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MSpa Tekapo Review [6 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the MSPA Tekapo (updated in 2023)

Imagine coming home from work and relaxing under the stars letting your cares and worries drift away? Bliss! No wonder, so many of us are choosing to invest in an inflatable. But what if you choose the wrong one?

MSPA is one of the leading brands for garden spas, so today, we will have a closer look at one of their more popular models, the Mspa Tekapo.

MSPA Tekapo Review

One of the best value 6-person hot tubs around the self-inflating Tekapo is packed with features usually found on more expensive models. 136 jets provide a reinvigorating massage experience and the water can be heated to an ambient 40 degrees.

Not all hot tubs are created equal, so it’s crucial to do your research before ordering. Luckily there are plenty of online reviews and of course, we have a little experience (over ten years) in understanding what makes a good inflatable spa.

In this post, we’ll see:

Keep reading to see if the Tekapo could be the hot tub of your dreams or if another option could offer more?

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One of the most popular mspa spas we’ve seen, the Tekapo combines the fundamentals of modern hot tub design with a few bonus features thrown in for good measure!

Available in a 4 person and 6 person capacity, we chose the larger model and were very impressed by the inclusion of 132 air jets, a smart filtration system and a sprawling square hot tub design that boasts a whole 185cms of cushioned floor space.

The Tekapo inflatable hot tub seems to be MSPA’s way of balancing premium functionality with an affordable price point to create a hot tub to suit almost any demographic. For what it’s worth, we think they’ve done an outstanding job!

Quick Glance

Review Rating


4-6 people

Set Up Time

5-10 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

10-16 hours

Running Costs

£30-£40 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Built-in frost protection


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

The Tekapo is available for purchase


Hygienic, affordable, simple functionality


Noisy and not great for winter use

What We Liked - Key Features


Of all the models that we’ve reviewed, the Tekapo has to be among the most feature-filled models for its comparatively low price point.

Like MSPA’s premium spas, you’ll find a wealth of hygiene features, a comprehensive 132 air jet massage system, built-in frost protection, and a reliable fast-acting heater. The only difference is that the Tekapo manages to retail for a few hundred pounds less than most of its range-mates!

By sticking to the essentials, MSPA has produced a streamlined modern hot tub we think is ideal for first-time buyers and average families alike.

Hygiene and safety

In fitting with the Tekapo’s target market, this MSPA inflatable hot tub is packed with high-tech hygiene and safety features that help protect your family and make cleaning and maintaining the spa a much simpler task!

We particularly love the smart filtration system, which automatically switches on for 1 hour every 8 hours to rid the water of contaminants, but you’ll also find an ozone generator that, if switched on for 10 minutes before you take a dip will kill any bacteria present within the Tekapo’s interior.

Backing these features up is a UVC sanitiser within the pipes and an antibacterial lining stitched into the shell. All of these features work together to reduce the amount of chemical balancing you’ll need to do, ensuring that your guests are as safe as can be!

Simple setup and controls

Thanks to MSPA’s auto-inflate function, we were able to get the Tekapo set up and ready to be filled in under 10 minutes, requiring no tools or technical know-how; all it took was connecting the hose and clicking a button.

Once filled and heated, this simple functionality continued through the Tekapo’s intuitive wired controller, which we learned allows hot tubbers to power the jets, engage the heater and set the energy-saving timer without leaving the comfort of the water.

Again, we were impressed by the Tekapo’s commitment to simple functionality and feel like this hot tub is perfectly suited to hot tubbing newbies who just want to get amongst the bubbles with minimal faff!

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

4-6 adults

Water Capacity (70%):

930 L / 245 Gallons

Inflated Size:

185cm x 68cm

Filled Weight:

953kg /2101lbs

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

MSPA’s Comfort range hot tubs, including the Tekapo, do not feature built-in Wi-Fi controls, though all of the spa’s main functions can be easily adjusted from both the wired controller and the pump’s digital display and control box.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

In keeping with the Tekapo’s streamlined design, you won’t find any lighting options as standard, though additional lights can be purchased separately for as little as £20-£30 each.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

The Tekapo is available in two sizes, a 4 seater and a 6. We opted for the larger model and found the 185cms of floor space to be spacious enough to squeeze 6 of our team into comfortably.

You’d be better off limiting the capacity to 5 if you’re enjoying this hot tub with a party of adults, though we reckon families of 2 adults and up to 4 kids will have plenty of room to recline.

What About Safety Features?

We found a PRCD unit built into the Tekapo’s 5.1m power cable that acts to shut off the electrics if any fault is detected within the wiring.

This unit, and every other electrical component, is protected against light rain and low-pressure water jets, with a water-resistance rating of IPX5.

There’s also a top lid with child-safety locks fitted to the buckles, which helps secure the hot tub during storage, preventing any accidental trips or falls into the water.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the MSPA Tekapo hot tub?

