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MSpa Nest Review [2 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the MSPA Nest (updated in 2023)

Not everyone has the space for a huge hot tub but is the Nest from MSPA the best couple’s spa around?

It certainly could be, but we’d like to know more about this uniquely shaped hot tub and what features it has that make it stand out from the competition?

Our years of experience have taught us that not everything is as it seems when it comes to marketing hot tubs and some, whilst they may appear to have all bells and whistles, are really just oversized and over-priced paddling pools. So does the MSPA Nest make the grade?

MSPA Nest Review

Step into the MSpa Nest, a compact hot tub ideal for couples or those with limited space. It's designed like a bathtub, offering a generous space for two. The 104 variable-speed air jets give a customisable massage, controlled with a wired remote. It keeps the water clean with an intelligent filtration system, making maintenance easy. Choose MSpa Nest for a personal spa experience in a small package.

Let’s investigate.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

Keep reading to see if the MSPA Nest is the perfect spa for romantic evenings sipping champagne under the stars or is one you’re better leaving well alone.

Table of Contents

So you’ve heard all this talk about inflatable hot tubs, but the only outdoor space you have is limited to a balcony or tiny patio? Luckily for you, the folks at MSPA have designed what we think may be the premium personal hot tub, ideal for city living and large enough to be enjoyed by up to 2 people.

We love that this portable spa can slot neatly into a city balcony. You’ll still find 104 variable speed air jets, an automatic smart filtration system, and a decent little heater packed into its compact shell despite its size. We reckon the MSPA Nest is up there with the best as far as portable hot tubs go.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


2 people

Set Up Time

5 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

6-12 hours

Running Costs

£30-£40 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Built-in anti-icing unit


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the MSPA Nest is currently available


Portable, variable jets, smart filtration


Not ideal for social use

What We Liked - Key Features

Variable Speed Air Jets

You’ll often find a trade-off between smaller hot tubs and their massaging capabilities. If you want a portable spa, you’re usually sacrificing the number of bubble jets bundled in.

The MSPA Nest turns this statement on its head, packing an impressive 104 air jets into its 550L capacity, creating an all-encompassing massage system that shocked our reviewers in terms of its coverage.

There are a relatively large number of jets in this thing. The Nest Jacuzzi benefits from 3 variable levels of power, meaning you’re free to adjust the strength of your massage from within the tub itself through the use of a handy wired remote control.

Compact and Portable

MSPA Nest’s true niche lies in its compact design and portability, making intelligent use of the available space by opting for an oval shell that can slot into the smallest of balconies and patios.

We found this hot tub easy to manoeuvre. We were also very impressed by how quick the MSPA Nest is to set up, finding that the body can be inflated (and deflated) within about 5 minutes by simply attaching the pump and pressing a single button.

The smart inflation system will automatically disengage when the shell reaches its ideal pressure. The tub uses a quick-drain valve for speedy packing down, making it incredibly easy to shift this spa around as and when you’d like! This 2 persons tub is not ideal for families due to its size but does offer quality, technology and comfort for couples who purchase this MSPA inflatable spa.

Automatic Filtration System

Not satisfied with a one-trick pony, our team was pleasantly surprised to find MSPA’s smart filtration system included with this compact model.

A staple in this brand’s larger hot tubs, we love this system as it makes cleaning and caring for your spa much easier, especially if you’re as forgetful as we are! Provided that there is power running to the pump, the smart filter will engage automatically for 1 hour every 8 hours to treat and clean the water, freeing your hot tub from any nasty bacteria and germs.

You’ll still need to keep on top of your chemical levels and replace the water once every 3 or 4 months, but this handy system provides an added bit of protection and can reduce the frequency of refills pretty dramatically in our experience!

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

1-2 adults

Water Capacity (70%):

550L / 145 Gallons

Inflated Size:

186.7cm x 125.7cm x 68.6cm

Filled Weight:

579kg /1276lbs

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

There aren’t any Wi-Fi controls here, but we don’t think you’ll be missing this feature too much with the wired remote control to hand!

Does This Model Have Lighting?

The MSPA Nest doesn’t include any lights as standard, but if you do want to spruce up your tub, MSPA sells an LED lighting strip (£50-£60) and a selection of floating lights (£30-£40) separately.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

This 2 person inflatable hot tub should not squeeze any more than 2 average-sized adults in.

We like to think of this spa as an inflatable bath, with a bunch of high-tech features thrown in, so if you and your partner can fit in a bath comfortably, you’ll be fine settling down in the Nest.

What About Safety Features?

All electrical components have a water-resistance rating of IPX5, meaning you’ll be fine to leave the MSPA Nest outside in light rain or around low-pressure water jets without any risk of harm.

