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About Us

Hi Folks and thanks for showing an interest in the Inflatable Hot Tub Guide

I am John, and I am a hot tub fanatic from the North East. I started this site coming up 10 years ago, and now it’s run by myself with help of a great 5 person team.

How We Started

We first became interested in portable spas back in 2013 when we received a Lay Z Spa Vegas as a gift from my wife’s parents, and overnight we were hooked.

After researching the cost of buying and installing a real hot tub in the garden, it became clear pretty quick that is wasn’t going to be affordable at all. These hot tubs can cost anything from £3000 – £10,000 to buy and then installation involves groundworks, plumbing and electricals.

Entirely unachievable for a young couple like us at the time, and still not something we’d like to spend that kind of money on now.

We had never thought of or even heard of an inflatable Jacuzzi. We didn’t know back they existed.

Once of Christmas gift arrived, I was sceptical. I didn’t believe this blow-up version would provide anything like the same amount of fun for not only us but our little boy four at the time.

So What Changed?

Well, in a word, we loved it. Neither my wife or I am what you would call DIY’ers or hands-on with anything deemed home improvement. She is a councillor, and I am a small business owner, yet we’re amazed at the simplicity and ease of the setup with these nifty little models.

We had the hot tub above, around three years, and I found myself taking videos and sharing them with friends and family. Over time plenty people we know took the plunge and bought a version they liked.

So I Started This Website.

Here is an image of how it looked when we first kicked off.

screenshot of the start of our website

Some of the biggest brands soon contacted us as our site was doing pretty well for a small informational blog.

We built some great relationships with people in the industry, in particular the people at Lay Z Spa.

Fast Forward to Today

Today we are proud to be one the leading websites in the UK covering inflatable spas, from the latest product reviews to handy dandy guides and tutorials on everything you’d like help with.

We currently own the Helsinki model by Lay Z Spa, and are happy with it. I at the time it was the best buy. But as everything things change, technology improves, and products get better with every year that passes.

When I first started, you couldn’t go past the top Lay Z Spas, and although that is still solid advice, big brands like Intex and Mspa are making waves for sure.

Prediction for 2023

We will continue to bring you the best content we can, and this year we hope to launch our very own YouTube channel so we can make even better video content.

Watch this space and see you all soon.