Lay Z Spa Floor Protector Review: Is This Matt Any Good?

Hot Tub Product: Floor Protector
Overall Rating:
Design 85%
Easy Set Up 100%
Durability 85%
Necessity Vs Popularity 90%
Floor Mat Comparisons 90%
Price 90%

Hot tub floor mats are tricky things, it divides opinion as to wether you really need one. In this Lay-Z-Spa floor protector review we will try to answer all those questions. 

Bestway certainly believes a Jacuzzi mat is a great buy and  have shown that by adding the Lay Z Spa Floor Protector to their already impressive product line. This hot tub floor mat oozes quality and brings plenty of really cool features to the table that will be discussed in this article.

Key Features

What is a Floor Protector?

If you have one of these Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs at home, this is just the product you need for two very good reasons. The first reason is this hot tub protector will protect the bottom of your spa from any form of damage as well as nails, stones, spikes and debris from poking or puncturing your spa. 

The second reason is this floor protection acts as an insulator. This keeps your inflatable spa warm at all times, prevents heat loss from the bottom, and makes you, your family or friends comfortable when you sit in with the extra sponge that comes from the protector.

Another added bonus of buying this hot tub surface protector is it helps you save a fortune on your heating bill because of the reason above, it acts as an insulator.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item No:
4 - 6 Adults
Water Capacity (80%):
935 L (247 Gal)
Inflated Size:
196cm x 61cm (77" x 24")
Filled Weight:
1,100kg (2,426lb)
Cable Length:
7m approx.
Max. heat capability:
40°C (104°F)

Detailed Review

Lazy Spa floor protector dimensions

Design 3.6/5

The first thing that is obvious about the floor mat apart from the colour grey and logo in black is the soft foam it is made out. This is the same soft foam that can be found on playground and gym equipment because it is comfortable and soft. Overall this form not only protects your spa, it also adds insulation to the bottom.

Easy Set Up 4.8/5

Piecing a product together can be long, stressful and frustrating especially if you are struggling or failing to follow instructions properly. The good news is you will not be pulling your hair out trying to piece the Lay Z Spa floor mat together. Although it comes 9 pieces as well as an extra piece for the pump, your brain will not feel like scrambled eggs when setting it up because it is very easy and straightforward as the easily slot into one another.

Durability 3.7/5.0

Bestway is known to make good quality and durable products for their customers, however, the durability of this heavily depends on how careful you are as an owner. If you barely use and are always careful where you place it avoiding things like spikes, stones, nails, and debris because it is made from soft foam, the product will last a very long time. If you are reckless, overusing it and are not careful where you place it, this product will not last long.

Necessity vs. Popularity 4/5

The ground mat is perfect for the summer months when the sun is out and you just want to relax outside in a spa with friends and family. Taking multiple trips to the beach or seaside can be costly and exhausting especially if it is a long journey, but if you happen to own a spa, you need this wonderful addition because it brings comfort, insulation, and relaxation all in your back garden.

Comparison 4/5

What the Bestway floor protector gives you that many other floor mats do not is reliability and on top of comfort. While it is advised to do your research thoroughly and explore all possible options before buying any product however, you can never go wrong when you part ways with your hard earned money and invest in this wonderful little item from the good people at Bestway. It ticks all the boxes plus you can use it for a very long time if you look after it well.

Price 4/5

Depending on how much we have to spend, the price will always be the defining factor on whether we buy something or not. The item is a bit costly but if you want a good quality product these days, you’ll have to be willing to break the bank and pay just a bit extra for it.


This is a product ideal for swimming pools, not spas and the reason why people buy it is because it expands the lifetime of your Bestway pool. Other advantages of the Bestway ground cloth swimming pool floor protector include protecting the bottom of your pool from mildew, tear and wear, perfect for different ranges of pools because it comes in different sizes (9 x 9ft, 13 x 13ft, 14 x 8 ft, 16 x 16ft and 17 x 17ft) plus it is affordable. The only major drawback of this product is it’s very thin making it less durable.

The Bestway Lay Z Spa Ground Mat is compatible with every like:


Just to name a few. Since it is made by Bestway, you know you will get value for money. What this ground mat does better than most on the market is it helps maintain the water temperature of your spa and is placed underneath your spa to protect the base. Its bubbly surface is one of its best features because it provides insulation.

Should I Buy This Product?

If you are lucky enough to own a Lay-Z-Spa then their hot tub floor protector is worth buying because put simply it will help with the running costs and also protect the lining from punctures which obviously lead to deflating problems. When you consider the cost of the tub, it makes this a very sensible purchase.

Although the price of the Lay Z Spa floor protector does divide opinion with many people thinking it is a bit pricey while others think it is fair, one thing that is certain is you are getting good quality and durable product from one of the biggest names in the industry. There are plenty of other inflatable hot tub bases out there, but none that come with the reputation or popularity of the Lay Z Spa. 

How To Set Up

Further Resources

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