The UK’s Cheapest Hot Tub Deals and Inflatable Spas on Sale

Hot tubs aren’t cheap, so if you’re anything like us, we’re always looking for a bargain. That’s why this page is going to be your go-to when looking for a new low-cost hot tub. 

Every month we’ll bring you the best discounts and hot tub deals from leading brands like Lay-Z-Spa and Intex at knockdown prices too good to ignore. 

So, if you want to enjoy relaxing in bubbling hot water under the stars or have some family fun, what are you waiting for

Keep reading for this month’s best hot tub deals 

The Inflatable Hot Tub Deals To Snap Up Today

Lay Z Spa Hollywood (4-6 Person -18% off) 

If you want to make a statement with your new hot tub spa, this is the one for you. The sleek black design looks great in a contemporary garden and with 140 massage jets, you’ll certainly enjoy a relaxing soak. Of course, it boasts all the standard Lay-Z-Spa features we love, but the thing that makes the Hollywood stand out is the LED lighting system.

The multi‑coloured remote‑controlled lighting shines through the liner, which is semi-transparent, illuminating the spa water and creating beautiful patterns ideal for a party or romantic evening under the stars and with almost 20% off the original price; it’s an absolute steal! 

You can learn more about the Hollywood hot tub here.

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Lay-Z-Spa Milan Airjet Plus (4-6 person – 57% off)  

At less than half price, this is the biggest bargain on our list. If you are looking for a family-sized hot tub with excellent reviews, quality construction and unbelievably for this price, Wi-Fi functionality, you should buy the Milan today! 

Controlling your spa via your phone or smart device means your hot tub is always ready when you are simply download the app, turn on the heater at work and the water will be a blissful 40 degrees by the time you get home. This feature is usually only seen on more expensive models, so you can be sure you’re getting a real bargain with this six-person inflatable.

You can learn more about the Milan hot tub here.

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Mspa Silver Cloud (4-6 person – 43% off)

You may not get all the bells and whistles such as lights and Wi-Fi with the Silver Cloud, but what you will get with this no-frills package is a sleek and elegant design that will complement any garden decor jam-packed with useful features.

The self-inflating Silver Cloud boasts the latest plug-and-play technology. It has innovative anti-bacterial fabric, a frost protection system for year-round use and whisper-quiet operation thanks to a built-in pump, which also means it takes up less space. What’s not to love and with over 40% off, it’s a terrific deal. 

You can learn more about the Silver Cloud hot tub here.

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Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki (5-7 person – 48% off) 

Is bigger better? Not necessarily, but this is an excellent price for what is the biggest model from the leading brand Lay-Z-Spa. With an impressive 180 air jets for ultimate relaxation and a stylish wood effect exterior that looks great in any garden. 

The Helsinki is easy to set up in minutes and boasts some fantastic energy-efficient features such as the timer, Freeze Shield tech so you can enjoy the hot tub all year round and an inflatable cover to help retain the heat. This is the best price we’ve seen this model and you’d be crazy to simply scroll by at this price! 

You can learn more about the Helsinki hot tub here.

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Mspa Ottoman (4-6 person – 4% off) 

The Ottoman 6-person inflatable hot tub is a great purchase anyway, so whilst a 4% off sale price may not seem like much, it makes this one of the best deals online for a spa the whole family can enjoy. 

The classic round style has an elegant grey rattan design that suits any garden. Mspa’s excellent filtration system is one of the industry’s best, with a UVC sanitiser and a built-in anti-bacterial system. This 2021 model also includes a remote control so you can inflate this hot tub, set the timer and switch on the bubbles all with the touch of a button. 

This is an excellent price for a stylish hot tub that provides fun all year round! 

You can learn more about the Ottoman hot tub here.

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Lay-Z-Spa Miami ( 4 person hot tub 40% off) 

One of Lay-Z-Spa’s most popular models and boasting hundreds of 5-star reviews, it has a whopping 40% off at the moment. Making it one of the best deals online for a couples hot tub. 

This is a deal not to be missed. Providing cushioned comfort, this durable little spa boasts ultra-tough Duraplus material and I-Beam construction for longevity. It has all the innovative Lay-Z-Spa features that are included as standard. 

Freeze Shield so you can use this hot tub in the cold winter months, an energy-saving timer to save you money and 120 bubble jets for a blissful all-over massage experience. Why wait? This is the best value 2-4 person offering from Lay Z Spa, so don’t miss out; buy it today! 

You can learn more about the Miami hot tub here. 

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Intex PureSpa Bubble Round (4-6 person 40% off)

If you live in one of the UK’s many hard water areas, stop scrolling NOW! This 6-person hot tub has a built-in hard water treatment system which makes the water gentler on your skin and hot tub components and with a whopping 40% reduction is one of our favourite hot tub deals around right now. 

Intex is a big name in inflatables; with their energy-efficient heating and superior construction, the pure spa hot tubs are some of the best garden spas currently available for families and friends.

This one comes with a host of accessories, including  3-way test strips, two filter cartridges, a floating chlorine dispenser, a thermal ground sheet, an inflation hose and a handy carry bag for storage. These great deals won’t be around for long, so grab them today!  

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Are Cheap Hot Tubs Worth Buying?

The hot tub deals we’ve covered above show that some cheaper hot tubs are worth buying. In fact, what are you even doing reading this? You should be adding one of the above to your shopping basket right now. However, when you purchase hot tubs, cheap is not always a good thing. 

Hot tubs have recently seen a surge in popularity, resulting in lots of dodgy manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon and selling cheap flimsy options that won’t last. 

