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Hot Tub Accessories & Cool Extras

Cool Additions & Extras for a Hot Tub

Most hot tubs nowadays come with many excellent features and shiny extras. But for the most popular inflatable tubs, especially, there are many inflatable hot tub accessories that most people don’t know exist. Below are some fantastic additions to your garden spa that will enhance the experience massively.

a hot tub with lots of accessories

accessories by brand

As each new year arrives, updated models with better technology enter the market, and as you can guess, hot tub owners want all the latest gadgets for their new hot tub spa.

These hot tub accessories below are sorted by brand. Find some old favourites and new entries that will fit the hot tub make you have.

Lay Z Spa

Lay Z Spa makes the most fantastic accessories. You can find below some of the best Lay-Z-Spa accessories we have reviewed so far. When it comes to extras, just make sure you don’t want them all!

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