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What is the Best Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub to Buy? [2023 Reviews]

It can be overwhelming looking at which Lay Z Spa to buy. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

As technology improves, so do the models, new Lay Z Spa hot tubs are released, and the spa you thought you wanted is no longer for sale.

We hear you!

This article will not even try to list all the Lay Z Spa tubs currently on the market.

Instead, we will combine our ten years of experience reviewing these machines, and our testing data and listen to what our readers say.

To bring you a smaller and more digestible list of the best Lay Z Spa hot tubs to buy in 2023.

If you want to compare Lay Z Spa hot tubs, this post is for you.

Top Pick 2023
Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Airjet

As we’ve done for the last decade, we review our top pick Airjet models every year. In 2023, the Lay Z Spa Helsinki will be the best buy this year, and we feel it’s not even a debate.

It’s on another level to most hot tubs we see (we review a lot!)

It’s taken a step into the future with a drop-stitch design. This simple but innovative design tweak creates a hard shell effect, so it feels more like an actual tub than an inflatable.

Our portable hot tub reviews show that we bought it, road-tested it and are now happy to shout about it. It’s a big 7-person hot tub, so money-wise, it’s worth it for families.

Some fantastic smaller and cheaper ones we cover are below.

What we have done below is try to separate and work out based on cost, accessories, quality and performance which Lay-Z-Spa is best to buy depending on your budget and how many are likely to use it. ​

Let’s get started.

In this article, we are going to review the following Lazy Spa hot tubs

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Airjet
Best Overall

Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Airjet

  • 7 Person for large families
  • 180 Airjets, the most of any
  • Rattan's design like actual spa
  • Freeze shield allows all-year use
  • Rapid heating and massage together 
Lay Z Spa Miami Airjet
Best Value

Lay Z Spa Miami Airjet

  • 4 person with plenty of room  
  • 120 airjets: huge for the price
  • Great value for money 
  • Winter protection: use everyday
  • Power saving timer will save money
Lay-Z-Spa Milan
Best 6 Person

Lay-Z-Spa Milan

  • 6-person roomy spa
  • 140 airjets: powerful massage
  • Wifi & app-controlled
  • Inbuilt anti-freeze technology
  • Two massage levels
Lay Z Spa Paris Airjet
Best with Lights

Lay Z Spa Paris Airjet

  • 6-person party hot tub 
  • 140 airjets for relaxing massage
  • Colour-changing LED lights
  • Illuminates water
  • It can be used year-round
Lay-Z-Spa Ibiza AirJet
Best Square Model

Lay-Z-Spa Ibiza AirJet

  • 6-person square design
  • 140 airjets 
  • Setup in minutes: tool free
  • Premium features
  • Inflated lid maintains temperature
Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Airjet
Best 4 Person

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Airjet

  • 4-6 person family spa
  • 140 airjets and blowers
  • 10-minute tool-free setup
  • Use 365 days a year
  • Childproof construction 
Lay-Z-Spa Cancun Airjet
Best 2 Person

Lay-Z-Spa Cancun Airjet

  • 2-4 person: a couples favourite
  • 120 airjets: soothing massage
  • Secure cover included
  • Freeze protection 
  • Beautiful rattan design  

Lazy Spa Reviews And Comparison

We are constantly updating this list to make sure you know what is the best Lazy Spa to buy this year. This post you are reading was last updated in July 2023.

Best Overall
Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Airjet

The top choice in terms of large capacity Lay Z Spa hot tubs, the Helsinki spa can hold a whopping 1123L of water and comfortably fit 5-7 adults at a time.

It is every bit as premium as the eye-catching wood-grain design suggests, with 180 air jets offering an all surrounding massage experience and the power saving timer helping to keep your running costs down.

With a cushioned floor and spacious interior, this really is the best model for entertaining, with an exterior made from premium drop stitch material that can easily withstand guests hopping in and out of the tub all night long.

  • Spacious 1123L capacity can comfortably fit 5-7 guests.
  • Cushioned floor is comfortable for extended use.
  • 180 air jets can provide a full body massage
  • One of the most expensive models in the range.
  • Make sure to use the energy-saving timer as this one can be costly to run!
Best 2 Person
The Cancun

One of the more affordable portable hot tubs in Lay Z Spa’s range, the Cancun Airjet spa might be a little cheaper than other models, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not filled to the brim with fantastic features.

As a smaller model, this is best enjoyed by 2-4 people at a time, but its smaller capacity means this hot tub takes less time to set up, fill and heat. It’s also one of the most portable hot tubs that Lay Z Spa make, so if you have limited outdoor space, it’s not going to be much trouble to move the hot tub as and when you need to.

This is the top choice for couples, offering a luxury spa experience for two, with plenty of bubble jets and a rapid heating system to keep you warm on cold winter nights.

