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What is the Best Intex Hot Tub to Buy? [2023 Reviews]

This is our review of the best Intex hot tub (updated in 2023)

Intex hot tub reviews show these are some of the most popular hot tubs on the market, with good reason. They give you a hassle-free, luxurious spa experience and are packed with features such as the hard water treatment system, floating chemical dispenser and digital control panel.

Here at the Hot Tub Guide, we’ve been reviewing the worst and the best inflatable hot tubs for more years than we care to remember, so we felt able to give all the brands’ offerings a good grilling.

Keep reading to see what we learned.

About The Intex Hot Tub Range

Intex has been around for a long time and is renowned for its top-quality inflatable water-sport equipment such as kayaks and paddleboards. 

Whilst Intex’s products and range aren’t as extensive as some other hot tub manufacturers like Lay-Z-Spa. It can still be confusing trying to choose the right spa, especially as prices range from a few hundred pounds for their most affordable hot tub to well over a grand for their premium hot tubs.

Intex makes some of the most durable inflatable hot tubs on the market. We were particularly impressed with the Intex PureSpa plus range; these contemporary and affordable hot tubs provide ultimate relaxation.

The company produces various inflatable hot tubs, including 2-4 seaters, their mid-range 4-6 person options and a huge 6-8 seater ideal for large families and parties.

All Intex hot tubs, including the Intex Purespa plus, boast Fiber-Tech construction, a simple-to-use control panel, an excellent filtration system and a powerful bubble massage system 

Intex Hot Tub Review And Buyer’s Guide

Best 4 Person
Intex Greywood Deluxe

This is our mini overview of the Intex Purespa Greywood Deluxe

Deluxe is in the name and certainly in the operation of this fancy, tech-filled luxury spa.

Not only does this 4-person inflatable hot tub include an impressive 140 heated air jets stuffed into the perimeter of its comfortable cushioned floor, but the Intex Greywood Deluxe Purespa also goes above and beyond in terms of premium features and will look good on any patio. 

We love the wireless control panel, finding that once you’ve experienced being able to heat water and adjust the bubble jets this way, it’s pretty hard to go back to the bog-standard control panel models that we’re used to.

The Greywood pushes the boat out with multi-coloured LED lights making it one of the best inflatable hot tubs for parties that Intex produces.

We loved setting this module to the automatic cycle and drifting away into a delightfully colourful bubble bath. Though this Intex hot tub boasts stand-outs, we should also mention that this inflatable hot tub comes with an impressive number of standard features. 

These hot tubs include a hard water filtration system, an insulated cover and lining, a chemical tablet dispenser and a great heater with a water temperature range that maxes out at a cosy 40 degrees Celsius perfect for a blissful soak. 

  • Multi-coloured LED light for mood ambience.
  • 140 heated air jets for a soothing massage experience
  • Great for hot tub owners living in hard water areas
  • A bit cramped with four adults squeezed in 

Best 6 Person
Intex PureSpa Bubble

One of the brand’s bestselling portable tubs, we reckon the Intex PureSpa Bubble six-seater size hot tub packs everything you could possibly need out of an inflatable into its comfortable 1,098L interior.

The hot tub capacity is more than enough to provide a cosy experience for 5, but we will admit that it was a bit of a push when we tried to squeeze six adults in!

We were impressed with the inclusion of140 high-powered bubble jets that come as standard on this Intex spa, the water heats to the desired temperature quickly and the patented fibre-tech construction is as comfortable as it gets.

The hot tub has a user-friendly digital control panel that even the most technologically challenged buyers will find easy to navigate.

The 3-ply laminated lining stands up to a good amount of jostling.  A carry bag, filter cartridges, inflation hose and floating Chlorine dispenser, are included with this inflatable spa, so all you need to order are the chemicals. 

Plus, with a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees and colossal water capacity, we’re confident that the Intex Purespa hot tub will meet any family’s needs.

  • Comfortable and durable making it great for families
  • User-friendly interface.
  • The Intex Purespa has 140 high-powered jets.
  • May be a little pricey for some budgets

Octagon Shape
Octagonal PureSpa

The Intex Octagonal Purespa is a cosy 4-person inflatable that couldn’t be further from the world of professional fighting.

