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The UK’s Best Hot Tub Vacuum Reviews: Top 7 Spa Hoovers

This is our review of the best hot tub vacuum cleaner in the UK

If you’re a hot tub owner in the UK, then you’ll know that keeping your hot tub clean is essential to keep it running smoothly and looking great. But what’s the best way to do this? 

One option is to use a vacuum specifically designed for cleaning hot tubs – There are ones operated by batteries others that are powered by pump action and electric unit options and we’ve got the lowdown on the best ones available right now. 

Our top pick for the best spa vacuum is the  Lay Z Spa rechargeable vacuum.

In our opinion it’s the best pool and spa cleaner around right now.

This spa vac has a powerful motor and can clean all the debris and grime out of your hot tub quickly and easily. Plus, it’s easy to use, so you’ll be able to get your hot tub looking sparkling clean in no time at all without draining and refilling it. 

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing the following hot tub spa vacuum cleaners.

We’ll explore everything from models with batteries to manual options and explain how they work and what to look for when choosing one. So read on to find out which spa cleaners are worth investing in if you want to keep your hot tub looking its best!

Our Top Hot Tub Vacuum UK

No matter how careful you are around your pool or hot tub, you’re bound to end up with a bit of sand, grit or debris building up on the floor. If left untreated, this can become an issue, so grabbing a vacuum with a telescopic pole can be a big help! 

Here are our 7 best spa vacuums

Best Overall – Lay-Z-Spa Vacuum

The Lay Z Spa name is like a seal of quality, the brand has been an industry leader for quite some time, and their expertise really shows in the intuitive design of their products which include this vacuum cleaner.

This spa vacuum cleaner with telescopic pole is incredibly lightweight, with a rechargeable battery and a powerful motor that offers an impressive 30 minutes of use between charges. 

We love that the cordless operation makes navigating hard to reach areas of a spa much more manageable by removing the irritating power cord. We found the filter section placed in the centre of the pole to be very easy to remove and empty after cleaning.

This handy vacuum cleaner also comes with a pivoting vacuum head, featuring attached wheels and brushes, which our team reports to work very well at dislodging debris and the difficult worn in grime that often becomes stuck between the crevices of inflatable hot tubs. Recharging also doesn’t take too long either.

SUDS-ONLINE Swimming Pool Super Jet

One of the more versatile options on our list for a wash, this extendable hot tub vacuum cleaner comes with five separate pole sections, allowing you to set the unit to multiple lengths that can easily reach any tricky spots including the filter, no matter whether you’re cleaning debris from an in-ground swimming pool or an inflatable hot tub, this vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

Vacuum cleaners such as this one can create suction using a standard garden hose. You won’t have to faff around with a power supply or batteries and should achieve a decent amount of suction power, via the pump action provided you have a powerful water system.

We were particularly impressed with the attached collection bag, finding it to neatly gather any mess from large debris to fine sand in the filter, making for a quick and easy cleaning process.

Pool & Spa Vac

If you forever forget to charge your device batteries (like us!), then you might find a manual inflatable hot tub vacuum cleaner to be a better option. 

This simple tool requires no electricity, hoses or batteries and instead works by pulling out the pole to produce suction power manually to remove debris through the tank. This model has removable brush heads that can be switched out for a skimmer attachment and a handy nozzle for removing larger debris in corners and floating rubbish.

Our reviewers were surprised by the suction ability of this model, finding it relatively easy to remove even small stones with just a few pumps, but be prepared for a bit of a workout when using this to clean a larger hot tub although not as much as draining your spa to clean it would entail. 

Spa Vac Luxury Electric Suction

Back to the battery-powered spa vacuums for hot tubs, this is considered by some as one of the best vacuum cleaners and this handy model includes a telescopic pole with simple screw adjustment points, making it great for use in both tubs and deeper in-ground pools.

We like that this option is completely self-contained, meaning you don’t need to hook it up to either a water supply or a power cord for it to suck up debris effectively.

The battery pack itself is very long-lasting. In fact, we were able to get up to an hour of use from a single set of batteries in our testing, which is excellent given that most 2-6 seater spa’s can be cleaned in around 15-20 minutes! 

Bestway Hot Tub Vacuum & Maintenance Kit

This Bestway maintenance kit is a great cost-effective option and investment if you don’t need any fancy bells and whistles and just want a standard vacuum to suck up the odd bit of beach sand or foliage in the filter.

Designed more for pools, we did find navigating the floors of smaller tubs to be a little tricky. However, the strong suction power provided by the standard garden hose attachment, and the reusable filter bag, made mopping up and disposing of even tiny bits of debris found in spas into a quick and easy task.

