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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa St Tropez Review | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the Lay Z Spa St Tropez (updated in 2023)

It can be a bit of a minefield when searching for a 4-6 person hot tub, there are lots to choose from, and not all spas are created equal.

The St Tropez hot tub seems like a good choice on the surface, but we like to delve a little deeper!

Lay Z Spa St Tropez Review

This 4-6 person hot tub can be set up in minutes, the integrated 120 air jets provide a soothing massage and the construction offers comfort and durability. Plus, the ChemConnect dispenser makes adding chemicals a cinch. 

We’ve been reviewing inflatable hot tubs for many years, and we understand that what may be ideal for one person will be another’s nightmare.

Some customers are happy with a basic no-frills unit, whilst others want gadgets and a premium spa experience.

In this review, we’ll examine:

There’s a lot to consider and the final decision is down to you, but we think the St. Tropez Lay Z Spa could be just what you are looking for

Let’s find out how this model stacks up!

Table of Contents

The Lay Z Spa St Tropez is one of this brand’s best party hot tubs, with several stand out features that will appeal to the more sociable hot tubber.

Alongside Lay Z Spa’s classic features like rapid heating and freeze shield technology, the St Tropez hot tub offers excellent functionality through its wi-fi controls and even comes with a floating LED light to provide a little added ambience to any party.

With a decent water capacity of 775L and space for up to 6 adults, the St Tropez is built for entertaining, offering a fantastic hot tub experience with a premium built quality and an incredibly user-friendly operation.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


Up to 6 adults.

Set Up Time

10-15 minutes.

How Long To Heat Up

Initial heat up time of 6-12 hours.

Running Costs

Approx £30-£40 per month.

Winter Frost Protection

Yes, freeze protection is included.


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the St Tropez is currently in stock.


Wi-Fi Controls, Included LED Light, Rapid Heating


Could be more comfortable. 

What We Liked - Key Features

WI-FI Controls

One of the more premium features that Lay Z Spa offer, the St Tropez’s excellent wi-fi functionality makes controlling every key aspect of your hot tub experience as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

By downloading the official Lay Z Spa app to your smartphone, everything from the water temperature to the power of the massage system can be easily controlled from anywhere in your home, provided you’re in range of the router.

140 Airjet Massage System

With 140 air jets placed around the entire circumference of the floor, the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez hot tub can be filled with bubbles within seconds, the power of which can be easily adjusted from the digital control panel or from within the wi-fi app itself.

Not only does the St Tropez provide an excellent massage system, but its dual operation allows for the rapid heating system, pump and water filter to run at the same time. This will enable you to relax in peace with the entire hot tub’s controls at your fingertips.

Floating LED Light

There aren’t too many inflatable hot tubs in Lay Z Spa’s range that make considerations towards lighting, so we think it’s worth mentioning that the St Tropez comes with an eye-catching LED light that can safely float in the tub and change colour to match the mood.

Combined with the circular design and low outer walls, this LED lighting really helps capture the party mood and perfectly accents this sociably designed inflatable hot tub when you choose to spend an evening entertaining outdoors.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

Up to 6 adults.

Water Capacity (80%):

775L (205 Gallons)

Inflated Size:

61cm x 196cm (24″ x 77″)

Filled Weight:

669kg (1474lbs)

Cable Length:

7 metres

Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius.

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

Yes, the St Tropez features wi-fi controls as standard, with all of the hot tub’s main functions being adjustable from within Lay Z Spa’s official wi-fi app for Android and IOS.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

Whilst this model does not feature lights built into the hot tub itself, it does come with an excellent floating light that looks fantastic at night.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

The Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez Airjet is a decidedly mid-range hot tub in terms of size, with room to comfortably fit up to 6 adults.

This should be perfect for the average-sized family and incredibly spacious for couples. Still, we suggest keeping the maximum capacity down to 5 adults if you’re looking for a decent amount of legroom!

What About Safety Features?

Like all other models in the Lay Z Spa range, the St Tropez has several safety features that help protect both you and your hot tub from danger or damage.

The inflatable lid and cover can be sealed tightly to prevent pets and children accidentally falling in. A built-in ground fault detection system works to alert you to any problems with the hot tub’s power supply.

Detailed Review

How Comfortable Is the St Tropez Hot Tub?

While the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez’s cushioned floor provides a fair amount of comfort, this alone isn’t enough to keep the tub from being a little uncomfortable during extended use.

The inner walls are a little lower than other hot tubs, which is excellent for socialising but does get uncomfortable when reclining for more than an hour or two.

You can try purchasing inflatable seats, but at £10-£20 for 2, this can get pricey for a hot tub that’s already on the premium end of the scale.

Running Costs

The average model from Lay Z Spa will cost around £7-£10 per week to run. The St Tropez will likely fall towards the higher end as a mid-size model.

Its wi-fi controls mean that you can adjust the more power-hungry features and set the energy-saving timer from anywhere in range, allowing you to keep the electricity bill down.

