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What Is Lay Z Spa Freeze Shield Technology?

People sometimes ask us, what is Lay Z Spa Freeze Shield technology?

The Freeze Shield technology refers to Lay Z Spa’s unique frost-protection system, an innovative feature pioneered by this brand that prevents your spa’s water from freezing during cold weather.

Not only does this protect your Lay Z Spa from frozen-water damage, but it also helps to maintain a constant temperature during storage, reducing your heating costs and heat-up times!

How Does Freeze Shield Work

Lay Z Spa’s Freeze Shield uses an array of sensors to monitor the air temperature outside your hot tub. Provided that your pump is powered, these sensors will automatically turn on the heating system when the water drops below 6 degrees Celsius.

Benefits of an Inflatable Hot Tub with Freeze Shield

We’ve found that Lay Z Spa’s Freeze Shield is much more than a fancy gimmick and can save you an awful lot of time and money when using your inflatable hot tub daily! 


Because your Lay Z Spa’s Freeze Shield is designed to automatically turn on only when you need some extra heat, you won’t need to run the heating system constantly. This helps to maintain your water temperature in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Maintaining a hot tub’s temperature is much cheaper than heating the water up, so a system that can achieve this by only turning it on when necessary allows you to save quite a bit on your daily heating costs! 

You can use your Lay Z Spa all year.

Inflatable hot tubs are not only great for unwinding in during the summer, but they’re also perfect for warming up in the winter! This guide shows you how to get the most out of inflatable hot tubs during winter.

The main problem that some spas face is that it can be difficult to prevent the water from freezing without spending a fortune on heating bills as the temperatures plummet.

Many people ask the question, should I keep my Lazy Spa on all the time? Thanks to Lay Z Spa’s automatic Freeze Shield, you can now do this throughout the winter, and the water always stays above 6 degrees with no need for manual adjustment! 

Prevents damage to your Lay Z Spa

Frozen water in your Lay Z Spa not only prevents you from enjoying a relaxing soak, but as the water expands within the pipes, it can damage the internal mechanisms. 

This can affect the heating system, the jets and the inside of your pump, with none of this damage covered by your warranty! 

Ensuring that your pump is powered at all times will ensure that your Freeze Shield can prevent the water from freezing, saving you the cost of repairs and replacements. 

How To Use Freeze Shield On Your Lay Z Spa

1. Setup your digital pump

When you first install your Lay Z Spa, you’ll need to attach the digital pump to the body of the hot tub and your main power supply. 

Once your Lay Z Spa is set up, the Freeze Shield will always be on standby, provided that the pump is turned on.

2. Attach your secure cover

All Lay Z Spas come with an inflatable bladder and secure cover; before storing your hot tub overnight, you should attach both.

This will help the Freeze Shield heat the water faster and prevent it from switching on constantly, as the added insulation will help maintain the spa hot tub’s water temperature. 

3. Always leave your pump on

As long as your pump is switched on overnight, the Freeze Shield will be on standby. 

As soon as the temperature sensors detect that the water has dropped below 6 degrees Celsius, the heater will automatically switch on until it hits 10 degrees! 

Which Lay Z Spa Models Have Freeze Shield?

Freeze Shield technology was first introduced in 2019 and is now included in all Lay Z Spas made in 2021 and onwards.

Can You Upgrade To A Freeze Shield Pump Separately?

If your Lazy Spa was made before 2021, it may not include Freeze Shield technology, but there is a way to fix it!

You can purchase either an air jet or hydro jet pump with built-in Freeze Shield technology via Lay Z Spa’s online store; these devices can be used to upgrade your older model to make use of this feature.

The air jet model costs around £250, and the hydro jet model is around £500. Similarly, there are loads more spa accessories you can also buy separately to enhance your hot tub experience.

Last Word

So, that’s Lay Z Spa’s Freeze Shield technology, a handy piece of kit for anybody who wants to make the most out of their inflatable hot tub year round! 

As long as your pump is always powered, this high-tech unit automatically applies heat when the temperatures drop, saving a fortune on heating bills and preventing frozen water damage.

This feature is good to go if you’ve got a 2021 model, and older models can always be upgraded with a new Freeze Shield pump!  

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