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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Milan Review | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the Lay Z Spa Milan (updated in 2023)

Hot tubs have come a long way in the last few years and Lay Z Spa are consistently upgrading their models. The six-seater Milan spa now boasts Wi-fI and can be controlled by an app but is this something you need? Does it make a difference to the overall experience?

During our ten years examining every detail of the most popular inflatable spas in the UK, we’ve seen lots of new tech, some great, some not so much.

Lay Z Spa Milan Review

The Milan features the new 140 AirJet Plus system producing a rejuvenating body massage. The Wi-Fi controls and energy-saving timer mean it's always ready when you are, and the anti-freeze technology means you don't need to forgo the hot tub experience during winter.

Today’s post will examine the Milan hot tub’s pros and cons and see if it’s the right choice for your family. Does it accommodate six adults, or will you be like sardines in a can?

With so much to consider, it’s easy to see why some people make the wrong choice. Don’t be one of them.

Keep reading to discover if the Milan Spa suits your needs and if it doesn’t – Why!

Table of Contents

The Lay Z Spa Milan is one of the most technologically advanced inflatable hot tubs on the market. Combining this industry-leading brand’s fantastic standard features, like a rapid heating system and freeze shield tech, with state of the art wi-fi and voice controls to produce a truly intuitive and user-friendly hot tub experience.

With space to comfortably fit up to six people, the Milan is ideal for both a sociable couple or small family and includes Lay Z Spa’s most advanced air bubble massage system to date.

As one of the most premium Lay Z Spa models, the Milan hot tub is on the expensive side, though with a slew of advanced features, we think this model is worth it for people looking into high-end hot tubs.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


4-6 Adults.

Set Up Time

Simple setup in under 10 minutes.

How Long To Heat Up

6-12 hour initial heat up time.

Running Costs

£40-£60 per month.

Winter Frost Protection

Freeze shield technology included.


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the Lay Z Spa Milan is currently in stock.


Wi-fi controls, great energy-saving features, 140 massage jets.


May be noisy.

What We Liked - Key Features

WI-FI controls

Possibly the stand out feature of the Lay Z Spa Milan is its brilliant wi-fi controls, allowing you to set the water temperature, control the massage jets and set the timer from anywhere in your home.

By using Milan’s app control panel on your mobile phone, you can easily adjust all its main functions, allowing busy people to get hot tub ready without ever needing to access the physical control panel on the tub!

The wi-fi controls are particularly useful during the winter months, in which you can arm the heating system from the comfort of your home and jump in when the water is nice and warm, a saviour on sub-zero nights!

Airjet Plus massage system

A step up from Lay Z Spa’s already brilliant standard airjet system, this new configuration for the Milan features 140 bubble jets placed around the floor and the sidewalls of the spa, allowing for a massage system that can target the legs and back simultaneously.

Not only does this new configuration provide a better spread of massaging bubbles, but you now have the option of 2-level regulation, an energy-saving system that can alternate between 50% and 100% intensity levels.

These levels can either be set permanently or configured on a regular cycle, providing an adaptive massage experience and great control over the energy usage.


If wi-fi controls aren’t quite high tech enough for you, the Lay Z Spa Milan also now offers voice control capabilities, allowing you to control everything from the air jets to the internal temperature without moving a muscle.

The system is compatible with modern smart devices like Alexa and Google Home, allowing customers to fully integrate their hot tub with their existing devices and helping to create one of the most user-friendly hot tub experiences out there.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

4-6 Adults.

Water Capacity (70%):

916L (242 Gallons)

Inflated Size:

71cm x 196cm (28″ x 77″)

Filled Weight:

954kg (2103lb)

Cable Length:

7 metres

Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

The Lay Z Spa Milan offers full wi-fi control over all of its main features, provided that you have a strong wi-fi connection and have downloaded the official Lay Z Spa app. The app has simple to navigate buttons for switching the airjets, heating on at scheduled times, or using the simple constant filter pump.

The Lay Z Spa app only supports a wi-fi configuration of 2.4GHz, and does not typically work well with 5G routers; you should also ensure that the pump unit’s wi-fi signal is operating at full strength.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

Though the Lay Z Spa does include several high tech features, it does not include an LED lighting system as standard.

There are additional products that can be purchased to fit LED lights inside the Milan, though these will come at an additional charge and cannot be controlled by the Milan’s wi-fi or voice control systems.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

The Lay Z Spa Milan is one of the more spacious models in Lay Z Spa’s range, with room for up to 6 adults to comfortably fit at any one time.

There are other models that offer more space if you’re six feet tall, though for the average-sized family or a couple, you should have no problems with your legs stretched out whilst reclining in this hot tub.

What About Safety Features?

Alongside an inflatable lid and secure cover to prevent any pets or children from falling in, there’s also a ground fault detection system and RCD unit on this Lay Z Spa model that will completely cut the power if any water comes into contact with the electrics.

The Milan hot tub also has the benefit of wi-fi and voice controls, allowing you to switch off the system at any time as long as you’re in range of the pump.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Milan hot tub?

The main inflatable hot tub body of the Lay Z Spa Milan is Duraplus lined, which helps to protect the hot tub from punctures and provides a good deal of comfort and support when fully inflated.

At a height of 71cm, there’s plenty of space to rest your head and neck on the inflatable walls, and if you’re under capacity, there’s plenty of room to lie your outstretched limbs flat for maximum comfort.

Where the Milan hot tub falls away a little is the floor of the unit, which features relatively thin padding that can be a little uncomfortable after several hours of use.

You can circumvent this by purchasing additional seating for around £10-£20 per 2 seats. Still, for the price of this inflatable hot tub, we’d like a little more consideration towards the seating as standard!

Running costs

We’ve found the energy bill for larger models usually comes out to around £10-£15.

