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What Is The Smallest Inflatable Hot Tub?

Some hot tubs can seat up to 7-8 people, but not everybody has the space (or need) to accommodate such a big spa! If you’re working with limited garden space or only plan on hot tubbing alone, you may be wondering what is the smallest inflatable hot tub?

During our decade of hot tub reviewing, we’ve seen most brands introduce small-scale models into their ranges; these compact hot tubs will generally: 

  • Hold between 500-800L
  • Seat 2-4 people 
  • Have a diameter of less than 2m 

Looking at the most popular brands, the best smallest inflatable hot tub is the Nest which we cover below. It’s a 2-personal model that holds 550L and measures just 185x125cm, though this isn’t the only small-capacity spa you can find!

4 Inflatable Hot Tubs For Small Spaces

Lazy Spa Aruba

Of course, the industry leaders have an answer for the smallest inflatable hot tub! This tiny little spa is designed to seat three people, though, in our experience, it’s best enjoyed as a solo tub. It holds 605L and has a circular shell that measures just 170cm across.

Thanks to its tiny stature, the Aruba is perfect for smaller gardens and patios, though you must account for the pump unit that sticks out to the side. It only adds an extra 0.5m or so in one direction, but when space is limited, every inch counts! 

MSpa Nest

The smallest inflatable hot tub from one of the three most popular brands, as mentioned earlier, the MSpa Nest inflatable hot tub, has the tiniest capacity we’ve seen at just 550L. Thanks to its oval shape, you can slot this spa neatly along the walls of your garden or even onto a balcony or tiny patio space!

This hot tub doesn’t even have a protruding pump. In fact, it just looks like a tiny blow-up bath, though it’s still fitted with all the fancy features you’d expect from a modern inflatable hot tub.

Intex Simple Spa 

Intex’s smallest inflatable hot tub is a bit larger than the rest. The Intex Simple Spa model has a water capacity of about 900L, though it only has a 195cm diameter, so much of that water is held by its 66cm depth!

It’s another circular model with a separate pump unit attached to its shell, so again you’ll need to account for that added 0.5m or so measurement. Still, we think this particular spa is an excellent in-between for those that want a nice deep tub that doesn’t take up their whole garden! 

CleverSpa Cannes

This brand is relatively new to the scene, but they’ve quickly become popular with our team. The Cannes holds 800L and measures 180cm across. It’s circular in shape, so not quite as snug as an oval spa, but its pump sits inside the shell, so it’s not as cumbersome as most round spas.

You can fit up to 4 people into this thing at a push, but we reckon it’s better suited as a solo or couple’s spa, and of the 3 round models we’ve covered, the lack of a protruding pump makes it the easiest to pop in a small garden or patio.


What is the smallest hot tub size?

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Last Word 

We hope that answers your questions about the smallest inflatable hot tubs! Whilst there are a few options for truly tiny models, it seems 2-4 seaters are the industry’s preferred small-scale size.

If you only have a balcony or tiny patio to play with, we recommend looking into a square or oval-shaped tub to make the most of your space, and for any small garden, look into hot tubs with pumps built into their shells! 

John Devlin

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