We always recommend reading the reviews before splashing the cash, so you can see how other customers have fared. Avoid cheap garden spas made by unknown brands with no reviews; they won’t be the quality you’d expect and may end up costing you more in the long run.

How Much Should I Pay For A Good Hot Tub Spa?

Hot tub deals aside, it really depends on your budget. An inflatable tub can range in price from a couple of hundred pounds to over a grand, whereas hard-shelled hot tubs typically cost thousands of pounds. 

Buying cheap hot tubs can be a risk as not all spas are created equal. Big brands like Lay-Z-Spa and Mspa have strict quality controls and invest heavily in hot tub technology. 

Not only does this ensure their products are well built but also that they have patented technologies and unique features, some of which, like Lay-Z-Spas energy saving timer, may actually save you money in the long term. 

That being said, it’s not always true that the best hot tubs are the most expensive; we’ve seen some excellent features in hot tubs under £500 

When Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Go On Sale?

Apart from the Boxing day, New Year and the global phenomenon that is Black Friday, there are no particular times of year for hot tub sales. 

However, brands often discount some of their spas to make way for newly launched models with better features. 

That means you can often find reductions on two or three models in a range, so there’s always a chance to secure a fantastic hot tub deal. 

Of course, like any sale, it’s important not to be swept away by the lower price. The hot tub still needs to have the features you need; otherwise, no matter what price you pay, it will be an expensive mistake. 

Lay Z Spa Deals 

MSpa Deals

Is There Anywhere Online That Sells Clearance Or Bankrupt Stock?

The best hot tub deals don’t hang around for long. Garden spas are popular and often, the stock is limited, so we were unable to find anywhere that sells bankrupt stock or offers a hot tub clearance sale for inflatable tubs. However, we found one website offering clearance hot tub offers for static models and selling ex-display models. 

Combined Shipping Company Ltd boasts over 20 years in the industry and is an employee-owned business based in Leicester. They claim to cut out the middle man and pass on these savings to their customers; they also sell swim spas, spa gazebos and other garden and hot tub accessories.

Online Market Places & High Street Stores Great For Special Offers


Cheap hot tubs at Aldi are now a regular thing. The store usually has at least one hot tub offering for rock bottom prices. Currently, it is the rather snazzy octagonal 4-person spa coming in at under £400. You’d typically expect to pay a lot more for this quality hot tub. 

The 135 therapeutic air jets provide a blissful spa experience and this hot tub comes with two headrests, a thermal ground mat, an easy-to-use control panel, a carry bag and an insulated cover. They also do some cheap hot tub accessories, including the Intex floating LED light, cup holders and a maintenance kit. 

eBay isn’t the best place to shop for new hot tubs as they are similar in price to anywhere else. However, you can get some great hot tub deals on refurbished models and, of course, preowned spas, although these are usually offered for collection only, so you will have to find a local seller. 


This shop and collect store have a decent range of inflatable models for sale by both Lay-Z-Spa and Cleverspa hot tub models at discounted prices and lots of new deals popping up all the time. They also stock Lay-Z-Spa filter cartridges and a plethora of accessories. 

The Range 

Offering one of the most comprehensive collections of hot tubs, the Range not only sells discounted inflatable tub models by the likes of Lay-Z-Spa and Mspa, plus the Canadian Spa Grand Rapids. They also sell permanent hot tubs, with some priced at upwards of £20,000 

Robert Dyas 

Another store offering a mix of both blow-up spas and hard-sided tubs, Robert Dyas is an official Lay-Z-Spa stockist and also sells Canadian Spa hot tubs and accessories such as drinks holders, filter cartridges  and chemical kits 

B & Q 

Stocking most of the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub range and a few from Cleverspa and the Canadian Spa Company B & Q is a great place to find hot tub deals and with free delivery for orders over £50, you’ll be quids in.


Another alternative for bargain hot tubs. Homebase has a decent range by Lay-Z-Spa and Cleverspa along with some more expensive static hot tubs and with sale reductions of up to £200 off the Florence and the Cleverspa Cotswolds, a lovely green 4-seater hot tub, you are sure to get a great deal. 

B & M Bargains 

Even discount stores are cashing in on the hot tub action B & M boasts some of the best hot tub prices for inflatable options we’ve seen. In fact, their Paris is one of the cheapest hot tub deals we’ve discovered anywhere. 


Not to be confused with the cheapest, the most affordable hot tub depends on your budget, whilst £500 and upwards may be affordable to some and a fortune for others. That being said, the most affordable hot tub we’ve found is the Cosyspa portable hot tub. It comes in two sizes and at well under £300 for the largest excluding delivery, it’s an excellent deal.

The best time of year to buy hot tubs and accessories is undoubtedly the winter months because demand is lower and brands will often try to entice customers with special offers. 

If you’re anything like me, haggling for the best deal is a standard part of any purchase. The thing is, inflatable tubs are pretty cheap compared to a rigid Jacuzzi anyway, so there’s not much bargaining to be had.

Where things get interesting, however, is with the large acrylic hot tubs. These cost thousands, so negotiating a better deal is well worth it. Be cheeky and ask for a reduction or the inclusion of some special features you won’t know unless you ask. 

Just be aware that if suddenly a salesperson starts knocking off thousands, it’s a bit like a Turkish market; chances are the hot tub will be poor quality and overpriced in the first place.

Last Word 

So, there you have it, this month’s hottest hot tub deals straight off the press. Affordable hot tubs are easy to find if you know where to look and we’ve done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the best hot tubs at discounted prices. 

And if by a small chance you haven’t found your perfect hot tub today, don’t worry; we’ll be back soon with some more great deals. For even more visit our homepage.

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