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Hot Tub Installation Guides, Tips and Tricks

Getting You Set Up Right Everytime

Installing inflatable hot tubs can be a tricky business. The better models are usually a breeze for experienced users. However, for first-time buyers, hot tub installation is an area that causes an issue. Below we share some of our best install guides and advice. 

Top Install Posts for 2023

Please find below some of our top posts around installing and setting up. These are the best guides for beginners, intermediate and advanced hot tub overs to ensure everything gets set up smoothly the first time.

Installation Guides by brand

Below we have split up these installation guides by popular UK manufacturers. Each make and model can be different, so below, we have helpful user guides and troubleshooting advice for each make.

Be sure to check back regularly, as this section is updated almost daily. With every new model and make comes a whole raft of new guides needed. Our team will be busy for a while!

Lay Z Spa

If you’re having difficulty setting up or simply don’t know where to start, these helpful guides below give you a step-by-step process on how to maintain your Lay Z Spa.

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Want to explore even more of our website? Choose one of the four options below to see what other great content our team have for you. We don’t just stop installing guides. We cover the best models, how to maintain, and what extras to buy as we.