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MSpa Tuscany Review [6 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the MSPA Tuscany (updated in 2023)

The Tuscany hot tub is part of MSPA’s Frame series and we’re going to address the elephant in the room immediately; it isn’t cheap! But is this luxury spa worth the extra moola?

Will it last longer? What cool features come with this hefty price tag? Will it provide you with a more luxurious spa experience?

MSPA Tuscany Review

Meet the MSpa Tuscany, a hot tub offering a premium spa experience in your garden. It has a unique octagonal design for a modern touch and easy setup. The 138 air jets provide three variable speeds for a customised spa session, controlled through the MSPA's smartphone app. Despite its sleek look, it's safe and durable, protecting against punctures. Choose MSpa Tuscany for a durable and luxurious spa experience.

Ten years of scrutinising hot tubs enable us to get to the nitty-gritty and uncover whether this spa is money well spent or money down the drain.

This post will focus on:

The MSPA Tuscany is in the group of hot tubs that bridge the gap between inflatables and rigid tubs, but should you splash out?

Keep reading as we assess the Tuscany inflatable spa and see if it’s a hot buy or leaves you cold?

Table of Contents

One of the most striking members of the brand’s Frame series, the MSPA Tuscany fills the void between inflatable hot tubs and hard-shell spas, combining the ease-of-use and portability of the former with the long-lasting durability of the latter.

Designed in a unique octagonal shape, we found that the Tuscany portable hot tub not only looks great in modern gardens, but its angular design makes for a quick and straightforward installation process.

In terms of specifications, you’ll find an intensive 138 air jet massage system that benefits from 3 distinct variable speeds, a bunch of clever hygiene features and even Wi-Fi functionality through MSPA’s handy Link smartphone app!

Quick Glance

Review Rating


4-6 adults

Set Up Time

15-20 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

10-16 hours

Running Costs

£50-£60 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Built-in frost protection


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the MSPA Tuscany is currently available


Rigid frame, variable speed jets, octagonal design



What We Liked - Key Features

Rigid frame

At first glance, the MSPA Tuscany doesn’t even look like a portable hot tub, with a sleek arrangement of wood-style panelling acting as an octagonal frame to protect the hot tub’s soft inner lining.

Easily slotting into place like an adult’s lego set! We were impressed by how stylish this rigid frame looks and how durable the panels feel against the common causes of hot tub punctures such as stray branches, stones and overexcited kids!

If you’re planning on getting regular use out of your hot tub, opting for this level of protection can undoubtedly result in a much longer lifespan for your spa.

Variable massage system

It’s not just the sleek panelling that makes the MSPA Tuscany feel like a premium hot tub; the powerful bubble massage system hiding under the hood does wonders all of its own.

With a whopping 138 air jets packed into its 193cm floor space, we found it impossible to escape the reach of these bubbles, not that we’d want to!

The coverage is one thing, but the feel stand-out feature of this system is the Tuscany spa’s variable jet speeds, which can be effortlessly switched between 3 levels of operation to produce either a gentle bubble bath or an intense muscle massage.

Wi-Fi functionality

The MSPA Tuscany’s variable speed jets can easily be controlled using the digital panel on the pump, but by far, the easiest and most satisfying way to operate this hot tub is by using MSPA’s excellent app-based Wi-Fi controls.

We can’t recommend this feature enough, though it’s surprisingly absent on most MSPA models.

Adjusting the jets and heater and engaging the energy-saving timer, not only from within the tub but from anywhere in range of your router using only your smartphone, makes preparing this bubble spa for a casual dip a truly effortless task.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

Up to 6 people

Water Capacity (70%):

1100 L / 291 Gallons

Inflated Size:

193cm x 73cm

Filled Weight:

1172kg /2584lbs

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

Yes! The MSPA Tuscany is fully compatible with the Link smartphone app, which, once downloaded, will provide complete control over the hot tub’s main functions from anywhere within range of your router.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

While the MSPA Tuscany does not have any lighting options, you can upgrade your hot tub after the fact.

MSPA produce a range of lighting accessories, including an LED strip for around £60 and floating lights for £20-£30 each.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

We found that the MSPA Tuscany’s octagonal design made it more than capable of comfortably seating 6 adults.

If you’re thinking of buying this hot tub as a family spa, we reckon you’ll have plenty of room for 2 adults and up to 4 or 5 kids to recline fully!

What About Safety Features?

The MSPA Tuscany comes bundled with an inflatable lid and a secure clip cover that prevents anything from falling into the water when you’re not using your hot tub.

There’s also a PRCD unit in the power cable, with an arming switch that allows you to reset the system if it trips due to any electrical faults.

This model is packed with hygiene features, like an ozone generator for eliminating bacteria in the water and an antibacterial lining that kills the most common germs on contact. Make sure you buy chemicals regularly to keep the filter and water clean.

We were also pleased to learn that every electrical component in the Tuscany is water-resistant against light rain and low-pressure water jets. However, you will need to cover the electrics in heavy rain and avoid submerging them in any standing water or puddles!

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the MSPA Tuscany hot tub?

The ample floor space and the MSPA Tuscany’s octagonal design make for a very comfortable experience, especially as the inner lining is coated in a soft-touch PVC material.