Thankfully, the Milan does include a few energy-saving features. A pump power saving mode and an energy-saving timer can be accessed through the physical and app-based control panels, alongside the 2-level massage regulation that can drastically cut down on energy usage.

If you’re serious about cutting energy costs, you could try running solar panels to the Milan, making use of the hot tub’s positioning in your garden to cut down on those bills!

Heat up times

You’ll be looking at an initial heat-up time of 6-12 hours straight out of the box. This can be reduced by filling the tub on warm weather days or by using warm water from the garden tap when filling your inflatable hot tub for the first time.

Once the Lay Z Spa Milan has reached your desired temperature, maintaining this heat is as simple as accessing the wi-fi or voice controls from here, you can add more heat as and when you choose

A hot tip for shortening your heat-up times is to store your Lay Z Spa Milan with the inflatable lid and cover firmly sealed; this will help retain the heat for longer when the tub is not in use.

How noisy is the Milan model?

All inflatable hot tubs tend to be a little noisy, with the air pump capable of emitting around 40-70 decibels of noise.

There are some things you can do to limit this, like ensuring that the main body of the hot tub is sitting flat on an insulated mat or making sure that it’s not placed on a raised area of decking.

Though the Lay Z Spa Milan Airjet Plus is a larger hot tub model spa, meaning the pump is likely to be noisy whilst operating, the energy-saving features allow you to quickly adjust the power level should the noise become unbearable!

Winter usage

The Lay Z Spa Milan Airjet Plus is a fantastic choice for winter usage, thanks to its freeze shield technology. These sensors will monitor the Milan’s internal temperature and automatically add heat if it drops below 6-10 degrees Celsius.

Not only does this work to keep the hot tub warm when in use, but it prevents frozen water from damaging the pipes and pump during the winter, providing heating overnight so long as there is power to the pump.

This spa also includes a smarter heating system than its range mates that can be accessed at any time through the Lay Z Spa app, meaning you’ll be free to begin heating your hot tub from the warmth of the house.

Price and discounts

Whilst the Lay Z Spa Milan Airjet Plus is quite expensive when compared to its Lay Z Spa siblings; it does offer a great value for the features that are included.

In terms of the sizing for this bestway lay-z-spa, it’s one of the largest models in terms of weight and size, and the app functionality and voice controls offer the most user-friendly interface available.

There are other models with similar specs at comparable prices, but it seems like you’ll be choosing between key features.

If you want lights, then the Paris Lay Z Spa costs less but lacks app functionality, whilst the St Tropez Lay Z Spa works with the app but is a little smaller; it’s all down to your preferences.

You should also check for discounts during the offseason. Often suppliers will be looking to offload their unsold stock, so you may find it for a much lower price!

Warranty and support

All lazy spa hot tubs come with a 12-month warranty on the pump and a 6-month warranty on the lid, liner and cover.

It’s worth registering your Lay Z Spa Milan Airjet online, as this will extend that warranty to 24 months on the pump and 12 months on the lid.

Lay Z Spa also provides a UK-based support line staffed by industry professionals, details of which can be found on their website.

Lay Z Spa Milan Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa Milan tell us that it’s a popular model among families and couples. It scores 4.5/5 overall and is seen as a luxury tub.

With a wide range of premium features, we believe the Lay Z Spa Milan is a great choice for families and couples looking to upgrade their inflatable hot tub setup.

If you’ve got the money and will get the use out of it, it’s one of the most user-friendly options out there. But, it might be a little expensive for first-time buyers or those that aren’t too sure that they’ll be using this tub regularly.

The Lay Z Spa Milan can be used year-round thanks to its freeze shield and rapid heating, though the same heating system can be found on cheaper models, so pulling the trigger really comes down to how useful you’ll find the app-based control system.

Generally, this is an incredibly intuitive and robust inflatable hot tub that’s ideal for anybody seriously committed to getting regular use out of their hot tub.

But if this doesn’t float your boat, not to worry, you can still decide for yourself which lazy spa is the best one by comparing them against each other on our main page.

How Does it Compare?

The Aurora

A similarly sized hot tub with an eye-catching LED lighting system, this MSpa model certainly looks the part, especially considering it costs almost half as much as Milan.

It's only when we look into the specs of this hot tub spa that it falls a little flat, with a much lower maximum heat capacity and no wireless controls. It's a good choice if you're after a cheaper hot tub with lights, but it doesn't hold a candle to Milan's functionality. 

The Hawaii

The Hawaii can match the Milan in terms of its heating and massage systems, with as many bubble jets and a square design that can fit into most garden spaces a little better.

It is, however, smaller and lacks the app functionality that makes its sibling so easy to use, so it's a good choice if you're looking to save a little money, but it's not quite as premium as the Milan.

It's here for our review of the Lay Z Spa Hawaii Airjet.

How to Set Up The Lazy Spa Milan

Using just an air pump, you’ll have a fully inflated hot tub spa in under 10 minutes. All Lay Z Spa tubs feature a tool-free setup, and it generally takes around 1-2 hours to fill your newly installed hot tub for the first time.

Last Word

In summary, the Lay Z Spa Milan is a fantastic hot tub for those looking for user-friendly controls. It offers a great deal of space, and rapid heating times, allowing this hot tub to be used year-round with no fuss!

This Lay Z Spa is a little expensive for first-time buyers and can be noisy when operating, but the premium features and energy-saving functions more than make up for these points as far as we’re concerned. 

We love that you can enjoy an actual bubble massage with the fantastic 2-level air jets and found the app functionality and voice controls were all a smooth process to setup, though we do wish it featured proper L shaped seating to make up for the slightly uncomfortable floor lining! We hope this Lay Z Spa Milan review helped you make an informed decision!

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