Choosing a middle ground between the circular and square styles most hot tubs commonly use, this iteration of the Intex Purespa plus inflatable tub combines a comfortable Fiber Tech lining with a seating arrangement for up to 4 people. Which, in our experience, does a great job of promoting a more sociable hot tub experience.

We were impressed that the 120 air jets can be effortlessly adjusted from an easy-to-reach and intuitive control panel on the side of these Intex tubs. It also boasts an excellent heating system that produces warm water of 38 degrees Celsius consistently and without fail, even during some pretty chilly winter afternoons.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic and portable inflatable hot tub to unwind in with the family, or even better, to be enjoyed with a bit of extra legroom as a couple, you’ll no doubt have a blast as some consider this to be the best Intex spa.

  • Boasts a sociable octagonal design.
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transportation
  • 120 adjustable air jets.
  • Rapid heating system with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees
  • It could benefit from a larger capacity.

New Entry
The Simple Spa

The first thing that grabbed our attention with the Intex Simple Spa was its sleek black design, coated in a PVC laminate material that gives this portable tub an eye-catching sheen and contributes to its excellent load resistance.

While the comparably low number of air jets at only 100 is a little underwhelming, the massage it produces is soothing and feels exceptionally sturdy and comfortable, even at full capacity.

Though the number of jets may be a little lacking, they are pleasantly powerful.

We found cycling through this inflatable hot tub’s power and temperature settings to be super simple from its user-friendly control panel.

With a super simple setup needing only an inflation hose and pump to get everything in working order, we reckon those looking for a stylish and genuinely portable tub will be impressed with what this model offers.

  • Sleek black PVC lining.
  • Seats 4.
  • User-friendly controls.
  • Rapid heating to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Quick setup.
  • Fewer jets than we’d like at only 100.

Jet and Bubble Deluxe

When you’re talking about the best Intex hot tubs, you kind of have to mention this model. Whilst it may be a little unfair to the other Intex hot tubs on this list, as this is by all accounts a top-of-the-line inflatable, it will outclass its competition simply with the inclusion of its four whirlpool jets.

In addition to 140 standard bubble jets, our reviewers enjoyed possibly the most intensive bubble massage of their lives with these directional jets that can be fully adjusted to create a genuinely personal hot tub experience.

It’s not all about the massage system; this deluxe hydromassage inflatable hot tub is as comfortable as possible, with 48 Fiber Tech beams and two headrests that we were truly sad to part with after our time testing this tub out.

This spa also has hygienic features, including a hard water treatment system, salt water system, and chlorine dispenser.

It also has an excellent insulated hot tub cover that we found works well in conjunction with the 3-ply laminate lining to prevent heat loss and keep the water temperature at a cosy 40 degrees Celsius.

  • 140 bubble jets and four directional whirlpool jets.
  • Four seater tub
  • Hard water and saltwater treatment systems.
  • Included headrests.
  • Chlorine dispenser.
  • Maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  • One of the most expensive Intex hot tubs.
  • The addition of an LED light would be good in these premium Intex models.

Best 8-Person Hot Tub

Generally speaking, the best inflatable Intex hot tubs have at least 100 air jets and enough room for up to six people. Using this as a baseline, this Intex bubble spa can only be described as a premium inflatable.

We were blown away by the 170 high-powered bubble jets in this inflatable hot tub, an excellent water filtration system that completely eliminates hard water, and a mammoth water capacity of 1340L, more than enough to fit up to 8 adults comfortably!

Easy to set up in minutes using the inflation hose, the Intex PureSpa bubble massage spa is easily one of our team’s stand-out picks and certainly one of the best Intex hot tubs, balancing capacity and functionality perfectly. Thanks to a powerful massage system and impressive maximum water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

This spa also comes with a host of accessories, including a carry bag, two filter cartridges and ground mat. 

The only real downside is that even hot tubs this size need cleaning regularly and these Intex tubs will go through chemicals and filter cartridges like nobody’s business. But if you’re planning on entertaining, with some added LED lighting,  this Intex Purespa model blows any basic hot tub out of the water!

  • Best Intex inflatable hot tub for parties
  • 170 heated air jets.
  • Hard water system prevents scale build-up.
  • Water temperature range up to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Goes through filter cartridges fast.

Features of Intex Inflatable Hot Tubs

Intex’s inflatable hot tub range is jam-packed with features included as standard so let’s take a look.

