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MSpa Ottoman Review [6 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the MSPA Ottoman (updated in 2023)

Proving that affordable hot tubs don’t always lack visual appeal, the MSPA Ottoman heads up this brand’s Comfort Series with a sleek rattan exterior and a spacious 6 person capacity. But how well does this spa perform? And what makes it stand out?

It’s sometimes a thankless task searching for hot tubs on the market, but we’re determined to find the cream of the crop!

MSPA Ottoman Review

The 6-person MSPA Ottoman comes bundled with many of this brand’s most popular features, including 138 jets, smart filtration, an anti-icing unit and a noise-suppressing pump. Though unique to this model is an eye-catching rattan-printed exterior.

In over 10 years of hot tub reviewing, we’ve fallen in love with these products, and we’d like you to be able to experience the joys of hot tubbing too!

In this guide, we’ll look at:

Keep reading to find out whether the MSPA Ottoman performs as well as it looks!

Table of Contents

Who said budget hot tubs need to be drab? MSPA’s Comfort Series is traditionally their most affordable range of spas. The Ottoman certainly falls into this category, but unlike some of the blander designs of its range-mates, this 6-seater tub is all about style!

The MSPA Ottoman’s eye-catching rattan-printed shell doesn’t just make for a great garden feature. It’s formed from a 6-layer PVC fabric that we learned is both puncture resistant and coated in a hygienic antibacterial lining.

Beyond its visual appeal, the MSPA Ottoman is brimming with functionality, including 138 air jets, a fast-acting PTC heater and even an anti-icing system to allow for some much-needed soaks in the depths of winter!

Quick Glance

Review Rating


4-6 adults

Set Up Time

10-15 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

10-16 hours

Running Costs

£40-£50 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Frost protection included


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Currently in Stock

The MSPA Ottoman is available to buy


Rattan-printed exterior, frost protection, smart filtration


No variable jet controls

What We Liked - Key Features

Rattan-printed exterior

We can’t talk about the MSPA Ottoman without mentioning its stylish outer shell. We love its rattan-printed design for its looks alone, but we’re pleased to learn of its extra functionality during our tests!

Fashioned from MSPA’s 6-layer PVC fabric, the MSPA Ottoman’s entire shell is puncture resistant against all of the common causes of bumps and scrapes, including stray branches, pointy stones and (of course) overexcited kids!

There’s also an antibacterial lining applied to the rim and inner walls, which has been tested to reduce bacterial growth by as much as 99% during regular use.

Anti-icing system

As great as inflatable hot tubs are during the peak of the summer, we’ve got a soft spot for warming winter soaks, but many popular spas just aren’t up to the task!

Luckily for us, the MSPA Ottoman comes with a dedicated anti-icing system designed to ward off frost and freezing temperatures to allow for some soothing winter dips.

Provided that the spa is hooked up to your power supply during frosty nights, this anti-icing system will automatically engage the heaters when the water drops below freezing, preventing frozen water from damaging the pipes and assisting in your daily heating times.

Smart filtration unit

Not only does the MSPA Ottoman hot tub have the ability to keep the water temperature warm during the winter, but this dependable spa makes use of a high-tech filtration system to maintain a healthy and hygienic interior at all times.

MSPA’s improved smart filtration system will automatically switch on for 1 hour every 4 hours to completely rid the water of germs and contaminants that may have built up during your soak!

We also found that using this fancy unit seems to result in a more stable chemical balance, meaning you’ll be able to save a couple of quid on expensive hot tub chemicals by running this thing.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

4-6 people

Water Capacity (70%):

930 L / 245 Gallons

Inflated Size:

204cm x 70cm

Filled Weight:

954kg /2103lbs

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

As a member of MSPA’s Comfort Series, this hot tub lacks some of this brand’s fancier features, meaning you won’t find any Wi-Fi controls here.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

In keeping with the MSPA Ottoman’s budget design, you won’t find any lights, though quality floating LEDs can be purchased separately for as little as £10-£20 a pop!

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

With a sprawling 204cm diameter floor, we found the MSPA Ottoman to be more than capable of comfortably seating up to 6 average-sized adults.

If you’re looking at this model as a family hot tub, you’ll be even more comfortable with 2 adults and up to 4 kids in here.

What About Safety Features?

We’ve already mentioned the Ottoman MSPA’s excellent hygiene features, designed to protect your family from germs, pathogens, microrganisms and bacteria, but we also found a PRCD unit in the power cable that will automatically cut the electrics if any technical faults appear.

Every electrical component in the MSPA Ottoman carries a water-resistance rating of IPX5, meaning it’s safe to be used in light rain and around low-pressure water jets.

We were also impressed by the top cover, fitted with secure buckles and a child safety lock, designed to prevent any accidental trips into the water during storage!

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the MSPA Ottoman hot tub?

With MSPA’s handy auto-inflate function allowing the MSPA Ottoman to be pumped to its maximum pressure with ease, we found reclining against this hot tub’s cushioned walls to be very comfortable indeed!