  • The high-quality rattan shell is as durable as it is stylish, helping to lock in the hot tub’s heat on cold nights.
  • Its smaller size means it’s easy to move, pack down and set up, making this spa a genuinely portable hot tub.
  • The 669L capacity means it’s not the best Lay Z Spa for those looking to entertain guests.
  • In terms of air jets, it lies on the lower end of the scale featuring only 120.
Best Value
Lay Z Spa Miami

The Miami spa is the best budget Lay Z Spa, proving that you don’t need to spend much money to get the relaxing hot tub experience you’ve been dreaming of.

Lay Z Spa doesn’t make budget hot tubs, so it would be unfair to call this as such. Instead, it’s an affordable premium hot tub with all of Lay Z Spa’s classic features at a much more accessible price point.

You’ll still enjoy a 120-air jet massage system, rapid heating and Lay Z Spa’s excellent energy-saving timer functions, just at a price that won’t cause any arguments at home.

  • The cheapest model and best value for money, in Lay Z Spa’s entire range.
  • Still includes top features like the rapid heating system and freeze shield technology.
  • Great hot tub for first-time buyers and casual use.
  • A fairly small water capacity at 669L.
  • No premium features like wi-fi control or lights.
Best 4 person
The Palm Springs AirJet

The updated Palm Springs hot tub model for 2023 now features a 140 air jet massage system and improved cushioned lining, making it the ideal home hot tub to entertain either your family or a couple of guests.

With a 916L capacity, you’ll fit 4 adults in with plenty of room. The updated DuraPlus outer lining offers protection against UV rays and a durable, hard-wearing design that can stand up to an awful lot of use.

It is ideal for families, you won’t need to worry about this stylish hot tub being damaged by excitable kids, and there’s plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy a relaxing soak.

  • 140 air jets and soothing massage system.
  • DuraPlus lining can stand up to heavy wear.
  • 916L capacity comfortably fits 4 adults.
  • With a filled weight of 1225kg, it’s a fairly heavy model that should be set on a protective mat.
  • Similarly priced models may offer more enticing features like an LED lighting system or wi-fi controls.
Best 6 Person
The Milan AirJet

The Milan hot tub is one of the best for parties and entertaining, with a spacious design that can fit 6 adults with ease. It’s packed with all of Lay Z Spa’s popular features, like rapid heating and 140 massaging air jets, but it stands out thanks to the addition of its premium features.

It comes with wi-fi and voice controls enabled, meaning you can control everything from the massage system to the water temperature from your phone or voice-enabled smart device. These premium features and enhanced pump technology allow this tub to shine during parties, allowing you to keep your guests happy without ever having to fiddle with the control panel, or worse having to get out!

  • Can comfortably fit 6 people.
  • Wi-fi and voice control as standard.
  • Built-in cup holders.
  • You may want to buy an additional inflatable seating area for extended use.
  • It’s a larger hot tub, so it can be a little noisy when running.
Best with Lights
The Paris AirJet

Whilst there are other Lay Z Spa models with similar dimensions, The Paris hot tub is in a league of its own thanks to a stunning LED lighting system.

With an 806L capacity, it’s a hot tub perfect for romantic evenings or entertaining 4-6 people, with a fully adjustable lighting system that can create the perfect ambience for any occasion.

Just use the simple wireless remote control to cycle through the colour options, or set the system to auto-change mode and watch the hot tub produce its own serene light show to accent your garden party.

  • Remote controlled, colour changing LED lights with multiple modes.
  • A fairly large 806L capacity can fit 4-6 adults.
  • Features a secure cover for when the hot tub is not in use.
  • Similarly priced models feature premium features like wi-fi controls.
  • The light grey shell can show dirt and scuffs fairly easily.
Top Square Model
Lay Z Spa Ibiza Airjet

The Ibiza spa is the most affordable square Lay Z Spa in the range. An impressive 140 air jet massage system and the standard Lay Z Spa features like Freeze Shield technology and rapid heating keep you warm year-round.

Depending on the size of your garden, a square hot tub can be the most reasonable choice, with the design able to slot into most unused garden spaces.

Whilst these designs don’t seem as popular as the round models, some people find entertaining in square tubs a little more comfortable, as they allow each guest to have a better-defined space.

With a capacity of 778L, it’s pretty quick to set up, especially when compared to similar 4-6 person models, but this means you’ll have a little less space to sprawl out during your hot tub session.

  • Cheaper than most 4-6 person models.
  • Square design makes better use of garden space.
  • Quick to set up and heat.
  • A little less space than other 4-6 person models.
  • Doesn’t include any premium features.

Which Lay-Z-Spa Models Are Worth It? (By Model Size)

Is Lay Z Spa the best choice and are inflatable hot tubs any good

We’d say yes, they have built quite the name for themselves in the inflatable market, quite simply because they produce the best inflatable hot tubs available in the UK.

Their ranges are noticeably more expensive than their competitors so consider that when looking at Lazy Spa measurements, sizes and budgets, but this is usually reflected in their hot tubs’ build quality and functionality.