Hard water – no problem? 

This is one of our favourite features in the Intex Purespa bubble massage spa.

Hard water can be detrimental to the operation of your hot tub as it causes a build-up of scale, which can result in irreparable damage to the tub.

It also makes the water harsher on the skin, which can result in irritation. 

All the models in the Intex range come with a dedicated hard water system incorporated into the tub.

This innovative tech ensures that hard water doesn’t put a dampener on your spa experience and is invaluable should you live in one of the UK’s hard water areas

The pump

The range comes with a 110-volt pump whilst not as powerful as some out there, it still manages a decent flow rate creating an excellent balance between power and functionality, plus it’s a bit quieter than some. 

Lots of bubbles

Jets are an important part of your spa experience and the Intex range doesn’t skimp on the bubble action with between 100 and 170 air jets in their hot tub models. While more jets produce a more therapeutic massage, the difference between 140 and 170 is barely discernable. 


Inflatable hot tubs have become so popular because they can be moved about and packed up and stored away. 

The best inflatable hot tub models can all be set up in minutes and come with a handy storage bag. They are also excellent for those living in rented accommodation. 

Thermal ground cloth 

All Intex spas, including the Purespa plus, come with a thermal ground cloth. Not only does it prevent heat loss through the bottom of the spa, but a thermal ground cloth protects the hot tub base from damage by sharp objects. 

Easy to use control panel 

The range boasts an easy-to-use LED control panel, which lets you adjust the temperature and switch on the bubble jets at the touch of a button for a hassle-free spa experience. 

The cover 

 A cover helps keep your hot tub water clean and retains the heat to help with energy consumption. All the Intex models come with lockable safety covers that prevent excessive heat loss and keep children and pets out of the tub when not in use. 

Warranty and support 

Provided that your PureSpa hot tub has been bought from an authorised dealer, you can expect a 12-month warranty on all components.

Any faulty hot tub parts will be replaced during this time; you just need to contact them via the website. 

They will also replace faulty components during this period through a warranty form on their website; you just need to provide them with a receipt or proof of purchase.

Intex also has a support team and email correspondence on their official website! So you can relax knowing that the aftersales team have your back.

Value for money 

image of a pound sign

Intex isn’t the cheapest hot tub manufacturer around, especially if you choose one of the hydro jet options. 

However, compared to rigid spas and some other inflatable tubs, they are an affordable option for those wanting to enjoy a blissful and relaxing spa experience in their back garden. 

Intex Problems

Most hot tub reviews are generally positive for this brand, and why wouldn’t they be with all the features listed above? However, there are a couple of specific problems that we have seen pop up from time to time.

Some Intex hot tub customers mention an E96 error code that occasionally ruins their fun, which Intex says is caused by a heater fuse error.

Our research shows that this can be triggered by poor suction from the hot tub filter cartridges (another issue that isn’t uncommon) though this can usually be fixed by cleaning or replacing the filter.

Similarly, most spas, including Intex inflatable hot tubs, don’t feature a built-in saltwater treatment system, so you will have difficulty filtering any salt that may find its way into your inflatable spa tub.

This will be highlighted by another error code (E98) and requires a chlorine shock treatment and spa pool stabiliser to get the filter system back up and running.

There’s also the odd mention of leaks around this portable hot tub spa pump.

However, manufacturing defects are always going to pop up with mass-produced products, and thank’s to the durability of Intex’s Fiber Tech material, it seems Intex models suffer less from punctures than its competitors do.

Intex Alternatives

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Intex or Mspa

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The Last Word

Intex Logo in white on side of pool

Intex portable hot tubs are only growing in popularity, with more and more people discovering the joys of simmering bubbles after a long day. If you’re considering joining this growing trend, we recommend looking at the Intex inflatable hot tub range.

Whilst they’re not the most well-known brand on the market, the best Intex hot tubs speak for themselves, with significant considerations in the way of bubble jets and heating systems, not to mention their hard water treatment system and patented Fiber Tech construction material that really can withstand an awful lot of use.

The Intex range covers pretty much every price point and every specification you could need, so you’re bound to find the best inflatable hot tub for your specific needs. Thanks to the fierce competition, you can often find these fantastic Intex hot tubs at a surprisingly reasonable price!

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