There’s a PRCD unit built into the plug itself, which also carries an IPX5 rating and will cut off the power supply if any faults are detected within the circuitry.
Finally, the Nest’s cover comes equipped with a child safety lock to prevent anyone from falling in this MSPA inflatable spa.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the MSPA Nest hot tub?

The MSPA Nest is surprisingly cosy during long soaks, with the relatively high 68.6cm walls being the ideal height to support both the neck and back.

We were impressed by the padding built into the floor, and the inner walls appear to make use of a slightly textured surface that helps prevent your skin from sticking to the liner.

Running costs

Mainly down to its size, the MSPA Nest is pretty inexpensive to run, with our testing indicating that running the jets at full power for a few hours a day should only result in weekly energy bills of around £7-£10.

There’s an energy-saving timer accessed through the wired controller, which comes in super handy if you want to reduce your running costs further. We found that the smart filtration system seemed to aid the filter cartridges in lasting a little longer than usual!

Heat up times

MSPA’s are known to take a while to heat up, though again, this problem is not nearly as pronounced here due to the Nest hot tub’s small size.

We had this inflatable hot tub warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius within 10 hours of setup, and by nestling the tub into a sheltered area with the cover sealed, we managed to achieve daily heat up times of around 2 hours.

How noisy is the MSPA Nest model?

Firing all 104 air jets at the highest power level will make a bit of a racket, but the Nest won’t be any louder than the rumble of a distant road; we measured about 70db during our tests.

If you’re popping this hot tub on a balcony or decking, you might notice the pump can cause the structure to vibrate, so we recommend using an insulating ground mat to muffle the noise!

Winter usage

The MSPA Nest comes fitted with an anti-icing system. According to the manufacturer, it will monitor the water temperature and automatically engage the heater if it drops below 1 degree Celsius.

We tried this out, finding that it worked exactly as promised, though the relatively low maintained temperature did mean that heating the spa back up to a usable temperature took at least 2 hours each day!

We think the better option for winter usage is just running the heater at a low temperature overnight, with the insulated cover sealed. However, this will increase your energy usage, so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword!

Price and discounts

Considering the amount of useful tech packed into this hot tub, we think that the Nest is worth its price tag, though if you’ve got the space for a larger spa, you will find similarly priced, much bigger models!

The Nest blow up spa is amongst your best options for smaller areas, so if you love everything other than the price, it may be worth staking out a few suppliers during the colder months, as frequently you’ll find inflatable hot tubs at discounted prices.

Warranty and support

As part of the Urban range, the MSPA Nest includes a full year’s warranty on both the electrics and the shell itself.

If you notice any problems or need a little assistance with your setup, the brand’s official website hosts a wide range of how-to videos, manuals and FAQs, alongside a contact form for any specific problems that you’d like their team to assist you with.

MSPA Nest Reviews

The reviews of the MSPA Nest show that this model of hot tub is very popular among couples. Many love the cosiness of it and how comfortable the lining is.

We think you’ll be pleased with this model if you’ve got limited space to work with and are dead-set on grabbing an inflatable hot tub. Some of the other mspa hot tub reviews may be more appealing if you have a larger garden to work with and a slightly bigger budget.

The MSPA Nest has more than enough air jets for its size, and the fact that they’re fully adjustable over three power settings is something we didn’t expect but absolutely love!

The few downsides that you’ll often find with MSPA’s (namely lengthy heating times) are much less pronounced due to the Nest’s small size, and we found this model pleasantly comfortable to recline in for hours at a time. 

How Does it Compare?

The Cancun

Lay Z Spa are industry leaders for a reason, so you’ll be getting an increase in the number of jets, the capacity and generally faster heating times.

The problem is that this model is too big for a small balcony or patio. Also, the MSPA Nest will be much easier to maintain for casual hot tubbers, thanks to its smart filter!

You can check out the Cancun's size, dimensions and price here.

Dellonda 2-4 Person

The Dellonda beats the MSPA Nest in terms of air jets and capacity and provides a slightly more powerful heating system that tops out a few degrees higher than MSPA’s model.

Again, this tub will be too large for the limited space of a balcony or small city garden, so if you’re short on space, then the MSPA Nest is still your best bet.

How to Set Up The MSPA Nest

The MSPA Nest takes about 5 minutes to set up using its auto-inflate function. Just attach the inflation hose and engage the pump; the system will automatically shut off when it reaches its ideal pressure.

Last Word

Having reviewed the MSPA Nest, for the limited space that comes with city living, you’d be hard-pressed to find an inflatable hot tub that’s as easy to move and make use of as the MSPA Nest.

Often you’d be sacrificing massaging power and comfort for a smaller model, but we found the 104 variable jets and cushioned lining of this spa to exceed our expectations, and the heating issues that sometimes affect MSPA’s don’t really come into play.

It’s a little expensive for the size, but we do think you get your money’s worth when it comes to functionality and usability, so overall, we think the MSPA Nest does its job incredibly well!

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