Inside the tub, the comfort levels are certainly increased with all 138 air jets bubbling away, though we did need to pop a foam mat underneath the spa to provide a little extra cushioning during our tests!

Running costs

In our time with the MSPA Ottoman, we clocked in an average weekly spend of around £7-£10 on running costs.

By storing the spa with its cover firmly sealed to trap a little heat overnight, we were able to cut down on our daily heating bill, and we noticed that the smart filtration system seems to cut down on the frequency of topping up chemicals!

Running this spa during the winter may cost a little more as the water takes longer to heat, but all in all, we found the MSPA Ottoman to be pretty economical!

Heat up times

The Ottoman MSPA uses its PTC heater to significant effect, warming the water at a rate of about 1.5-2 degrees Celsius per hour.

This meant we had all 930L of this spa’s water warmed up to about 40 degrees Celsius within 10-11 hours of unboxing the thing!

Daily heating times were assisted by storing the hot tub with its cover sealed and the anti-icing system powered to trap a little heat, with our average time coming in between 1-2 hours.

How noisy is the MSPA Ottoman model?

With MSPA’s fancy “whisper quiet” pump making an appearance in this model, we were delighted to find that the MSPA Ottoman rarely, if ever, peeks its head over 70db.

Even with the jets bubbling away, we reckon this model is no louder than a vacuum cleaner, which is pretty good going for a 6-seater hot tub!

It is a little disappointing that the jets don’t feature variable speeds to offer more control over the noise levels, but ultimately we didn’t find this too much of an issue.

You can further reduce the noise by sticking an insulated mat underneath the base, but so long as you’re not running this spa late into the night, we don’t think you’ll have any noise-related issues!

Winter usage

The MSPA Ottoman’s anti-icing unit has a chance to shine here, with this automatic system doing a great job of preventing the water from freezing overnight by applying heat whenever the frost rolls in.

Combine this system with a thermal cover over the lid during storage, and you’ll drastically reduce your daily heating times, resulting in a great bubble spa for winter soaks!

Price and discounts

Though the MSPA Ottoman is part of their affordable Comfort Series, it is one of the pricier members of this range, but we feel that the size, design and functionality of this spa make it more than worth MSPA’s asking price.

If you fancy a further discount, try checking a range of suppliers during the winter. When the temperatures plummet, it’s not uncommon to find fantastic deals on inflatable hot tubs that are no longer in season!

Warranty and support

The MSPA Ottoman comes with a warranty that covers the electrical components for 12 months and the body of the spa for 6 months.

If any issues pop up, we recommend checking out the brand’s official website, where you’ll find a great range of how-to videos, manuals and FAQs that aim to answer all common inflatable spa problems.

MSPA also provides an online contact form via their website, which can be used to get in touch with their team.

MSPA Ottoman Reviews

The reviews of the MSPA Ottoman back up our review that it’s one of the most popular mspa hot tubs for sale. People love the exterior look and its size with it scoring on average 4/5 stars.

Often budget range hot tubs lack the pizzaz of their more expensive counterparts, but with the MSPA Ottoman, we feel hot tubbers are getting the best of both worlds!

We love this spa’s stylish rattan-printed shell and were even more impressed with its excellent durability and hygienic antibacterial lining.

Despite being a less expensive model, the MSPA Ottoman still manages to provide a powerful (if basic) 138 air jet massage system, a tremendous winter-proof heating system and a convenient smart filtration system.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet highly functional hot tub to be enjoyed by the family year-round, you couldn’t do much better than the MSPA Ottoman!

How Does It Compare?

The Ibiza

The Ibiza jacuzzi packs a couple more air jets into its interior, though you’ll be losing 20cms in diameter for the privilege. Personally, we prefer the rattan-printed design of the MSPA Ottoman.

This hot tub does feature a slightly more powerful frost protection system, though, so if you live in a perpetually cold climate, you might be better off here!


The CosySpa is considerably cheaper than the MSPA Ottoman and comes in around the same size, though this hot tub is nowhere near as stylish as MSPA’s offering.

There are also fewer air jets in this model, and the pump is quite a bit noisier, so we’re sticking with the MSPA Ottoman.

How to Set Up The MSPA Ottoman?

We managed to get the Ottoman MSPA inflated and ready to be filled in about 10 minutes using the auto-inflate button on the pump; the system even automatically disengages when you reach the optimal pressure!

Last Word

Dancing the line between budget affordability and stylish design, we found that the MSPA Ottoman really can provide the best of both worlds.

With a hard-wearing and hygienic exterior, this spa will surely stand up to daily family use, and with a superb 204cm diameter floor, you’re not going to have any problems fitting everybody in the water.

The MSPA Ottoman’s 138 air jets are nice and powerful, though we would like the option to add variable speed controls, but all in all, we think this would make a great inflatable hot tub for first-time buyers and families alike! 

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