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Intex Pure Spa Review - Is This Hot Tub Any Good?

This is our review of the Intex Pure Spa person hot tub (updated in 2023)

If you’re new to home hot tubbing, the choice of spas out there can seem confusing. Of course, there is one brand everyone in the UK knows, but it’s not the only option;

So what about the Intex Pure Spa?

Pure Spa Hot Tub Review

Boasting a puncture-resistant Fiber-Tech construction, this incredibly durable unit has the same capacity heater and pump as pricier models in the range. It also has an internal hard water treatment as standard and a thermal base and cover to save energy.

This is a no-frills spa, but there’s no reason why it can’t provide a rejuvenating hot tub experience. We think it has quite a few features you’ll like!

We’ve been reviewing inflatable style hot tubs for ten years, so we know a thing or two about what makes a terrific spa. In this post, we’re going to look at Intex Purespa and see how it stacks up.

You’ll find out:

Of course, it’s up to you to decide if this Intex 4 person hot tub has everything you want or is one to steer clear of?

Keep reading for the full Intex Purespa review.

Table of Contents

The Intex Purespa hot tub is a mid-range four-person hot tub from this popular brand, featuring an intensive bubble massage system and comfortable construction at a very competitive price.

The Purespa packs 120 air jets into its spacious interior, with an excellent heating system that can reach a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, creating a relaxing and highly functional spa experience that stands up well to its better-known competitors.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


Up to 4 people

Set Up Time

20-30 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

10-12 hours

Running Costs

£40-£50 per month

Winter Frost Protection

No built-in freeze protection as standard


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the Intex Purespa is now in stock


Comfortable, durable construction, great massage system


Can be expensive to run

What We Liked - Key Features

Fiber Tech construction

This Intex features a highly durable Fiber Tech material that’s incredibly comfortable and supportive and puncture-resistant, thanks to three layers of robust lamination.

The inner diameter features a cushioned lining that provides excellent support to the back and neck when fully inflated. The vertical beams stitched into the hot tub’s outer diameter help the Pure Spa retain its shape should you wish to use its portable design.

120 massage jets

Many inflatable models are judged on the power of their bubble jets, and with 120 of them placed around the entire unit, the Pure Spa certainly picks up points in this regard.

The entire massage system can be easily controlled by a digital control panel on the side of the tub, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to seamlessly adjust the power and intensity of the bubble jets with the press of a button.

Built-in hard water treatment system

For homes that suffer from hard water issues, the Intex Purespa is an ideal choice, with a built-in hard water treatment system that works to actively soften the water inside the hot tub, making for a gentle and relaxing spa experience.

When combined with the included floating chemical dispenser, Purespa owners can treat the calcium and other minerals present in hard water to produce a more hygienic and comfortable hot tub experience that many of this brand’s competitors.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

Up to 4 adults

Water Capacity (70%):

795L (210 gallons)

Inflated Size:

80.5 x 56.5 x 52.4 cm (32″ x 22.5″ x 21″)

Filled Weight:

840kg (1851lbs)

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

This hot tub does not come with any wifi controls as standard, though we feel that the user-friendly interface of the control panel does somewhat make up for the lack of this functionality.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

The Intex Purespa inflatable hot tub does not include any incorporated lighting options at this time. Still, many additional floating lights can be purchased from both this brand and other hot tub manufacturers.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

This is a decidedly mid-range model with an adequate capacity of 796L, which provides plenty of room for up to four average-sized adults to fit within the hot tub’s interior comfortably.

In our experience, you’ll usually feel more comfortable when operating this portable style hot tub under capacity. However, for an average family of two adults and two children, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch your legs.

What About Safety Features?

This model includes a secure clip cover to prevent children or pets from climbing into the water when the hot tub is not used. Alongside a ground fault interrupter (GFI) that automatically cuts the power to the pump if any fault is detected within the hot tub’s circuitry.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Pure Spa?

Intex has done a great job of perfecting their Fiber Tech material on the current line of inflatables, resulting in a very comfortable and supportive interior. This works in conjunction with the relaxing bubble jets to produce a very luxurious experience.

The Pure Spa also goes a little further than its competitors in terms of comfort by using its hard water system to produce a much gentler water quality that can help protect your skin during longer soaks. 

Running costs

The Intex Pure Spa running costs will generally be around £12-£14 per week; this model should fall towards the lower end of this scale, especially if you’re not running the air jets at full power all day.

