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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Review | Ratings & Verdict

This is our Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki review (updated in 2023)

For the last ten years, we’ve been reviewing portable hot tubs. We’ve researched and bought many hot tubs and pool spas, ranging from £250 to £1500!

A couple of months back, we bought the Helsinki hot tub to create this post, and later I gave it to my in-laws.

Is the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Any Good?

Our winner for 2023. We can't fault it. The wood effect against a fence or on a deck looks like it belongs. A hard-sided Nordic design and rigid walls and sides mean nothing will feel cheap. 

I can say without question that the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki is the best inflatable to buy in 2023. First off, it’s enormous. I mean luxuriously spacious. Its drop stitch design creates a hard shell effect, so it feels like the real thing.

It has all the air jets, bells and whistles you’d expect. If you are a family of four or more, you’ll struggle to find a better portable hot tub at this price point.

If you do, get in touch, we might have a researcher’s job for you! 

This is a large hot tub, If you are a couple looking for a cosy hot tub experience, there are probably smaller tubs worth considering a bit cheaper. 

After reviewing these hot tubs, we usually sell them, but they wanted a better model than their Vegas, and I was up against the wife. So they got it!

Here is the hot tub in their back garden. 

Our Lazy Spa Helsinki under gazebo

The Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki 7 Person Airjet Hot Tub

The six-person home spa is the most competitive area in this sector. From what I’ve seen over a decade covering these hot tubs, the big brands care more about this hot tub size than the smaller stuff for sure.

The Helsinki Lay-Z-Spa is marketed as an affordable model for families and groups, which is where it runs into fierce competition.

The question is not whether we think the Helsinki hot tub is perfect. It’s whether this spa is right for you!

Let’s go under the lid and see what we found below. 

Let’s dive into this recently updated Helsinki hot tub review.

Table of Contents

One of the premium Lay-Z-Spa machines in the brand’s fantastic collection. The Helsinki spa ticks a lot of boxes, one of the main things being its size; it’s one of Bestway’s largest, accommodating up to seven people, making it ideal for parties and larger families

The hot tub features a built-in water filtration system that keeps the hot tub hygienic and the ChemConnect dispenser makes maintenance straightforward. 

This hot tub boasts all of the usual hallmarks of quality from the Lay Z Spa. It’s effortless to set up, so you’ll never need fancy tools or know-how to get everything up and running.

It has an immense air jet system and the rapid heating system heats the water to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, perfect for a relaxing experience

Quick Glance

Our Rating


This is a 5 -7 person hot tub

Set Up Time

Less than 15 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

First time this will take 12 – 24 hours

Cost to Run

Expect £30 – £40 a month

Winter Frost Protection



  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, right now, this hot tub is in stock


Dual operation, lid and cover, all year use


The amount of jets bring a level of noise

We think that Lay-Z hot tubs tend to lead the way when it comes to premium inflatable spa options. They operate in over 100 countries and have support agents working around the clock to care for your needs.

They offer award-winning systems, each with their own unique features and free delivery on most orders, making them an attractive option for buyers to save a bit of cash!

The parts that you need to replace (such as filter cartridges or a new liner) are reasonably priced; plus, their environmentally friendly practices will keep our planet happy too!

The Helsinki Hot Tub Airjet in action! 

What We Liked - Key Features

Freeze shield technology

The upgraded 2021 hot tub features Freeze Shield technology, thus allowing hot tubbing in the Winter. Simply set the unit in power-saving mode at a low temperature. The built-in sensors ensure the water doesn’t freeze.

This is an important feature in modern blow-up spas as freezing temperatures can damage the water lines, pipes and air pump, which is not covered by the warranty, plus the freeze technology means you can relax and enjoy a luxurious massage in the bubbles year round even if it’s snowing outside. 

The drop-stitch construction design

This hot tub’s Scandanavian appearance and robust construction are a large part of its appeal. And this is achieved using drop-stitch construction.

This method, where two pieces of fabric are melded together with thousands upon thousands of threads, produces a highly rigid flat surface when inflated and can often be found on inflatable paddleboards and kayaks.

We really liked the quality of the Helsinki hot tub, the wood effect appearance looks just like the real thing and sits great in any garden.

180 Airjet system

Many people invest in a hot tub to spend quality time with friends and family, enjoying a relaxing therapeutic soak in the warm bubbles. The good news is the Helsinki hot tub model has an incredible 180 air jet system. Making it one of the most potent massage options for an inflatable spa. 

