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MSpa Reviews: What is the Best Model to Buy in 2023?

This is our review of the best MSpa hot tub for 2023

Choosing between the top MSpas can be a tricky task; we’ve researched almost every inflatable they offer and we can definitely say that each is a very good product in its own right. 

If you’re looking to spend less on your next spa purchase, the Silver Cloud is a good shout, and for a luxurious couple’s pick, you’ll want to check out the Nest spa, but you’ll find a bargain in every category with this brand at their current price.

Below are the models we will cover in our latest reviews:

Below we’ve taken a deep dive into the most popular MSpa inflatable hot tubs, and put a magnifying glass over the stand-out features of each spa, so grab a cold beer and get ready to relax in the warm water as we help to guide you through these mspa reviews so you can decide what is the best MSpa based on performance!

Our MSpa Hot Tub Winners [2023]

2 Person Pick

After much consideration amongst our team, we’re pretty happy with our pick as the best MSpa inflatable hot tub for couples.

The two-person Nest hot tub is part of Mspa’s Urban range; we love how this spa is purposefully designed for use in smaller outdoor spaces, ensuring that those living in crowded neighbourhoods can still have fun. 

4 Person Pick

The Alpine Delight is our winner.

A Four-seater spa tends to be one of the most popular sizes, offering enough room to meet most people’s needs, so this spa category was a little tricky for us to agree on!

With a square style design and durable material insulation, we’re pretty confident in this MSpa. This model can easily nestle into most garden spaces and provide a great deal of comfort for larger groups.  

6 Person Pick

The Tekapo MSpa is our first choice.

A six seater spa is the choice for regular entertainers, so you can expect to find some significant comfort considerations in these models. With that in mind, we think that the MSpa Tekapo shines a little brighter than its competition.

The first thing that caught our eye was the metallic blue lining and an impressive 930L max water capacity, demonstrating that the Tekapo 6 seater jacuzzi is as stylish as it is functional. 

Top MSpa Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

M SPA D-AL06 Delight Alpine

We agree that the MSpa Alpine D-L06 is, in many ways, the classic inflatable spa. With a remarkable 6 person capacity and a durable 6-layer lining, all of our tests showed that this model could easily withstand excessive use. Perfect for a round of water exercise or hydrotherapy.  

We love the dynamic air jet massage system and protective anti-icing unit, which provides a luxurious experience during the peak of the summer and during the bleaker winter months.  

Considering that this spa often costs much less than its similarly sized competitors, we’re convinced that it's worth considering if you're thinking of hosting parties every few weeks or need a decent sized spa to fit the whole family.  


  • Excellent maximum capacity.
  • Competitive price-point.
  • Can be used year-round.  
  • Very heavy base when filled. 
  • No Wi-Fi controls or lighting

M Spa Silver Cloud 2021

The model is an incredibly stylish option that our team thinks will look sleek and attractive whether it’s indoors or outdoors. With a circular design and a max water capacity of 700L, we could easily fit in 4 adults but found that it really shines when used as a couple's luxury spa.  

 We like the built-in control panel, which allows for rapid inflation within 2 minutes, making it an excellent choice for a portable spa. We also discovered that the durable PVC lining provides excellent protection against UV, frost, and general wear during our tests. 

 As part of the Delight spa range, the MSpa Silver Cloud comes with a built-in control panel box, boasting intuitive control over all the main features. In fact, we were able to adjust the power of the air jets, the water temperature and the arming of the anti-icing system, all without moving a muscle.  

  • Stylish design.  
  • Intuitive control system.  
  • Portable.
  • Relatively small capacity. 
  • Could use a lot more air jets.

M Spa Nest Portable Hot Tub Oval

Our team agrees that the MSpa Nest is one of the best value portable hot tubs for individuals and couples, with excellent considerations in the way of its compact design and a surprisingly robust list of spa features.  

We love that the spa measures only 187 x 126cms, finding it ideal for use in compact spaces like balconies or small gardens, with a built-in inflation system that makes packing down and reinstalling the spa a fast and straightforward process.  

Despite its small size, you’ll find 104 air jets, a premium filtration system, a fast-acting heater and a frost protection system, which meant we were able to use this compact spa throughout the year and still enjoy a luxurious spa experience.  

  • Portable with a rapid inflation system.  
  • Great for smaller gardens. 
  • Packed with features despite its small design.
  • Can only accommodate 2 adults for seating capacity.
  • Can take a while to heat up. 

M Spa Tekapo Square

We’ve think the MSpa Tekapo is a particularly robust model. With an eye-catching metallic blue lining and hard-wearing 6-layer material construction, our experience leads us to believe it will stand up to reasonably excessive use. 

We love that this model is packed with intelligent design features, including a smart filtration system for the hygiene conscious and an anti-ice system that we’re pleased to say works well to protect the pipes from any frost.  

