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MSpa Soho Review [6 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the MSPA Soho premium hot tub (updated in 2023)

Hot tubs are an excellent way to relax after work with your other half and are great for parties and family BBQs. However, you only have to look at the reviews to see that sometimes people’s experiences are not all they should be.

That’s where we come in; over the last few years, reviewing the best and worst hot tubs, we’ve seen some inflatables that are bursting with features; others, well, they we’re just bursting!

MSPA Soho Review

Get to know the MSpa Soho, a modern and stylish hot tub that stands out in any garden. It offers a tailored spa experience with 132 variable-speed jets controlled with a wired controller. The construction keeps the water warm, reducing heating times. Choose MSpa Soho for a visually appealing and comfortable spa experience.

So how does the Mspa Soho stack up? It’s certainly an eye-catching design but is this style over substance? What features does it have that will persuade you to part with your hard-earned cash? Let’s see!

This review will uncover:

Keep reading as we sneak a peek under the cover of the Soho and see what all the fuss is about?

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In our experience, these MSPA inflatable jacuzzis are amongst the most well-made products that we’ve tested, but stepping things up into their premium range takes this statement to the next level.

The 6 seater MSPA Premium Soho outdoor spa is perhaps the best advertisement for MSPA’s modern hot tubs, boasting an eye-catching contemporary design fashioned from an insulated mesh fabric and with a stylish leather trim cover.

Under the hood, you’ll find an intelligent variable massage system made up of 132 individual jets, a comprehensive combination of hygiene features, and even a handy wired controller that allows for complete control over the spa’s main features from the comfort of the water!

Quick Glance

Review Rating


4-6 adults

Set Up Time

10 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

10-16 hours

Running Costs

£35-£45 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Anti-icing system included


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Currently in Stock

Currently available for purchase


Eye-catching design, 132 air jets, insulted construction


No Wi-Fi controls or lights

What We Liked - Key Features

Contemporary design

First, we’ve got to talk about the MSPA eye-catching exterior, a bold combination of angular stripes and a brilliant white mesh under-layer that creates what our team believes to be one of the most stylish looking hot tubs on the market.

With an impressive 930L capacity, the MSPA Premium Soho is ideal for garden parties, which makes this stunning visual appeal all the more important as it’s sure to wow your guests during an evening relaxing in the bubbles!

132 variable speed jets

It’s all well and good convincing your friends to come and hang out in your hot tub with its visual appeal, but you’d better make sure that you can make them stay with an impressive massage system!

We had a blast testing out MSPA’s variable speed massaging jets, finding the whole system incredibly easy to control via the wired controller.

All 132 jets, evenly spaced out amongst the cushioned floor, can be effortlessly switched between a gentle bubble and a high-power stream to produce an intensive massage that we had trouble walking away from!

Insulated construction

One issue we’ve had in the past with This brand’s hot tubs is their poor heat retention, so we were delighted to learn about the MSPA Premium Soho’s improved insulating mesh lining. Filled with a lot of quality, the base, shape, weight and lining have all been carefully thought out to provide a durable hot tub.

This multi-layered construction works to trap the hot tub’s heat, allowing the Premium Soho to maintain its water temperature for longer, reducing your daily heating times by up to an hour.

We put this construction to the test and found that a combination of this lining and the inflatable cover does, in fact, assist the Mspa Soho inflatable hot tub in maintaining its water temperature within a few degrees overnight, resulting in a noticeable reduction in heating costs!

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

Up to 6 adults

Water Capacity (70%):

930 L / 245 Gallons

Inflated Size:

185cm x 68cm

Filled Weight:

964kg/ 2125lbs

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

MSPA seems hesitant to include Wi-Fi controls in their hot tubs, which is a shame because we love this feature!

Whilst you won’t find Wi-Fi functionality here, a wired controller can be used to adjust the heater and the jets without needing to leave the water, so it’s not all bad!

Does This Model Have Lighting?

No lighting options are included with the MSPA Premium Soho, though if you want to spruce up your hot tub, there are a range of lighting accessories available, including MSPA’s LED strip (£60) and a range of floating lights (£20-£30).

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

The Premium Soho is billed as a 6 seater, though in our tests, we found this model to be much more comfortable housing 4 or 5 adults.

The square spa design certainly makes the most of this hot tub’s 185cm diameter, offering a decent amount of usable space, but we do think squeezing 6 adults in here will be a push!

What About Safety Features?

Blending into the MSPA Premium Soho’s angular striped design, you’ll find a secure clip cover with child safety locks to prevent anybody from falling in during storage.

We also found a PRCD unit in the 5.1m power cable, which upon further investigation, we learned will automatically cut the electrical supply if any fault is detected within the wiring.

Each electrical component also has a water-resistance rating of IPX5, representing protection against light rain and low-pressure water jets. There’s an ozone generator in the walls that works to kill any bacteria present in the water.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the MSPA Soho hot tub?

