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MSpa Bergan Review [4 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the MSPA Bergen (updated in 2023)

Balancing affordability and functionality can be difficult in the world of inflatable hot tubs, but that’s exactly what MSPA’s Comfort Series aims to achieve!

The MSPA Bergen is a great example, but is it really the best affordable hot tub? And how well does this spa actually run?

MSPA Bergen Review

Despite being one of MSPA’s most affordable hot tubs, the Bergen spa still squeezes 118 air jets, a PTC heater, a UVC sanitiser and a smart filtration system into MSPA’s hygiene antibacterial PVC shell.

Over the course of 10 years, we’ve turned our passion for hot tubbing into a dedicated mission to find the great inflatable spas out there, so when we run our eyes over a new model, you’d better believe it’s being checked with a fine-tooth comb!

In this guide, we’ll look at:

Keep reading to find out if the MSPA Bergen lives up to the hype!

Table of Contents

As part of MSPA’s Comfort Series, the Bergen spa focuses on great hot tub design fundamentals to produce a reliable inflatable tub that remains affordable, even on the strictest of budgets!

Available in a 4, 6 or 8 seater capacity, we opted for the smaller 4 seater and were pleasantly surprised to find a respectable 118 air jets, a built-in UVC sanitiser, super simple controls through a wired controller and a fast-acting PTC heater.

Though the MSPA Bergen may not include all of the fancy bells and whistles of some of its more premium brand-mates, we think casual hot tubbers will be impressed by where MSPA have chosen to focus their attention!

Quick Glance

Review Rating


2-4 people

Set Up Time

Under 10 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

10-16 hours

Running Costs

£35-£45 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Built-in anti-icing unit


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the MSPA Bergen is currently in stock


Affordable, UVC sanitiser, PTC heating


Limited functionality

What We Liked - Key Features


Of course, one of the most prominent features of the MSPA Bergen is its affordability, though (thankfully) MSPA haven’t used this as an excuse to cut corners!

By trimming down some of the less necessary aspects of their premium models, like variable jet speeds and Wi-Fi controls, we found that the brand has managed to retain the great design, comfort and build quality that they’re known for without affecting the hot tub’s overall price.

This means you’ll still enjoy an intensive massage system, a reinforced 6-layer PVC lining, and a whole bunch of fancy hygiene features without needing to scrimp and save just to get there!

UVC sanitiser

Speaking of fancy hygiene features, one of our favourite things about the Bergen MSPA has to be its clever UVC sanitiser. Built into the hot tub’s internal water filtration system, this unit acts 24/7 to produce a safe and clean spa environment.

We learned that as the hot tub’s smart filtration system whirs into action, the water in the spa passes through a specially developed UV light chamber where a UVC sanitiser works to eliminate more than 60 of the most common disease-causing pathogens and microorganisms!

When combined with the hot tub’s antibacterial lining, and the aforementioned automatic filtration system, you’ll find one of the easiest to maintain and safest spa experiences currently on the market!

Energy-efficient heating

We think one of the most important features when developing an affordable inflatable hot tub has to be the spa’s heating system, get this wrong and you’re going to be shelling out a fortune on running the thing!

MSPA seem to have got the memo here, as the MSPA Bergen comes with an excellent PTC heater that automatically adjusts its resistance depending on the current temperature of the water.

In layman’s terms, the hot tub’s heating system will only fire into action when needed, provided that you’ve set your desired temperature via the pump or the handy wired controller!

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

2-4 adults

Water Capacity (70%):

700 L / 184 Gallons

Inflated Size:

180.3cm x 71.1cm

Filled Weight:

721.5kg /1591lbs

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius

Is this a wi-fi controlled hot tub?

The MSPA Bergen has opted to pass up on Wi-Fi controls, though we think you’ll find adjusting the hot tub’s main functions from the wired controller to be easy enough!

Does this model have lighting?

To help keep the MSPA Bergen’s price down, you won’t find any lights here, but you can purchase lighting accessories separately, with floating lights starting at around £10-£20 each.

How many people can it accommodate?

The Bergen MSPA can be found in a few sizes, namely a 4, 6 or even 8 seater capacity. We chose the 4 seater model and were pretty impressed by its roomy 180cm diameter floor.

Our team had no issues fitting 4 average-sized adults into this spa, though as is common with inflatable hot tubs, you will enjoy more legroom by operating under capacity!

What about safety features?

The MSPA Bergen comes bundled with a range of hygiene features, including a UVC sanitiser, an antibacterial lining, and even a smart filtration system, which will automatically engage for 1 hour every 8 hours to free the water from nasty contaminants.

You’ll also find a secure cover lid that can be buckled over the Bergen MSPA during storage to help prevent any accidental slips into the water, provide security and retain water temperature.

Finally, we noticed a PRDC unit in the hot tub’s 5.1m power cable, which will cut the electrical supply if any fault is detected within the wiring. This unit, alongside every other electrical component, carries a water-resistance rating of IPX5.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the MSPA Bergen hot tub?

