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Inflatable Hot Tub Guide

Established in 2013, the Inflatable Hot Tub Guide has become the go-to resource for UK homeowners looking to buy or maintain portable spas.

With in-depth reviews and how-to guides, we are proud of the reputation and readership we have built over the last decade.

Why Trust Us?

  • Nearly 500,00 website visitors last year
  • Featured in top UK publications 
  • Fully researched content 
  • We buy and test as many products as possible
  • A team of crazy hut tubbers
  • A love of inflatable hot tubs 

Our team are avid inflatable Jacuzzi users. We’ve all taken the plunge and had one in our homes. This picture above is our last buy which we love. This year I think we will try a model with Wi-Fi controls. Everything we buy, use, or research ends up on this site. So be sure to check back for the latest releases.

John Devlin
Inflatable Hot Tub Guide

Find an Inflatable Spa That's Right For You

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs

Lay-Z-Spa is probably the inflatable hot tub manufacturer with the most extensive range of blow-up hot tubs. See the best we picked for 2022.

Intex Hot Tubs

Intex is a US brand and has some phenomenal inflatable portable hot tubs. We went under the lid to see which you should consider this year.

MSPA Reviews

MSpa is making a big splash in the inflatable hot tub market. With an ever-expanding range, these are our top picks.

About Our Team

The journey started with our founder John Devlin in 2013. Wanting to buy a new inflatable hot tub, he researched at least ten different models.

Becoming frustrated with the lack of spa reviews and details on these portable spas, he created a small website to publish the research he had carried out. Fast forward ten years, the website has been well received by the UK hot tub market.

With millions of visitors finding the information they want, John has now taken an editorial role at the hot tub guide and plans to oversee the site’s expansion and the growth of its social media channels.

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