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The UK’s Best Square Inflatable Hot Tub 2023

Inflatable spas come in all shapes and sizes, from circles to octagons; there’s a surprising amount of choice! But what about square inflatable hot tubs? It’s often said that square spas can be easier to squeeze into smaller gardens and feel a little roomier, so let’s take a look at the best square inflatable hot tub in 2023.

Top Square Inflatable Hot Tub 

This post will cover only square models. See this page for the answer to what’s the best inflatable hot tub overall. We’ve scoured the market to find the highest-rated square spas currently available, with our team putting each portable hot tub through the wringer to see which square models come out on top in terms of size, features, value and looks. So without further ado, here are our top 7 square inflatable spas in 2023!

Best 2 Person Square Hot Tub
MSPA Tekapo

If you’re looking for a couple’s spa and don’t want to break the bank, we reckon the Tekapo may be the square inflatable hot tub for you! Not only does the square shape make its 150cm floor feel even roomier, but MSPA’s antibacterial lining helps ward off germs with no added faff! 

There’s also a built-in UVC sanitiser in this hot tub, which helps remove nasties during your soaks. All of this is in a square inflatable spa that’s a good deal cheaper than its closest competition! Just be warned that the massage system only features 108 air jets! 

See all the pros and cons of the MSpa Tekapo hot tub here.

Best 4 Person Square Hot Tub

For some, the right square inflatable spa will be visually striking! With a bold white leather-trim liner, the Soho square hot tub will undoubtedly turn heads, and thanks to its energy-efficient PTC heater, it won’t cost you a fortune to heat the thing during chilly evenings.

We’re also big fans of MSPA’s “whisper quiet pump”, which helps to keep the noise levels below 70 dB, and we love that the bubble jets can be set to 3 variable speeds for a personalised massage; just keep in mind that the white liner can quickly become visibly dirty! 

See all the pros and cons of the MSpa Soho here.

Best 6 Person Square Hot Tub
Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii

As the square inflatable hot tub is said to feel roomier than other inflatable hot tubs, we think these models really shine in larger capacities! The 6-seater Hawaii is a good example. With a padded floor liner and supportive i-beam construction, this square spa is one of the most comfortable models we’ve tested! 

This particular spa also benefits from a simple tool-free setup, meaning it’s super easy to shift around your garden or over to a friend’s house, and it includes a rapid heater and Freeze Shield, so it’s ideal for winter use! It’s just a shame this hot tub doesn’t come with Wi-Fi controls or lights.

See all the pros and cons of the Lay Z Spa Hawaii here.

#1 Square Lay Z Spa Hot Tub
The Maldives

From its regal burgundy liner to its sparkling LED lights, the Maldives square spa is designed for a life of luxury! We’re in love with this inflatable spa for its whopping 180 blower jets, backed up by eight separate hydro jets to really massage those aching muscles.

You’ll also find a dedicated foot massager and a sprawling 201cm interior with enough room for up to 7 people, but these things come at a cost, with this being one of the more expensive hot tubs we’ve tested! 

See all the pros and cons of the Lay Z Spa Maldives here.

#1 Square Intex Hot Tub
The Octagonal Bubble Spa

Though not strictly a square inflatable hot tub, this Intex model covers the same bases, with added angular walls in each corner to help promote a more sociable spa experience. 

We love the hard water treatment system, which protects the pipes from mineral build-up, which can cause internal damage. The triple-layered patented Fiber-Tech walls are both comfortable and durable enough to withstand daily use! 

We also like the control panel placement, which is easily reached from inside the hot tub, but be sure to use the insulated cover during heating as this spa can take a while to warm up!

See all the pros and cons of the Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa here.

Lay Z Spa Majorca

Boasting 140 air jets and eight hydro jets, this tropical hot tub is ideal for a family. It can accommodate up to six people and has a digital control panel, so you are just the touch of a button away from complete relaxation.

The portable spa also has freeze shield technology, so during those brisk winter nights, the water won’t freeze. It comes in grey and has a capacity of 795 litres which is about average for these sized tubs.

Lay Z Spa Ibiza

The Ibiza is a favourite amongst our team. We love that this spa packs 140 air jets into its variable massage system, with an easy-to-reach digital control panel and lovely heated bubbles!

There’s also a rapid heating system, able to warm the water up to 40 degrees in about 12 hours, and we’ve been consistently impressed by Lay-Z-Spa’s Freeze Shield technology, which allows this square hot tub to be used year-round! Our only gripe is that the pump can be a little noisy!

See all the pros and cons of the Lay Z Spa Ibiza here.

Is A Circle Or Square Hot Tub Better?

Though neither style is objectively better, there are certain benefits and issues that are unique to each kind of hot tub. Circular hot tubs offer a traditional aesthetic and are often a little deeper than a comparably sized square hot tub so they may have a larger water capacity.

Square models are often more compact hot tubs, so they’re easier to fit into smaller spaces, and square hot tubs make more efficient use of the internal space, so you’ll often feel there’s more available legroom.

Last Word 

Well, that’s our rundown of the best square inflatable hot tubs in 2023! Whether you’re looking for affordability, legroom, or all-out luxury, we reckon one of these spas will be perfect.

In our experience, square spas are ideal for smaller gardens and often provide the roomiest interiors to sprawl out in, so find a model that ticks all of your boxes, and get ready to make the most of your garden amongst the bubble jets! 

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