This product comes bundled with a skimmer tool and a large brush head, both of which can be easily attached to the telescopic pole, ideal for the jets and filter, though we would like the option to fit smaller brush heads as the large one included can be pretty cumbersome to manoeuvre.  

Happy Hot Tubs Cleaning Tool

We know that family tubs can quickly become very messy and need a wash, especially if the kids have enjoyed a long weekend of splashing around in the garden. So for big cleaning jobs, we reckon this happy hot tub pool vacuum cleaner blaster is a good shout!

It has an inbuilt telescopic pole which extends to 1.6m allowing you to get right into the corners of the tub or pool. It has four different head configurations depending on what type of debris you are picking up, and of all the spa vacuums we’ve tested, this is one of the simplest to use.

It has a 60-minute run time and the two brushes that come with the tool allow you to get rid of even the toughest particles on the floor.

Aquatix Pro Pool Mini Jet Vac

With a 5ft aluminium pole and a small size cleaning vacuum head, our reviewers were quick to praise this vacuum cleaners ability to navigate the smaller crevices of their spas including the filter and floor. However, due to the water hook up required through garden hoses, it can be a little hard to move this unit around.

The debris and dirt collection bag is nice and big, perfect for floating leaves and larger debris, but if your spa maintenance routine involves cleaning and removing fine sand and small particles from your jacuzzi, you may find the holes in the mesh bag too large and cause a problem, although it’s probably fine for larger pools.

We were impressed that this vacuum cleaner can be easily disassembled, has nozzles for picking up debris and that the pole unscrewed into five sections for easy storage. Still, we would like the option of additional vacuum heads with longer bristles for tackling larger areas of grime and debris in the filters or on the surface.

How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Hoover

a girl wondering what to choose

The main thing you’re looking in the best hot tub vacuums is obviously how well it removes debris particles or dirt from your spa floor. Still, several important design aspects and features such as pole length and the collection bag size of vacuum cleaners can affect the device’s operation and how well the vacuum cleaner will work with your specific hot tub. 

Hot tub cleaners should be easy to use

Maintenance is a big part of hot tub ownership and a job you’re going to have to carry out on a regular basis, so making sure that the vacuum cleaner you choose, is easy-to-use, is a must.

We usually find that a cordless vacuum cleaner offers the easiest pool cleaning experience, as these models are much easier to manoeuvre when trying to reach the trickier spots of your hot tub, but if you often forget to charge your spa vacuum devices, you may find a manual or corded vacuum cleaner to be better.

Other things to consider are how easy is it to remove and empty the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner? Can the length be adjusted? And can different brush heads be fitted to the pole?


The best vacuum for hot tub cleaning will provide enough suction to remove both large debris and fine bits of grit and sand as this will prevent you from having to drain and refill the spa as much. Often, vacuum cleaners suction power will be produced by an internal motor with electric vacuums, so check some spa vacuum cleaner reviews for a realistic opinion of its strength.

If the pool vacuum you choose produces suction through the water pressure of an attached hose, you’ll find its ability to clean large debris properly may be affected by your home’s water system, so if you know your water supply suffers from low pressure, you should avoid these models and features. 

Ability to clean both large and small debris form hot tubs

You’re not going to want to be switching between hot tub vacuum cleaners to deal with both large and small pieces of debris and dirt. Trust us; we’ve been there! So, it’s vital to settle on a model that has the features and versatility to tackle any mess that’s thrown your way such as sand or grit. 

Look for a spa vacuum that allows for multiple types of cleaning heads to be attached to the end of the pole, slide on brush heads can be great at tackling worn-in grime, whilst large skimmers are useful for fishing out big pieces of floating debris from pools. If you need help on learning how to maintain a hot tub correctly and keep it clean from debris, see our detailed guide.

Fast cleaning

Properly cleaning hot tubs can be a pretty laborious task, you need to drain and refill them which is time-consuming even if your spa is on the smaller side, so any method of cutting down on your cleaning time will be more than worth it in the long run! 

If you’ve decided on an electric pool cleaner model, the more powerful the motor features are in your pool vacuum is, the quicker it will get the job done. However, if you’ve opted for a spa cleaner that connects to your hose to provide suction, you’ll want to ensure that your water supply has enough force to remove the debris. 

For more inflatable hot tub cleaning tips it’s here.


If you’re getting daily use out of your hot tub, you’ll be well aware of how quickly dirt and grime can build up on the surface and inside, which is why you should be giving the surface a once over with your vacuum cleaning unit at least 2-3 times per week.

Given that it will take around 15-20 minutes to clean the average hot tub adequately, you’ll likely be using your vacuum cleaner for around an hour a week at a minimum. You’d be best off making sure that the vacuum cleaner device you choose has a pole sturdy enough to handle being dragged through the water and knocked around.


