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Below find all of our latest content from the world of UK hot tubs. Here, we cover benefits, costs, research, tips and tutorials. Browse through and read updated info on the latest hot tub trends and products in the industry. brands in the UK, these spas should be top of your list.

Top Picks for 2023

We go through all the top makes every year to find out what’s new and improved. This is a fast-changing industry where one hot tub may be gone next year when better technology is released. Please choose from the options below and see what we like this year.

Latest Models Reviewed

The perfect way to kick back and relax after a long day, hot tubs are becoming a must-have product for many, but with so many to choose from, it can be a veritable minefield trying to find one packed with the essentials you need that fit your budget.

To trust in a product, you need to trust in the brand, so whether you are looking for a blow-up spa packed with the latest tech or a large hot tub suitable for parties, we’ve got the lowdown on all the best hot tub brands and models.

Lay Z Spa

The hot tub is the showpiece of the garden. The type of hot tub you pick is essential to the amount of enjoyment and use you get out of it. Below, you will find a selection of hot tubs by Lay Z Spa and reviews that the team has put together to help you choose a new Lay Z Spa. As one of the leading hot tub brands in the UK, these spas should be top of your list.


Struggling to decide which is the best hot tub brand, let us make it that little bit easier for you! See below all of our latest reviews for 2023. All of these wonderful spas are great value for money and add extra luxury to your garden. We have separated all the hot tubs from Mspa and highlighted what we think is good and bad about them, plus whether you should buy one.


Intex is one of the top outdoor spa brands to choose from right now. Find below all of our latest reviews for 2023. Depending on what size you need we’ve separated all the best tubs from Intex and rated them with what we think. Along with our portable recommendations, you’ll find all the information and guides around our site needed to maintain your new spa.


CleverSpa should definitely be up for consideration and you can see for yourself with our range of CleverSpa hot tub reviews for 2023. Each of the quality inflatables listed below have been handpicked and researched to see how they compare against each other and other brands.

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