New hot tub spa owners should account for the additional cost of filter cartridges and chemicals. These costs can creep up, though Lay Z Spa does offer a chemical starter pack for free with most new hot tubs.

Heat Up Times

Thanks to its rapid heating system and dual operation, the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez has a maximum heat capability of 40 degrees Celsius, which can be reached within 6-12 hours straight out of the box.

This initial heating time can be improved by using warm water when filling the jacuzzi and by placing the Saint Tropez in direct sunlight, but even without these factors, we think you’ll be impressed by just how quickly the heater can spring into action.

Once initially heated, storing the Saint Tropez with the lid and cover sealed tight can help to retain your desired temperature. This is further improved by the freeze shield, which monitors the internal temperature and automatically adds heat if it drops below 6-10 degrees Celsius.

How Noisy Is the St Tropez Model

Any inflatable spa with an air pump will be pretty noisy, reaching sound levels of up to 70 decibels if running on high power for extended periods.

Thankfully, the wi-fi functionality of the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez allows you to have better control over the loudest aspects of this inflatable hot tub, so you can quite easily lower the power if things get a little too loud!

If you are worried about noise levels, you should consider placing the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez on an insulating mat in a sheltered area of the garden to muffle the sound as much as possible.

Winter Usage

All Lay Z Spa’s are particularly suited to winter usage thanks to the built-in freeze shield technology and rapid heating system, but models like the Saint Tropez Airjet take things one step further thanks to their wi-fi controls.

The ability to heat the tub from the comfort of the house and maintain the hot tub’s temperature overnight makes this inflatable hot tub an excellent choice for those looking to get a great deal of winter usage out of their purchase.

Price and Discounts

The Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez Airjet is decidedly mid-range regarding cost. All Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs tend to be a little pricey, though, in our experience, this is reflected in their superior build quality.

Some comparable models can offer as much space and air jets for a little cheaper, but if you’re looking for a Lay Z Spa with wi-fi controls, the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez is the most affordable option.

It’s always worth checking suppliers during the offseason when inflatable hot tubs aren’t quite as popular, as often you can find premium models such as this at a heavily discounted price!

Warranty and Support

The included warranty on the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez hot tub is impressive, with 12 months on the air pump and 6 months on the lid being the standard.

Some customers aren’t aware that this warranty can be extended to 24 months on the pump and 12 months on the lid by simply registering their purchase online, something we suggest you look into!

Lay Z Spa also provides an excellent customer support service that offers expert advice on operating all of their hot tubs. Details of this hotline can be found on their website.

Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez Reviews

The reviews of the Bestway Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez often praise its size of it and the fact it doesn’t cost a fortune to run every month. Most people rate it 4/5 stars on average.

We think the Lay-Z-Spa Saint Tropez is a great buy for any family or couple looking for a high-quality inflatable hot tub to entertain friends or host garden parties.

Though there are other models of the same size for a little cheaper, none of these includes the same sociable additions as the Saint Tropez. The LED light and wi-fi controls are particularly useful for those looking to impress their guests and host laid back hot tub parties.

The bubbles from the 140 air jets are more than enough to create a luxurious spa experience. The rapid heating system will ensure that you can easily reach your desired temperature and maintain it as simple as accessing the wi-fi app.

How Does it Compare?

The Tekapo

With a noticeably higher capacity than the Saint Tropez and a comparable number of air jets, this MSpa model is undoubtedly a strong competitor for Lay Z Spa’s offerings at a much more affordable price point.

If it’s only size and bubbles you seek, this model might be a good fit for you, but don’t expect premium functions like wi-fi controls or freeze protection because it is definitely a budget choice.

The Dellonda

With a stylish wood-grain design and as many air jets as the Saint Tropez, this Dellonda model can provide a comparable hot tub experience to the more expensive Lay Z Spa range.

It does contain a freeze protection system, though this one kicks in at 2 degrees Celsius, and just like the MSPA, you’ll be forgoing the ease-of-use that the Saint Tropez offers as there are no wi-fi controls or added lights.

How to Set Up The Lazy Spa St Tropez

The Saint Tropez comes with a free DVD that explains how to inflate and maintain the filter cartridges; this provides an easy set-up with no required tools; just blow up the spa to the correct inflated size with the included pump and it will be ready to fill in as little as 10 minutes.

Last Word

As you’ll see with every hot tub, you know you’ll find a great deal of quality whether that’s choosing the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez hot tub or a different model. With wi-fi controls, a rapid heater and a low inner wall, it’s for socialising with friends and the included LED light helps to add a little ambience to any occasion.

You’ll find the rapid heating and freeze shield convenient during the colder months, and the 140 air jets will provide more than enough bubbles to keep you and your friends happy during your garden parties.

There are cheaper options with similar specs and you can view all the lazy spa types, but if you’re after the most functionality at the lowest cost from this brand, our Lay Z Spa St Tropez review shows it’s a solid choice.

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