Our team found relaxing in the Premium Soho portable hot tub to be a very comfortable experience. The inner walls have a soft cushioned lining that doesn’t stick to your skin, and thanks to MSPA’s auto-inflate function, we were able to maintain a supportive pressure within the Premium MSPA’S shell.

The ability to easily switch between all 3 of the massage system’s jet speeds from within the tub also helps to produce a very comfortable soak. However, we would like the option to include raised seating to improve the quite rigid floor padding!

Running costs

The Premium Soho by MSPAs’ multi-layered construction helps this hot tub’s energy efficiency, with our tests showing that heating and running this thing for a few hours a day is likely to cost about £7-£10 per week.

The ability to change the speed of the jets and engage the energy-saving timer using the wired controller also helps in terms of monitoring your energy usage.

Another thing we found to be helpful was that by engaging the ozone generator for 10 minutes prior to entering the water, we reduced our need to adjust the chemical levels as often, saving us a little money on these expensive products!

Heat up times

One aspect of the MSPA operation that we were really impressed by was its improvements over other models in terms of heat retention.

We found that a combination of the multi-layered lining and the inflatable lid worked very well at maintaining the water temperature, allowing for daily heating times of around 1-2 hours.

It did take a little over 10 hours to heat the Premium Soho initially, but once we’d achieved a decent water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, maintaining this level within a few degrees was surprisingly easy!

How noisy is the MSPA Soho model?

The Premium Soho Jacuzzi makes use of MSPA’s “whisper quiet” digital pump, which has been engineered to run as quietly as possible and is aided by the main control box housed in an insulated pool liner.

These elements combine to reduce the hot tub’s operational noise to around 70db at full power, which we were very surprised by during our testing!

Winter usage

We’ve often been left a little underwhelmed by the MSPA brand when it comes to winter usage considerations, finding that their anti-icing system isn’t quite powerful enough to maintain a decent water temperature during freezing conditions.

By running the anti-icing unit overnight, we were able to prevent the water from freezing, but we found that you’ll be much better off just running the heater at around 10 degrees Celsius to help reduce your daily heating times when you do want to take a dip.

Having said this, the MSPA Premium Soho does retain its heat exceptionally well, so if you secure the cover and chuck a thermal blanket over this thing during the colder months, we think you’ll be just fine!

Price and discounts

image of a pound sign

We’re pretty happy with how the Premium Soho spa is priced; considering its intensive massage system, range of hygiene features and comfortable construction, we think you’re definitely getting your money’s worth here.

Of course, we’re always going to be happy with a discount!

During our time reviewing inflatable hot tubs, we’ve noticed that prices tend to drop during the colder months, when the interest in these products wanes, so we recommend checking a few suppliers around this time for a decent discount!

Warranty and support

As a member of the Premium collection, the Premium Soho is eligible for an entire year’s warranty on the electrical components and the body of the spa itself.

We looked for any customer support options that MSPA offers and found a great collection of how-to videos, manuals and FAQs available on their official website and an online form that can be used to contact one of their customer service team if you do indeed encounter any issues or a problem.

MSPA Soho Reviews

The reviews of the MSPA Premium Soho are good with people highlighting the sturdiness and affordability to run.

In terms of visual appeal, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more striking hot tub than this, and we reckon that the features packed into this stylish form are worth considering.

The massage system is powerful and easy to operate, and the included hygiene features make maintaining this hot tub a super simple task.

We were impressed by the durable and comfortable construction, and even more so by its heat retention qualities, so if you can find this spa at a reasonable price, we think you’ll like what it has to offer!

How Does It Compare?

The Paris

With 8 more jets and a larger capacity than the MSPA Soho, you might find that the Atlantic Plus sounds like a better deal. However, we think that the multi-layered construction provides a better looking and more insulated product.

It is also considerably louder than the MSPA Premium Soho square hot tub, so if you’ve got neighbours close by, they might prefer that you go for MSPA’s model!

Atlantic Plus

Though the Bestway Paris may not feature a striking visual design, it does come bundled with its own LED lighting system, which we think is a pretty good alternative!

You’ll also find more jets than the MSPA Premium Soho, and a much more powerful heating system, so if these are your main wants, you might prefer the Paris.

How To Set Up The MSPA Soho

Inflating the MSPA premium Soho bubble spa is easily achieved using the included hose and an auto-inflate button on the pump; we had our model ready to be filled in under 10 minutes!

Last Word

The MSPA Soho is one of the most stylish hot tubs we’ve come across, but thankfully this style is not only skin deep.

We were impressed by the powerful massage system and love how simple it is to control. The MSPA Soho premium’s durable construction works well to produce a comfortable, spacious and well-insulated hot tub that we think is ideal for sociable couples and families.

It might lack lights and Wi-Fi, but we think the rest of its features are more than enough to make this hot tub a good buy! We hope our review helped and if you need any other advice regarding MSPA, head to our category page.

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