The brand now holds a fair deal of brand recognition in the hot tub market, meaning consumers don’t often consider their competitors.

inflatable hot tub guide logo and 3 mini images of spas

The Best 2-Person Lay Z Spa

The best 2 people Lay-Z-Spa comes down to either the Miami or the Cancun. Both are recommended for 2-4 people, but we’ve found their 669L capacity is much better suited to 2 adults as it allows for a little extra relaxation room.

The main difference between the two (other than the price) is the design of the outer shell, with the second, featuring a premium rattan covering that we’ve found helps retain the hot tub’s heat on colder evenings.

Which 6 Person Choice Wins?

As far as the best 6-person Lay Z Spa is concerned, you’ll find yourself a little spoilt for choice, 4-6 seaters are easily the most popular size of hot tub, so Lay Z Spa has a lot of variety in this size.

The stand-out models are:

Each of these models can fit 4-6 people comfortably, but offer different designs, features and price points, so choosing between the four will depend on some of the specifics that you’re looking to get out of your Lay Z Spa hot tub.

  • We’ll rule out the Helsinki for its higher price point.
  • We’ll overlook the Paris for its lower capacity than our favourite.
  • We’ll drop the Ibiza as the square design isn’t quite as popular as rounded tubs.
  • The Saint Tropez, with its floating LED light, has fewer jets

That leaves the Milan as our top pick, a great choice with premium features like wi-fi and voice controls and 140 massaging air jets. It’s the best hot tub to impress your guests during a lively garden party.

Our Best Rated 7 Person Pick

There’s one stand-out winner when it comes to larger hot tubs for friends. The Helsinki is the most lavish of Lay Z Spa’s common models, with 180 massaging jets producing thousands of air bubbles and a premium drop stitch outer shell that feels almost as rigid and durable as permanent hot tubs do.

With a massive water capacity of 1123L, it can comfortably fit all the family. We particularly like that the wood panel effect mimics traditional Nordic hot tubs, meaning it looks great in almost any garden.

A Quick Word on Airjets vs Hydrojets

Before deciding which is the best Lay Z Spa, you need to consider this; there is a big difference between airjet vs hydrojet as you can see from this article where we explain the key differences and how people can easily get them confused when doing a Lay Z Spa comparison. 


Are Bestway and Lay-Z-Spa the Same?

Whilst Bestway and Lay Z Spa are not officially one and the same; the two companies do share an interconnected relationship. Lay Z Spa operates on behalf of Bestway, with Bestway developing and producing the Laz-Z Spa range to be sold under this brand name.

How Long Do Lay Z Spas Last?

Lazy Spa home hot tubs have a very high build quality; the brand’s confidence in this is reflected in the 2-year warranty that comes as standard with most of their current models.

With the slew of safety and protective features that the brand includes in their hot tubs, such as a ground fault detection system and a heat maintenance system, hot tub owners that take the appropriate care considerations can expect their products to last for years with no issue.

First-time inflatable owners should be aware that hot tubs require a fair bit of maintenance.

This video has some handy maintenance tips

But, as long as customers are replacing the inflatable hot tub filters, chemicals and changing the hot tub water regularly and making sure to use the Freeze Shield technology during colder months, any Lay Z Spa maintenance can be kept to a minimum, and these products should come to no harm during regular use.

What’s the Biggest Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub in the Range?

For a very long time, the Monaco model existed as Lay Z Spa’s flagship large hot tub model with an 8 person capacity. However, since the spike in sales during 2020/2021, we’ve been unable to find it listed with any official stockists.

It would seem it has been discontinued for the time being, though we’ll be sure to update this article if things change, so below, we’ll list some of the remaining large Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs and include some of their dimensions.

Will Lay Z Spas Be In Stock This Year?

As far as we understand, stocks should be back to normal for Lay Z Spa after a long period of supply issues that lasted through much of 2020 and 2021.

With the increased demand for hot tubs during the pandemic and national lockdowns, many manufacturers and stockists found it hard to produce their products quick enough, with back stocks being burned through much faster than anybody had anticipated.

With much of this demand now back to normal, and most (if not all) pandemic restrictions lifted, our information suggests that the supply chain should be back to normal, and manufacturers should be equipped to meet regular demand.

Of course, as we’ve all seen in the last few years, these things can change faster than anybody expects, so if you’re thinking about getting “hot tub ready” for the summer, we’d recommend grabbing yourself a cheap hot tub deal sooner rather than later!

The Last Word

The feeling when there’s a drink in the holder and bubble jets surrounding you is truly amazing. Ever since the portable spa was created and made available in the market, its demand and reputation have slowly increased.

The people at Lay Z Spa know this, so they have created a range of colours and specifications that not only leave you feeling great they won’t kill you in the pocket either.

Not everybody can afford a new hot tub and have it professionally installed. As far as we are concerned, this hot tub manufacturer is one of the market leaders offering a great affordable alternative.

Whether you want a no-frills budget spa for two or a luxury option with an LED floating light system, headrests and drink holders for larger get-togethers, you are guaranteed to find the right hot tub from these guys.

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