tub spa as often heating the water can be time-consuming and weekly spa running costs can increase.


  • Fairly heavy when filled.

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Inflatable Hot Tub with LED Lights - Paris Airjet

One premium feature that doesn’t seem to pop up as much as you’d think in the world of inflatable hot tubs is LED lights, which is surprising as when you see how great a hot tub like this looks on a quiet evening, you’d think every manufacturer would be clamouring to include LED lights as an option!

Along 140 air jets, energy saving timer, decent capacity and Freeze Shield the Paris Lay Z Spa features a stunning LED lighting system that can produce a delightful light show with full remote control functionality. You can cycle through 7 unique colour settings or engage the automatic colour changing mode, an excellent feature for the kids to keep them entertained.


  • 4-6 Person Capacity – With an 806L water capacity, this round hot tub can easily accommodate up to four people and a couple kids. The comfortable padded floor ensures that your guests can relax for hours on end.
  • 140 Air Jets – 140 air jets placed around the entire circumference of this inflatable hot tub will produce a full body massage. The jets and heating system are adjustable from an easy to reach control panel.
  • Perfect for you outdoor patio in Winter – The patented Lay Z Spa freeze shield technology features here also and switches on automatically when the temperature drops and the insulated cover retains heat well.
  • A Bit Messy, A Bit Noisy – The light-coloured exterior can become very messy if you have kids jumping in and out regularly, and the spa pump can be particularly noisy when you’re running this tub at full power


  • Light exterior will show dirt.

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Square Inflatable Hot Tub - Hawaii Airjet

Many people will tell you that the best inflatable hot tubs to buy come in a square-style design. They’re often much easier to fit into a smaller garden space or on a patio.

The layout of these tubs can produce a particularly intimate and luxurious spa experience.

The Hawaii from the Lay Z Spa brand features 140 bubbling jets a great water capacity of 840L, powerful pump and a durable yet comfortable pool liner, you’ll find entertaining in this hot tub with space for six to be both comfortable and roomy and it comes with a lockable safety cover for when the tub is not in use. Plus, the price isn’t bad either. 


  • Adjustable Controls – The internal control box can adjust all 140 jets between two intensity levels and apply an energy-saving timer that can help to keep your bills down.
  • Portability – This truly portable hot tub can be easily moved around your garden thanks to a quick-drain feature and a straightforward tool-free setup. The whole unit can be inflated in minutes.
  • Freeze Protection – Like all of the newest Lay Z Spa models, you’ll also find that it features both freeze protection and the Hawaii also features a rapid heating up to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Stock Up on Filters – This spa will go through filter cartridges pretty quickly, so stock up on those along with chemicals for the floating chlorine dispenser

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Hot Tubs Cost! - Most Energy Efficient Models

Below is an overview of some of the top manufacturers we cover on this site. Deals and special offers on the best inflatable tubs they make are what to watch for. 


Boy, do we have some awesome additions for your hot tubs. For the best hot tub accessories it’s here but you can also check out all the Lazy Spa Accessories we have reviewed, if you want to go matching with your hot tub.

Although an inflatable is a lot lighter than a permanent hot tub, it is still a considerable weight when full. They can range from 1500 lbs for some 4-seater options to 4000 lbs for larger models, and then you need to consider the weight of the people. For more suitable bases for under hot tubs, it’s here.

Small inflatables with seats are hard to find, but most have lower sides and a cushioned floor for sitting on. You can, however, purchase seats and booster cushions as accessories that can prove useful if you have children.

Most companies recommend against using a hot tub in the snow. It can cause irreparable damage. There are a few on the market with freeze protection features, which can be used during the colder seasons and are often referred to as 4 seasons hot tubs. Find out how long will an inflatable hot tub last through the colder and warmer months and what to do to keep it in great condition.

The more expensive the tub, the more likely it is to have a hard water treatment system, but always be sure to double-check.

The Last Word

We hope that with our extensive analysis, we’ve been able to show you which is the best portable hot tub in 2023.

The best inflatable hot tubs cost much less than a permanent tub and take up less space You can purchase popular, affordable models with a capacity up to six people for a few hundred pounds.

It’s up to you how large a capacity you need and whether you want to enjoy the tub in more than just the summer months and require frost protection you may even prefer an option that features Wi-Fi or lighting. 

So that concludes our best inflatable hot tub reviews. Which inflatable hot tub will you buy?

Make sure to buy from a trusted name and check for a complete warranty; this way, you’ll be safe to enjoy your new purchase with peace of mind.

John Devlin

Hello, Welcome to my website. I’m John, and I created the InflatableHotTubGuide while researching these spas nearly a decade ago. Since its creation, the site has become the leading UK resource for many models. As a passionate hot tub user, I love to test and explore all the latest machines this industry keeps creating. I hope you find our content helpful.

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