As with most inflatable hot tub accessories, you’ll often find a sweet spot in terms of price and there are plenty of value for money options available so there’s rarely any need to be breaking the bank for the best hot tub water vacuum, but you can be sure that vacuuming your spa with a cheap £5 model isn’t going to remove large debris or sand and probably won’t last more than a few uses!

The price will usually be tied to the functionality of the spa vacuum, things like a telescopic pole and different brush heads will incur a higher price tag. If you have a particularly large pool with lots of hard-to-reach crevices, you’ll want a cordless vacuum cleaner with a telescopic pole. However, these features will often result in a higher price than your bog-standard manual spa vacuum.

4 Huge Benefits Of Using A Spa Vacuum

Clean water for longer

Not only is a hot tub vacuum cleaner the simplest way to remove dirt from your spa, it’s the most effective way to keep your water cleaner for longer!

By removing the dirt, sand and particles of algae or bacteria that cause your hot tub water to become gunky, you won’t need to use as many expensive hot tub chemicals to sanitise your pool and the chemicals you do use will last much longer.

Vacuuming your spa also reduces the work your filter needs to do to keep all the water clean, reducing the frequency of filter changes and improving the overall water quality! 

Extend your hot tub’s lifespan

Keeping your hot tub clean is to keep the thing in working order! If you don’t get rid of all the muck tracked into your spa via your guest’s feet or carried in the air, these particles will find their way into your jets and filters, damaging the components and causing them to fail.

Large debris and course materials can also wear away at the linings of your hot tub and may even carry the risk of punctures in inflatable models, so regular cleaning is a must if you want your spa to last.

It saves time and money.

You can do your cleaning using a dustpan and brush, though trying to manipulate tiny pieces of grit below the water’s surface with these tools takes ages and often isn’t all that effective! 

Failing to remove debris thoroughly increases the likelihood of bacteria and gunk taking hold in the water, meaning you’ll spend more on chemical treatments and draining your spa to keep it clean.

No need to bring in the professionals

Once hot tubs reach a certain level of filth, cleaning becomes a task for the professionals. This can happen much faster than people expect, with bacteria and algae rapidly producing all manner of slimes and gunks that make their way into the filter system and jets.

Best Brand 

Whilst brands aren’t everything, and you can definitely find some great products from lesser-known manufacturers, they are a good indicator of the quality of a spa vacuum. 

Well-known brands like Bestway (Lay Z Spa) have years of experience in hot tub and jacuzzi manufacturing. It will want to maintain its reputation as a premium brand by producing high-quality products.

This will generally mean that you’ll be safer sticking to better-known brands, but we recommend checking out online reviews for any hot tub-related products to get an honest opinion on the quality and usability! 

Where to buy

One of our top tips in any review is to check several suppliers once you’ve decided on the product that suits your needs. Purchasing directly from a manufacturer can sometimes come with its own benefits, like an extended warranty or loyalty discount for customers, but often you’ll find better seasonal sales and offers elsewhere.

  • Amazon
  • Bestway
  • Happy Hot Tubs
  • B&Q
  • Aqua Spa Supplies
  • Argos
  • Screwfix
  • The Range
  • Homebase

Different Types Of Good Hot Tub Hoovers

Manual operation

Manually operated vacuum cleaners are the simplest of the bunch. With no power supplies or hoses to worry about, these handy devices rely on you physically extending the pump handle to suck up grit before releasing the water back into the pool and catching the debris in a filtration system.

These models are great for vacuuming a smaller hot tub and there surface, as you’ll be able to quickly whizz round and suck up all the muck, but you may find this style pretty tiring when used with a larger spa. 


  • Great for spot cleaning.
  • No energy costs.
  • Cheap to buy.
  • Doesn’t waste water.
  • No setup is required.


  • More likely to break.
  • Limited suction power due to pump action
  • Physically demanding to use.

Electric Hot Tub Vacuum

Electric hot tub vacuums use an internal motor to generate enough power to suck up anything from minor debris to floating leaves. These models are often quite powerful and benefit from a constant power supply whilst vacuuming, though the cord can limit their movement.

These are the best hot tub vacuum cleaner options for larger spa options and ground pools and tackling the cleaning will be a dream with a vacuum cleaner such as this, though if your hot tub unit has an awkward shape and lots of crevices, you may struggle to reach them with the cord in the way. Brushes might be more suitable and efficient for smaller spaces such as filters.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Constant power supply.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Powerful suction for filters


  • Adds to your energy bill.
  • The cord can be difficult to manoeuvre. 
  • Often expensive.

