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Lay Z Spa Deflating But No Puncture: 5 Steps to Follow

One of the biggest problems inflatable spa owners may face is a deflating inflatable hot tub.  Unfortunately, as a fully inflatable system, there may come a time when you find that your spa springs a leak. The best tubs and spas should hold up for years to come.  However, even owners of Lay-Z-Spa tubs, considered some of the best in the world, may struggle with deflating issues every now and again.

What should you do – and what should you check for if your Lay-Z-Spa starts deflating?  We have a full guide on how to fix any kind of deflating tub – but right here and now, let’s take a look at Lay-Z-Spa deflating problems, and what you need to keep in mind.

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1) Have You got a Puncture?

This is normally the first thing you should think of when there is a spa deflation.  A puncture could occur for any reason.  Why Lay-Z-Spa tubs are generally very robust and durable, they are still susceptible to sharp points and objects likely to tear.  You should be very careful to check the full lining once completely deflated.  Punctures can be hard to spot if they are only slight.

Lay-Z-Spa Vinyl Repair Kit

The Lay-Z-Spa Vinyl Repair Kit is a lifesaver for any punctured inflatable spa. The kit is quick and easy to use, allowing you to get your spa or pool back in action in no time. It provides a secure and durable repair for continued, long-lasting use. The kit includes a variety of repair patches, an application tool, and 60ml of glue. With over 2,500 ratings and a 4.2-star average, it's a trusted solution for inflatable repair needs.

2) Inspect While in Use

Another thing you can do to head a deflating tub off at the pass is to carefully inspect it while in use.  Check the outside of your tub, including the bottom surface and cover when inflated, for noises – such as air escaping from the pump or inflation hose, for example.  If not on the outside of your tub, try to listen carefully for air leaks on the inside – just don’t fill it up with water!

Here is a guide to inflating a spa with water in it.

3) Checking the Inflation Valve

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to many Lay-Z-Spa deflation problems.  It doesn’t always have to be a puncture that’s causing air to shoot out of your tub.  It may simply be that your tub’s inflation valve or deflation valve adapter is faulty, or that it’s too loose.

A loose inflation valve is likely to be a key cause of air escaping through a Lay-Z-Spa.  Once again, it can be uncommon for problems like this to arise in the most robust of tubs.  However, it’s easy to fix.  Make sure that your inflation valve is secure, tight, and fully in place.  Otherwise, you’re going to leak air in spades.

4) Check Your Warranty

Lay z spa deflation can be an issue, and there seem to be a few claims on the web that Lay-Z-Spa tubs have warranties which won’t protect you against punctures.  In our collective opinion, it’s worth checking these details if your tub deflates.  We assume puncturing a jacuzzi is classed as accidental damage.  Therefore, you may actually be able to claim and order the necessary products or part as a replacement for it through wear and tear on your contents insurance.  Please note, as we’re not insurance carriers, this might vary – look carefully at your options.

Good inflatable hot tubs have a warranty and will protect you if any deflating issues or usage problems arise and they’re of no fault of your own.  You should always check the warranty details and inclusions before you buy.  It’s worth knowing what you can claim for.

5) Don’t Replace Outright

It’s tempting to just fix a hot tub, even a lazy spa, by just buying a whole new one.  Is this really the best thing to do if you have a puncture or a loose-fitting?  At upwards of £400-£500 for Lay-Z-Spa’s more affordable systems, you’re going to be wasting an awful lot of money.

Therefore, make sure to check out an inflatable hot tub repair kit to see if you can fix it and to tighten up your inflation valves.  Check out our full guide, for example, and never be ready to throw in the towel until you’ve given your tub the full once-over.  Trust us on this!

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