We particularly liked the foam strips on top of the panels, which are more to soften the edges if you happen to trip around the spa and act as decent headrests!

This model also comes with a ground mat that provides extra padding to the floor.

Despite this padding, however, we think some inflatable seating wouldn’t go amiss for longer soaks, which can usually be found for around £10-£20 per 2 seats.

Running costs

With a 138 air jet system and a 1100L water capacity, your running costs are going to be a little higher than the average portable inflatable hot tub; our weekly costs came to about £10-£15.

Thankfully, adjusting the jet speed and the heater from within MSPA’s Link app made keeping on top of our energy usage pretty easy. Using the energy-saving timer can also help reduce your energy costs.

The most expensive aspect of running this model is keeping it heated. The gaps in the panelled exterior result in noticeable heat loss, so we recommend investing in an insulated cover to better equip this spa for cold weather!

Heat up times

Initially, heating this hot tub to 40 degrees, Celsius took our team around 12 hours, with the gaps in the panelling again causing noticeable heat loss.

This issue also popped up in terms of retaining the water temperature overnight and reheating the hot tub for our daily soaks, taking between 2-3 hours on average to reach close to 40 degrees Celsius.

How noisy is the MSPA Tuscany model?

For a large capacity hot tub with 138 air jets, we were surprised at just how quiet the MSPA Tuscany is to run!

Taking a look at the manual, we discovered that MSPA’s newer models are fitted with a “whisper quiet” digital pump that works to suppress the vibrations caused when firing the jets, limiting the operational noise to a maximum of 70 dB.

Winter usage

The hot tub’s heat retention issues come into play again here, with the hot tub’s heater struggling to maintain a decent water temperature during freezing conditions.

We did see improvements by wrapping the walls with an insulated cover, though this masks the sleek design of the side panels!

MSPA has included an anti-icing system that can prevent the water from freezing overnight by engaging the heater when the temperatures plummet. Still, this unit isn’t powerful enough to maintain a temperature above 3 degrees Celsius, so it might take longer to heat in the winter months

Price and discounts

As one of the most expensive  models, we’d expect the MSPA Tuscany to do a little better in terms of heating and comfort.

While this hot tub excels with its brilliant massage system, Wi-Fi controls, and a plethora of innovative hygiene features, we can’t quite say it’s truly worth its lofty price tag when you’ll need to spend extra money on insulation and seating.

We would say that if you live in a warm climate, these issues aren’t too bad, and if you can find this tub at a discount during the off season when hot tubs are less in demand, it can certainly be worth it, but we’d like to see some improvements made before settling on MSPA’s asking price.

Warranty and support

As a premium MSPA model, the Tuscany spa qualifies for a 12-month warranty on both the electrical components and pool liner, with the rigid frame panels being covered for 24 months.

If you have any questions about your hot tub, MSPA’s website hosts a great support feature with loads of how-to videos, manuals and FAQs to flick through.

For any specific queries, you’ll find an online contact form that can be used to get in touch with one of their team!

MSPA Tuscany Reviews

The reviews of the MSPA Tuscany are very good as you would expect from an expensive hot tub. With the lowest rating being 4/5 stars, you get what you pay for with this tub, which is quality!

The MSPA Tuscany is a fantastic premium hot tub for anybody looking to upgrade their system in user-friendly functionality, style and space. However, it does come with some issues.

The Wi-Fi controls make operating this thing super simple, and the massage system really can’t be faulted, but we must admit that the spa’s poor insulation lets it down.

If you’re looking for a hot tub to use during the cold snap, we’d say there are better options out there and you can browse all the mspa hot tubs here. However, if summertime soaks in a stylish and intuitive spa are all you’re after, the Tuscany may be your perfect hot tub.

How Does It Compare?

The Maldives

The Maldives Lay Z Spa isn't as stylish as the MSPA Tuscany, but this spa’s inflatable walls are much better at retaining heat.

You’ll also find a more comprehensive massage system with 180 air jets and 8 hydrojets, though to get Wi-Fi controls on this model, you’ll need to shell out an extra £400 for the applicable pump!

The Osaka

You’ll be losing out on the MSPA Tuscany’s Wi-Fi controls and sacrificing 18 jets by choosing this model, but the Osaka has an insulated foam core that’s unrivalled in terms of heat retention.

This model is also 50% more energy efficient than most comparable hot tubs, so it could save you a little money in the long run.

How To Set Up The MSPA Tuscany

The MSPA Tuscany takes a little longer to set up than the average MSPA hot tub, as you’ll need to assemble the rigid frame before clipping the liner to the walls and filling the interior with water.

Assembling the hot tub took our team about 15-20 minutes, then a further hour to fill the spa and around 12 hours to heat it.

This video by MSPA has some handy tips for setting up the Tuscany

Last Word

The MSPA Tuscany looks great, and its user-friendly controls make for an enjoyable and simple hot tubbing experience.

If you’re looking for a stylish and easy-to-use hot tub to be enjoyed during warm weather, the Tuscany portable hot tub is an excellent, if expensive, choice. But do be prepared to shell out for some insulation if you’re planning on using this hot tub year round!

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