The Tekapo’s distinct blue lining isn’t just for show; we found this soft-touch PVC material to be super comfortable to lean into and were pleasantly surprised by the slight texture that helps prevent the walls from sticking to your skin.
The padded floor is comfortable enough for shorter soaks of 1-2 hours, but if we’re honest, this model could be improved with some raised seating to ward off the aches during longer hot-tubbing sessions.

Running costs

We found the Tekapo to be reasonably economical to run, with our average weekly running costs reaching somewhere in the region of £10.

The 132 air jets only operate at one speed, limiting your ability to control your energy usage fully. Still, we didn’t find the massage system to draw much power anyway and the energy-saving timer certainly helped prevent any excessive energy bills!

Filter cartridges and pool chemicals will also need to be factored into your costs. Still, we were very impressed by the Tekapo’s filtration system and ozone generator, finding that our need to re-balance the chemical levels was noticeably reduced by engaging these features!

Heat up times

Initially, heating the Tekapo took our team around 10 hours, which isn’t too bad for a jacuzzi of this size, though our daily heating times were a little sluggish.

We managed to get this hot tub up to 40 degrees Celsius in about 2 hours, but this time can be reduced with a few tricks!

Popping the Tekapo on an insulating ground mat will help in terms of heat retention, and running the heater at a low temperature overnight is actually more economical than heating the spa from its standing temperature every day.

We also noticed that the Tekapo’s black lining helps the spa heat up quicker in direct sunlight, so try sticking this hot tub in a sunny area of your garden if you can!

How noisy is the Tekapo model?

Unfortunately, the MSPA Tekapo doesn’t come with the “whisper quiet” pump that many of this brand’s premium models are fitted with, so it can be a little noisy.

As the Tekapo’s massage system only features one level of power, this hot tub is very much either on or off, so we don’t think it’s a great contender for late-night bubble baths if you live in a crowded neighbourhood!

Winter usage

We found that MSPA has included an anti-icing system on this model to help it better function during freezing temperatures and cold weather, though we weren’t particularly impressed by its operation.

If powered overnight, this unit will prevent the water from freezing, though it only maintains the water temperature at up to 3 degrees Celsius, so our daily heating times could take up to 3 hours!

We had much more success by simply running the heater at 10 degrees Celsius overnight, with a thermal cover placed over the top, but if you’re on a tight energy budget, this isn’t exactly the most enticing news in terms of winter usage!

Price and discounts

The MSPA Tekapo is very reasonably priced, being the most affordable hot tub for its size of any MSPA model currently available.

The Tekapo is much cheaper than most similarly sized models from competing brands, yet this thing still manages to pack in an impressive 132 air jets and a bunch of high-tech hygiene features.

If you are looking for a further discount, it’s worth checking a range of suppliers during the winter when hot tubs are less sought after, but we reckon the standard price of the Tekapo will be within most people’s budgets!

Warranty and support

The Tekapo’s electrical components are covered for an entire year by MSPA’s standard warranty, with the spa pool itself being covered for six months.

In terms of support, we found a great range of how-to videos, manuals and FAQs available on MSPA’s website, where you’ll also find an online contact form that can be used to get in touch with their team.

MSPA Tekapo Reviews

The reviews of the MSPA Tekapo are good with an average rating of 3.9/5 and many state that the bubble jets are powerful and it retains heat well. A lot of the comments also said how helpful the customer service was when there was an issue or error with the bubble spa.

We reckon the MSPA Tekapo is the ideal first hot tub, it’s simple to set up, easy to use, and the many hygiene features included make safely maintaining your spa a walk in the park!

The Tekapo can be found at a price that won’t break the bank, though we don’t think you’ll sacrifice much quality by choosing this more affordable hot tub.

As far as we’re concerned, 185cms of floor space is more than enough for an average-sized family, and 132 air jets will produce an excellent massage in a tub of this size.

How Does It Compare?

The Milan

The Bestway Milan does provide a little extra floor space and a few fancy features like Wi-Fi and voice controls, but you’ll be sacrificing over 50 air jets for the privilege.

This hot tub is also considerably more expensive than the Tekapo, so we reckon you’d be better off sticking with MSPA’s model!


Cheaper and larger than the Tekapo, with a comparable number of jets, the CosySpa is certainly a contender for the Tekapo’s crown.

You will be missing out on MSPA’s excellent hygiene features here, though, so our money remains with the Tekapo.

How to Set Up The MSPA Tekapo

Setting this hot tub up is as easy as attaching the inflation hose and clicking a button using the auto-inflate function built into the pump. We had this model inflated and ready to be filled in under 10 minutes!

Last Word

The MSPA Tekapo with its low price point is likely to be within most people’s budgets, and MSPA has done a great job selecting which features to focus on.

There’s plenty of room, the interior is comfortable, 132 air jets are more than enough and the added hygiene features make maintenance much easier for first time buyers.

The only downsides are a somewhat noisy pump and a less than ideal anti-icing unit, but we think the Tekapo is a fantastic hot tub for the money! We hope this MSPA Tekapo review helped with your decision process and if you need to compare it against other models, then all the MSPA’s we cover are over on our main page. There, you can look at the different features, prices and functions.

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