Not only will you receive a soothing all-over body massage, the dual operation means you can run the heater simultaneously, so there’s no loss of heat when using the jets. 

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

A portable tub that can accommodate up to 7 people

Water Capacity (70%):

The tub has a water capacity of 1123 Litres (297 Gallons)

Inflated Size:

It measures 180 centimetres in diameter and 66 centimetres in height 

Filled Weight:

When full of water it weighs 1155kg or 2548lbs

Cable Length:

It arrives with a 7-metre electrics cable

Max heat capability:

It has a built-in heater that can maintain the water temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius


Is this a wi-fi controlled inflatable spa?

The Helsinki Lazy Spa hot tub doesn’t have Wi-Fi controls; however, we don’t think this is much of a downside, as you can alter the temperature etc., on the digital display panel.

Lay Z Spa does sell a Wi-Fi enabled air pump compatible with their Airjet models if this is a feature you really like, or you could opt for the six-seater Milan, which does boast Wi-Fi as standard.

Does this hot tub have lighting?

This model doesn’t come with lights as standard, but accessories such as these can be purchased separately either from the company or online should you want to add them later.

Size: How many people does it seat?

At 66cm in height and 180cm in width this tub takes up quite a bit of space. It can handle 5-7 people, although seven adults may be a tight squeeze according to some users and this is usually the case with any tub.

We found it was plenty big enough for six teenagers or four adults and a couple of kids with room to relax

What about safety features?

We always check what safety features there are in any hot tub we cover, we were pleased to see that the Helsinki Airjet hot tub boasts a secure‑locking protective cover – This means that small children or animals can’t fall into the water when not in use

It also has a ground fault detection system – This detects any problems with your electricity supply. Should one occur, you will notice the GCF error code on your digital display. All Lay-Z-Spa tubs are fitted with an internal RCD in case any water comes into contact with the electric current.

Remember, you should never use an extension lead with any hot tub!

Detailed Review

How comfortable is this seven seater?

The cushioned floor of this hot tub makes it very comfortable; however, we think for the price, the option of a raised seating area would be nice. It seems that Lay Z Spa reserve this feature for their top models.

You can, of course, buy inflatable booster seats online and the good news is they are relatively cheap; you can pick up a pair from between £10-£20. Just remember this is a big tub, so you might need to buy 3 or 4 sets.

Per Week Running Costs

So what will your electric bill be like using this model?

The manufacturer estimates the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki running costs will be between £7-£10 a week, but of course, this depends on a lot of variables, and some buyers mention this can be significantly higher.

It’s one of the company’s larger tubs, so more water needs heat-up and be treated, but Lay Z Spa are continually developing their products to be more cost-efficient.

All the newer releases have a standard power-saving timer with automatic stop features. The air pump is thermostatically controlled, switching off when it reaches the desired temperature. This option also comes with an inflatable lid and top cover, which provides extra insulation and helps save energy.

We have found, on average, this tub costs more to run than smaller versions, but there are ways to keep costs down, for example, using a floor mat, positioning the jacuzzi in a sheltered spot, utilising the cover and turning down a few degrees when not in use.

Remember you will have also have to purchase filter cartridges and chemicals regularly although this hot tub does come with a Gold starter pack worth £99, this includes:

  • Clearwater® Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit
  • 1Kg Multi-Function Tablets
  • 24 x Filter Cartridge Bundle

How Long to Heat Up

With dual op and rapid heat system, this hot tub could be ready for up to seven people to submerge into within 24 hours of taking it out of the box. Obviously, it does take a little more heat than some smaller models, but somewhere between 12-24 hours seems to be the average.

Of course, if you position it in a sunny spot in your garden on a hot summer’s day or add a few buckets of warm water to the cold, this waiting time can be reduced and in some cases, we have seen this model ready to go within 6-8 hours.

Once established, the heat system can get water temperatures back up quickly, especially when using the top cover

Is the Pump Noisy

Most hot tubs produce between 41 and 72 decibels, and whilst the lower end shouldn’t be a problem, the top end is a bit like traffic noise.

Not what you want when you’re trying to relax. Not only that, if your kid’s bedrooms overlook the patio, they could wake up disturbing your peace and we’ve even encountered situations where customers have experienced neighbours’ complaints.

It is quite loud (It’s a big tub with a lot of jets), but there are ways to reduce the noise.