Though the Bergen MSPA may have stripped down its features to meet a budget price point, our team was surprised by how comfortable this model is!

MSPA’s auto-inflate function ensures that the walls provide excellent back support, and the inner lining is coated in soft-touch textured PVC to prevent your skin from sticking to the sides!

The floor could do with more padding for longer sessions, but this can be easily remedied by installing a foam mat beneath the tub or purchasing a few inflatable seats for around £10-£20 each.

Running costs

The MSPA Bergen benefits from the energy efficiency of its PTC heater to provide decent control over its costs, with our reviewers seeing weekly energy bills of around £7-£10.

Engaging the energy-saving timer via the remote control is easy enough, and we found this can help further reduce costs during longer sessions.

We recommend storing this portable spa with the cover firmly sealed and a thermal blanket over the top during colder nights, as you’ll find that the bulk of your expenses come from heating the water from zero!

Heat up times

We had the MSPA Bergen bubbling away at about 40 degrees Celsius within 10 hours of setting the thing up, which is impressive for a spa of this size.

The PTC heater does a good job of reducing daily heating times to around 1-2 hours during mild weather. Still, we recommend popping a thermal cover over this mspa inflatable hot tub during the winter to give it a little extra help during freezing conditions!

How noisy is the MSPA Bergen model?

Though the MSPA Bergen doesn’t make use of this brand’s noise-suppressing pump, we found it manageable in the noise department.

With only 700L of water and 118 air jets, this thing will never be as loud as some of the larger inflatable hot tubs we’ve tested, but the single speed of the jets does impact your ability to keep on top of the noise a little.

If you pop this spa on an insulating mat and in a sheltered area of the garden, you shouldn’t have any issues with excessive noise, but do avoid running the Bergen hot tub late into the night!

Winter usage

We measured the MSPA Bergen’s PTC heater to operate at a rate of about 1.5-2 degrees Celsius per hour, which is respectable for wintertime soaks.

The included anti-icing system also does an excellent job of preventing the water from freezing by automatically applying heat when the temperatures drop below zero.

However, we would say that you should invest in a thermal cover for this spa during storage, as trapping the hot tub’s heat overnight will drastically reduce your daily heating times!

Price and discounts

The MSPA Bergen is very reasonably priced, with this budget model packing in far more features than we’d expect at this price point.

If you want to shave even more off the asking price, try checking suppliers during the depths of winter. We often find that stockists introduce drastic discounts during this period when the demand for inflatable hot tubs is particularly low!

Warranty and support

As a Comfort Series model, the MSPA Bergen is eligible for a 12-month warranty on its electrical components and 6 months on the spa’s body.

MSPA’s official website hosts a great range of handy how-to videos, information manuals and FAQs that should answer any burning questions about your bubble spa; you’ll also find an online contact form here to get in touch with their customer service team!

MSPA Bergen Reviews

The reviews of the MSPA Bergen are good with many complimenting its size, the strength of the bubbles from the bubble jet and how aesthetically pleasing it is on the eye.

As far as budget inflatable hot tubs are concerned, we believe that the MSPA Bergen is amongst the top-rated when it comes to m spa hot tub reviews. Its affordable price makes it accessible to many families whilst still offering luxury.

nergy-efficient, comfortable and hard-wearing spa that manages to pack in 118 powerful air jets, a fast-acting heater, and even a couple of high-tech hygiene features for a very reasonable price.

You will find more functionality and control in some of MSPA’s more expensive hot tubs, but we think the MSPA Bergen is a great choice as far as first family hot tubs go.

How does it compare?

The Miami

Similarly sized to the Bergen MSPA and does feature 2 more air jets, though we’re not sure that it’s worth it at a considerably higher price!

The frost protection system is a little faster-acting than MSPA’s, so if you’re planning on winter soaks, this may be the better choice.

The Dellonda

At both its 4 and 6 person capacities, the Dellonda is about the same size as the Bergen MSPA, though this model lacks MSPA’s handy wired controller.

The Dellonda is also a little more expensive for the same functionality, so we’re sticking with the MSPA Bergen!

How to Set Up The MSPA Bergen

Using MSPA’s auto-inflate function, getting the Bergen spa ready for action is as simple as attaching the inflation hose and clicking a single button; the pump will do the rest!

Check out this video for a walk through on how to set up an MSPA.

Last Word

When it comes to affordable inflatable hot tubs, we don’t think you can go wrong choosing the MSPA Bergen. In our opinion, this brand has refined the most important aspects of jacuzzi design without raising the price with unnecessary faff!

For first time buyers, casual hot tubbers or families looking to make the most of their garden during the summer, we believe that the MSPA Bergen comes in at a more than reasonable price and will meet almost every need.

If you’re serious about year-round hot-tubbing, there may be better options out there, but for the average consumer, we hope this MSPA Bergen review has helped!

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