Battery operated / Rechargeable Hot Tub Vacuum

Like the corded electric models, a battery-operated hot tub vacuum cleaner will rely on an internal motor to produce the suction needed in the unit to remove dirt and grime from your hot tub. 

As a self-contained vacuum, with no cumbersome cord to get in the way, these devices are great for larger pools and really easy to manoeuvre into the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices of inflatable hot tubs such as the filters.


  • Easy to manoeuvre. 
  • Powerful motor. 
  • Requires little physical effort.
  • Great for larger hot tubs.


  • Batteries needs to be recharged.
  • Can be expensive. 

Hose operated

Hose-operated spa vacuums are pretty popular for use in-ground pools and hot tubs, with the main benefit of a spa vacuum being that they can be hooked up to your existing garden hose. These vacuum cleaners use the water pressure provided by your home’s water supply to produce suction in the vacuum’s cleaning head. 

Whilst these vacuum cleaners can be particularly powerful, they’re entirely dependent on your water system.


  • Can be hooked up to an existing garden hose.
  • No electrical components.
  • Can produce powerful suction.
  • Often inexpensive.


  • Power depends on your home’s water pressure.
  • An attached hose can be difficult to manoeuvre. 

Can You Build Your Own

If you want to save a bit of money and have a go at building your own hot tub vacuum cleaners, that’s all well and good but more often than not, people come to us asking, how do you make a homemade pool vacuum? They usually don’t know where to start so we’re going to give you a helping hand with our guide.

How Do They Clean The Water?

The basic principles of a hot tub vacuum cleaners are the same as that of your regular household vacuum. These devices use the power of suction to remove any pieces of debris from the water before collecting the rubbish to be disposed of.

Generating suction is different with each style of vacuum; electric and battery-operated models use a motor, whilst ones operated by hoses use water and manual ones rely on the user physically manipulating the handle to filter the debris from spas.

Spa Vacuums Reviewed: Accessories


If you want a clean hot tub, skimmer attachments are useful for removing large pieces of floating debris like leaves. These accessories will fit to the end of your pool vacuum cleaner pole and use a mesh material to collect the rubbish whilst allowing the water to soak through.

Brush nozzles

Brush nozzles are super handy for removing worn-in grime and stains that may have formed in your spa’s hard-to-reach areas. Whether it’s a slide on brush or fixed nozzles, both do a great job at removing tough grime.

A wide end nozzle attachment works great with a hot tub vacuum cleaner, as the nozzle offers a good fit and the bristles of the nozzles will lift the dirt from the surface before being immediately sucked up into the filter. A nozzle is excellent for reaching smaller gaps and crevices.

Absorbing sponges

Absorbing sponges are ideal for removing oily substances and other filmy stains. 

Important things to remember include that oils from your skin, residue from lotions and white slime in a hot tub can cling to the lining of your tub for a longer time and prove pretty tough to remove, but by fitting an absorbing sponge to your vacuum, you can remove the stains in corners without needing to worry about having to drain your jazuzzi tub.


What can I use instead of a pool vacuum?

You can remove dirt from your hot tub with just a pool brush and a dustpan, but you’ll have to be very careful with your movements to avoid agitating the collected dirt in the filter. It really is much easier just to use a vacuum to remove dirt from crevices and filters! 

What is the best way to vacuum a hot tub?

A good way to vacuum a hot tub is to drain all the water out of the tub which is pretty easy to empty, dry it and then use a vacuum cleaner to hoover all the remaining dirt and debris. A hot tub vacuum cleaner has a stronger suction than some other makes and picks up other debris some other models wouldn’t reach.

Do spa vacuums work?

Spa vacuums work because they help suck up different types of debris, dirt, sand and grit just to name a few and is a good choice if you want your ground pool or hot tub back in sparkling condition.

How do I vacuum my hot tub jets?

You vacuum your hot tub jets by draining the water and then drying the inside of it. Once this is done, you use vacuum cleaners to suck all the dirt from the jets and filtration system. It’s important you have the right tools when it comes to vacuum cleaners as you want your hot tub or ground pool looking brand new again.

Last Word

a hot tub being vacuumed

So, there you have it. The seven top hot tub vacuum cleaners in the UK, as voted for by our team of experts. We hope this article has helped you understand why cleaning your hot tub is so important – and why a good quality vacuum is essential for keeping it looking and functioning its best and how you no longer have to worry about how to maintain a hot tub.

Once you have chosen the right spa vacuum cleaner for you, be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you can get the most out of it.

The best hot tub vacuum on the market is the Lay Z Spa rechargeable vacuum. It’s lightweight and can reach all those hard-to-reach places, plus the cordless operation makes it extremely simple to use

If you’re ready to buy one of these machines, we’ve provided links to where you can purchase them online. Thanks for reading

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