4 ways to minimise hot tub noise

  1. Don’t place an inflatable hot tub on decking – This amplifies the vibrations of the hot tub, making it noisier.
  2. Use an insulation mat – A rubber mat will help to absorb any noise made by the unit as well as protect it from sharp stones and prevent unwanted heat loss.
  3. Positioning – Place your hot tub in a sheltered position, surrounded by a fence or shrubs. This will not only prevent noise from travelling but give you some privacy and protect you from the wind.
  4. Check the pump – If it’s is not positioned correctly, noise can occur; place it on a flat surface away from walls and regularly check for any damage or debris which can affect the running and make it noisy.

Can i use in winter or cold temperatures?

Yes, the cold weather technology has been introduced to newer models allows the unit to be used during the winter months.

All you need to do is set the unit to run at a low temperature; this prevents the water from becoming frozen, meaning you can enjoy your Helsinki winter Lay-Z-Spa all year long. 

If you only use the tub occasionally during the winter, keep the lid on and chemicals topped up, then 48 hours before use, turn on the heat system and those warm, inviting bubbles will be ready. 

The best price?

We think this 7 person spa is competitively priced due to its size, features and build quality. You can expect to pay double than you would for the cheapest in the range, but you are getting more bang for your buck.

Of course, you may be able to get discount prices at certain times of the year, which could result in significant savings, but overall, for families we think this robust tub is affordable 

Warranty and support

All Lay Z Spa products come with a year’s guarantee on the pump and six months warranty for the cover, liner and inflatable lid.

However, many customers don’t know that if you register on the website, this can be extended to a two-year warranty for the pump and 12 months on the rest, giving you extra peace of mind.

The website has manuals and instruction guides if needed. A free UK-based support team is on hand should you encounter any issues. Plus, there are dozens of video guides on setting up, using and troubleshooting.

Accessories: What's in the box?

Below is everything you can expect if buy the Helsinki hot tub:

Free Gold Starter Kit
1Kg Multi‑Function Tablets
24 x Filter Cartridge Bundle
Chem Connect
Inflatable Lid
AirJet™ Pump
Insulated Top Cover
Inflatable Line

Helsinki Hot Tub Reviews: What Buyers Say

The online Lay Z Spa Helsinki customer reviews feedback backs up everything we’ve said. It’s loads of ratings of five stars. It’s the #1 best seller in the hot tub category which takes some doing.

This tub is ideal for families who use a hot tub regularly and want a stylish, a sturdy option with plenty of premium features that inflates and deflates easily. Some don’t!  

The money you spend on this hot tub is for the robust spacious design and innovative technology. You can always add things later, like music systems and fancy lighting.

We think this product is worth buying because it’s great value for money.

With any cheap inflatable hot tub, it may cost you less but you are sacrificing on great additional features like more jets, lighting and even extra space.

Is any of that really worth losing? Maybe not.

How Does it Compare?

inflatable hot tub guide logo and 3 mini images of spas

How does Lazy Spa Helsinki compare to similar hot tubs?

The St Moritz

This hot tub can also accommodate 5-7 people and, benefits from a stylish, robust design.

It's marginally bigger, but apart from that, there isn't much difference between the two as they both benefit from the Freeze technology and the most air jets in the range.

Here you'll find the Lay Z Spa St Moritz review.

The Mauritius

We liked the oval design, which enables you to stretch your legs and once again, it is marginally bigger at 2.16 metres in length.

Once again, there isn't much difference between the two; it's just down to the aesthetics, really. 

You can read the full Lay Z Spa Mauritius review on this page.

Lazy Spa Helsinki Set Up Instructions

It’s easy to set up; it inflates in just a few minutes then you just need to fill the hot tub up and wait for the water temperature to increase.

This short video shows how to set up the Lay Z Spa Helsinki

Last Word

Overall, the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki hot tub is a great product. It has a 5-7 person capacity and is one of the brand’s more extensive options making it ideal for garden parties, BBQs and family nights.

The freezing system means that it can be used all year round without fear of it freezing over and the premium drop-stitch material ensures that the hot tub will last for years to come.

We liked the Nordic-inspired design of this specific model (although it may not be for everyone) and weekly average costs are also fairly reasonable, making this product great value for money.

If you are looking for a reliable, good-looking hot tub for your garden, that gives a soothing all-over body massage and can be used throughout the year, this is a solid choice.

John Devlin

Hello, Welcome to my website. I’m John, and I created the InflatableHotTubGuide while researching these spas nearly a decade ago. Since its creation, the site has become the leading UK resource for many models. As a passionate hot tub user, I love to test and explore all the latest machines this industry keeps creating. I hope you find our content helpful.