Combining these automatic spa features with the Tekapo's anti-bacterial fabric lining and UCV sanitiser unit, we enjoyed a truly premium quality family spa that makes as many considerations towards health and hygiene as it does towards bubbles and relaxation. 

  • Excellent health and hygiene considerations. 
  • Great size for families.  
  • Durable constriction.
  • Quite expensive.
  • The square shape isn't ideal for all outdoor spaces.

M Spa Ottoman Round

We reckon the MSpa Ottoman is a truly premium choice, both in looks and operation, with its stylish rattan design, this spa looks great in any outdoor space. 

Not only does it look the part, but it also comes packed with 138 air jets in a 930L 6-person capacity body, which our team of reviewers loved relaxing in, especially with the jets at full power!

The Ottoman's massage system, filtration system, heating unit, and energy-saving timer are all easily adjustable from a wired remote control, which is the best way to operate all of the main features whilst relaxing.  

  • Stylish rattan print design.
  • Large number of air jets (138).
  • Intuitive control system. 
  • Light coloured print will show dirt quite easily.
  • Can be expensive to run.  

M Spa Bergen Hot Tub

The product page for the MSpa Bergen boasts a slew of advanced features, including a built-in UVC sanitiser, a smart filtration system and a fast-acting water heating system. We put these additions to the test, and we're pretty happy with the results. 

It’s hard to test the sanitiser, so we’ll have to take their word on that, but the filter did a great job of reducing the scum that can build up and the tub's heater managed to reach a decent temperature in only a few hours.

These premium additions are powered by MSpa's new control box, which promises a whisper-quiet operation by absorbing most of the noise made by the pump, which we have to say works incredibly well!  


  • Excellent hygiene and filtration considerations.  
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Comfortable and durable lining.  
  • Circular design can be hard to fit into some gardens.  
  • No Wi-Fi controls or lighting.  

M Spa Soho Bubble Inflatable Hot Tub

The MSpa Soho is the boldest hot tub the brand produces, with a stylish patterned design and silver mesh fabric that certainly grabbed our team’s attention.  

We researched the leather trim cover for its insulating qualities, finding it helps retain heat during some particularly chilly nights, which also helps massively reduce your energy usage.  

The spa heater itself can reach a max temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The impressive 132 air jet massage system comes with a 3-level adjustment control, working together to create a luxurious spa experience even when we had 6 in the tub!  

  • Stylish design.
  • Leather trim cover.
  • Adjustable 3-level massage system.
  • One of the most expensive MSpa's.  
  • The light coloured design will show stains fairly quickly.  

Other MSpa’s We Have Reviewed

Below are other MSpa reviews we have covered but are not featured in the list above.

MSpa Problems

Although most previous customers seem happy with these hot tubs, there are a few problems that can pop up in reviews.  

Several customers have reported leaks and punctures, with these issues not being covered by the manufacturer warranty, though this seems quite rare. It must be noted, this is also seen across other brands also.

A few things in the reviews also state that they can take a while to heat up, though we found most models reach their max temperature within about 10 hours of being installed in our tests.

Alternatives for Comparison

You’ll find lots of other spa options from other manufacturers on some of our other pages. The best inflatable spa comes down to personal preference but if you check all of our brand pages, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect model for your garden.


MSpa’s warranty will cover the electrics for 12 months and the frame for 24 months, the inflatable bubble spa pool on the MSpa lite, delight and comfort hot tubs is covered for 6 months, with the more expensive models covered for 12.  


Q. How long does an MSpa take to heat up?

MSpa’s current system will produce heated water at 1.5-2 degrees Celsius per hour. 

Q. Why is my MSpa not heating up?

The most common causes of hot tubs, not heating are a broken element or a blockage within the filter; replacing the filter will often fix this. However, if the problem persists, try ringing MSpa’s support services.

Q. How many litres is an MSpa spa?

All Mspa’s have different water capacities. The smallest MSpa tub holds 550L, and the largest (8 seater Bergen) holds 1120L.  

Q. Waht does F1 mean?

The F1 code indicates that your spa is running on its factory default filtration cycle; this will run one 30-minute cycle every 12 hours. If the spa is set to F1 and activated more than once every 12 hours, you should contact the service centre for further advice.

Further Resources

The Last Word

There are few experiences as soothing and peaceful as unwinding in your own private spa, and given the growing market for inflatables, it seems like more people are learning this by the day. 

If you’re looking to join the hot tub revolution, MSpas are an excellent place to start, with a wide range of products available at some truly competitive prices.

Other inflatable spa choices may include fancier spa additions and features and grander designs, but given the value for money you’ll find here, we think that a good MSpa hot tub will continue to be a popular choice for first-time buyers in the UK market. For even more try our homepage.

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