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The Difference Between an Airjet Vs Hydrojet Lazy Spa

Choosing the perfect hot tub can be confusing and one of the most asked questions is; what is the difference between an Airjet hot tub and Hydrojet hot tub?

Airjet vs Hydrojet Hot Tubs

water shooting out of hot tub jets

Here we give you the answer along with all you need to know about Airjets and Hydro jets. If you are unsure about hot tub jets in general we have a simple guide explaining the differences.

An example of an Airjet hot tub is below

This tub is a brilliant choice for people who are looking to throw a party with a large group, family or friends as it can fit up to 8 people with plenty of seats and a powerful jet massage system through the air jets. It’s one of the most popular models on the market and it’s 86 air jets make it a real piece of luxury and the tub and pump both offer little to no maintenance. For more information on the air jets and model, check it out here: Lazy Spa Monaco.

An example of a Hydrojet

What’s the difference?

jets working in a hot tub

As the names suggest the main difference between the two types of jets is; yes, you’ve guessed it, one jet is air the other jet is water. Both jets have benefits and offer different designs and features depending on what jet you want. Both jets are available with a variety of hot tub types, it just all depends on what you want.

There are slight differences between all of the options, this page explains the difference between a hot tub and Jacuzzi for those who want to see the key differences between the pair.

Another difference when it comes to hydrojet vs airjet is your general overall sensation Airjets work by blowing air into the water from the bottom of the spa creating a gentle massaging effect.

Hydro jets, on the other hand, shoot air and warm water out from strategically placed jets on the sides of the Jacuzzi at much higher pressures which can be used to target specific aching muscles or joints, for example, the lower back is a good port of call for a jet.

If you are an athlete or want a hot tub to relieve stiff joints after exercise or soothe aching muscles, a water jet hot tub may well be a good option as the jets can massage away aches and pains when positioned correctly

However, if you prefer a gentler sensation in your hot tub and use it for relaxation purposes or socially, you may want to opt for an Airjet hot tub as each jet isn’t as powerful.

You will still have the rejuvenating jet bubbles from the air jet but not at the higher pressure that water jets are capable of.

Something else you may want to know is that the heater can still be on when using Airjets however it can’t when using the Hydro jets, so the water will cool down much quicker

Price Varies A lot

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Buying an inflatable is never cheap and one thing you will certainly notice about the difference between Air jets and Hydro jets is the price, the water-powered jets being significantly more expensive, Whereas an air jet powered hot tub can be bought for around £400 hydro-jet ones are usually well over double that price

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice for which jets you want. Although Hydrojet hot tubs are much more expensive they are still great value for money if you want a full massage experience from your portable spa but if you’re happy just relaxing or sipping a glass of bubbly, Airjet hot tubs are the best option,

More Options

If you’re looking for more than two jet options between air jet and hydrojet, then we have just the solution. 

This page has a list of the best inflatable hot tubs and shows the various models that are online in 2023, with the latest technology, jet and the pros and cons of each one.

You can decide what slice of luxury you would like in no time as we have saved you all the hassle. If you need further advice and more hot tub tips, see our main page which is sure to have an answer to your question.

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