The Pure Spa’s Fiber tech construction is also pretty good at retaining heat, provided that you store the bubble hot tub with the insulated cover firmly sealed, which can help to reduce the costs of heating the water regularly.

First-time buyers should also be aware of additional maintenance costs, with chemicals for the floating chlorine dispenser and filter cartridges representing a surprisingly high extra cost!

For more general costs and learning how much does an inflatable hot tub cost to run, see our other useful guide where we break down the costs you can expect to pay month on month.

Heat up times

The heater in the Intex Purespa can produce heated water reasonably quickly, with an initial heating time of around 12 hours straight out of the box.

Subsequent heating times can be reduced to about an hour if the hot tub is stored correctly, with the insulated cover working well to minimise heat loss during storage.

How noisy is the Purespa model?

Any inflatable with a massage system and air pump will produce a noticeable operational noise. However, there are plenty of other hot tubs that are much louder than the Purespa.

By using the control unit to keep an eye on the power of the jets and positioning your hot tub in a sheltered area of the garden, you shouldn’t have to worry about any excessive noise bothering your neighbours during regular use.

Winter usage

This Intex does not include a dedicated freeze protection system as standard.

Having said this, the insulated cover and Fiber Tech lining do a good job of minimising heat loss, so if you run the heater at a low temperature when the tub is not in use, you can certainly continue to enjoy the Pure Spa during the colder months.

Extra considerations like a thermal ground cloth to retain heat and placing the hot tub in a sunny area of the garden will also help you get more use during the colder months.

This video shows that the Pure Spa is usable during the winter.

Price and discounts

We think that this Intex model offers good value for its price; it performs all of the standard functions of an inflatable well and packages them in a very comfortable design.

If you’re a first-time buyer, it may be worth checking several suppliers at different times of the year. Often inflatables will be heavily discounted during periods of low demand, so you may be able to find this model for a steal!

Warranty and support

Provided that your Pure Spa Jacuzzi has been purchased from a verified supplier, Intex offers a standard 12-month warranty on all parts.

They will also replace any faulty components during this period through a warranty form on their website; you’ll just need to supply them with proof of purchase.

The Intex customer support line can also be found on their website, alongside an email correspondence form, though the phone line is only operational during business hours.

Previous Buyer Reviews

The reviews of the Intex Pure Spa are far and few between. The ones we could find gave it on average 4/5 stars and noted the quality and durability of the tub compared to other brands.

The Intex Purespa inflatable spa is a great choice for couples and small families that want an easy to use and high-quality hot tub for a fairly reasonable price. It features all of the standard functions that you’d expect from a blow up spa and does the basics incredibly well.

We think the lack of freeze protection on this intex portable hot tub is a little disappointing and would like the option to upgrade the pump to operate via wi-fi, but for what it is, we think this is a great product.

The maximum water temperature is perfect. It certainly doesn’t need more jets, and the incredibly comfortable lining makes it a joy to relax in the fairly spacious interior of this high-quality hot tub.

How Does it Compare?

The Miami

Lay Z Spa are the industry leader when it comes to blow up style hot tubs, so most of their range is pretty hard to beat; though this one is a little smaller than the Purespa, it does match Intex across most of its specs.

With built-in freeze protection and a lower price point, we think this model is actually a little better than the Pure Spa if you don't mind sacrificing a little space.

It here for our updated Spa Miami review.

The Bergen

The Bergen inflatable spa is considerably cheaper than the Pure Spa, though we feel that this is for good reason.

With a smaller capacity and much less comfortable construction, this is a good choice for first-time buyers that aren't sure how much use they'll get out of their hot tub but doesn't come close to the Pure Spa in terms of quality.

How to Set Up The Intex Pure Spa

This budget model offers a relatively simple installation process, with no special tools or technical knowledge required to set the pool up.

Just attach the inflation hose to the pump and remove the main unit from the storage bag; attach the pump to the hot tub and it will inflate in under 30 minutes; then you just need to pop in the chlorine dispenser and wait for the water to heat up.

Last Word

The Intex Pure Spa is a tremendous four-person hot tub that covers all of the standard features you’d expect incredibly well.

We hope this Intex Pure Spa review helps and this model shines through its hard water treatment system, which allows those with hard water issues to enjoy their hot tub experience better and look after their skin during long soaks.

Comparably sized models are available from other brands that offer more functionality than the Purespa.

However, if comfort and water quality are your primary concerns, this model is definitely a great choice.